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    How to 10X the Power of Click Funnels

    If you’re an expert, consultant or service provider here is a way to power up your ClickFunnels results. I’ve used ClickFunnels for a while, but my team and I kept searching for a way to create a more powerful lead generation and conversion system that was comprehensive. For most experts and service based entrepreneurs, lead generation and conversion are the biggest challenges they face. I’ve seen many people build a nice funnel but then not be clear on how to make it work for them.  We used to build funnels inside our website but once we discovered ClickFunnels we found it so much easier to use, and it had so many wonderful features that we stuck with it.

    So in my recently released book, The Client Multiplier Method: How to Build a Highly Profitable Consulting Business….That Makes an Impact, I reveal the method that is working for us and our clients to bring in high paying clients month after month. Many consultants and coaches (or any business) build a funnel before they’ve done the preparation work necessary to make it successful. This is the KEY to making it fill your business with leads and new clients. See I made the same mistake! And I’ve been at this a long time. It’s easy to get excited about a new product or service, build out some pages and then try to get some traffic.



    We’ve done a lot of trial and error, and below you will find what we’ve found to be a winner of a system if you want to generate high-paying clients month after month. It links 4 Powerful Marketing Methods into an integrated system that delivers powerful results.


    • Social Media (specifically LinkedIn and Facebook)
    • An Automated Webinar Funnel That Grabs Attention and Converts
    • Email Drip Campaigns and Video Email
    • Discovery Phone Calls




    PREPARE: Identify your target market and build your avatar
    Who is your best, most qualified client? What industry are they in? What is their position or title? What is their age range or gender? Where are they located? What is their education level? Now make up a person that has those characteristics and write your funnel pages as if you were having a conversation with that person.

    So for example, I work with brilliant experts who are over 40, and who want to turn their expertise into a bold business that makes an impact. I work primarily with women, but with enlightened men as well. They are college educated and motivated. They are often solopreneurs or small companies with under 20 employees.

    Connect on LinkedIn and Facebook
    We get all of our clients from LinkedIn and Facebook. On LinkedIn do an advanced search for the people you identified as your target market, for example “HR Consultants anywhere in the US”. LinkedIn allows you to directly connect with anyone who is a 2nd level connection. Send them a personal note asking them to connect. We have specific automation tools and templates we use to get the maximum number of new connections. Follow up with a “thanks for connecting” message that asks a key question that will get a response so you can start a conversation. We also use Facebook groups and ads to send people into the same funnel with the same results.





    Migrate to an Email Campaign and Video Email
    Next we extract these new connections to - a social CRM and cold emailing platform, and we put them into a short email campaign designed to get them to opt-in to our funnel, and to schedule a discovery call. These emails get a 40% to 65% open rate! If there is someone we really want to meet because we think they’re a great lead we even send them a personal video email using a Google Chrome video email extension. Start to grab attention and get a response with your emails.

    The Funnel

    • Our funnel consists of:
    • A book download opt-in page
    • A thank you page where they’re invited to opt-in to attend an interactive Master Class.
    • If they opt-in for that, the next page asks them to identify where they are in their business.
    • That takes them to a page inviting them to a strategy call.

    Once they opt-in, they are also put into a follow up email sequence using Infusionsoft.
    This funnel consistently brings in several high 4-figure clients each month. Some turn into 5-figure clients. And that’s just ONE funnel.
    The key to making The Client Multiplier Method work is in communicating in a language that will specifically grab the attention of your target market. This means everything from your connection messages in LinkedIn, to your funnel page content, to your emails and videos.

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    Bio: Janis Pettit Funnel Experts

    Janis Pettit

    Janis Pettit is a serial entrepreneur and Business Growth and Marketing Strategy Consultant who has started and grown 4 successful businesses. She is a contributing author to an Amazon Best Seller and has been mentioned in The New York Times and the Business Journal for creative marketing strategies. She hosted her own business cable talk show in New York, and appeared on many TV shows and been a featured guest on numerous podcasts. Her expertise is in turning her clients’ brilliance into a bold business that makes an impact. Website:

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