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    How to Avoid Creating a Disastrous Sales Page

    No matter if you call yourself a marketer or copywriter the words on your page is what compels a visitor to become a customer. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or a service, the moment of truth comes down to the right words on your sales page to make the transaction happen.

    Here’s How We’re Rollin’

    In this three-part series, I’m going to explain to you the exact formula I’ve developed for making an impact, turning visitors into paying customers and even repeat buyers. Knowing this formula builds a solid sales page and makes writing one easier.

    With the ABC Copywriting Formula™ no longer will you write unoriginal copy and you’ll know how to craft a sales message that converts lookers into buying customers.

    Let’s get into part one of the formula!



    Part 1: Ask & Analyze

    Any sales page worth its weight in sales has been drenched in quality research and result driven analysis.

    Using tools like BuzzSumo or SimilarWeb or even Amazon reviews gives you the opportunity to know what your audience likes and dislikes, wants to see more of and could do without or even expose you to other areas of upsell opportunities.

    You’ll start with questions like:

    What am I solving for my audience?

    Does my offer fit my audience?

    Who are my direct competitors?

    Who are my potential partners?

    PRO TIP: With your research, you can also use the most asked questions and topics as part of your FAQs section to address any objections and provide clarity up front.

    Don’t skip over or fast forward this part it may seem boring but I promise you the research and insights you find is what makes your sales page glitz and glam inside your customer's’ mind. It also gives way to possible partnerships for more sales earning potential.

    Part 2: Create a Bold Body

    You’re trying to answer the age-old question: “What am I trying to say?”

    Here’s how you conquer writer’s block head on. Don’t over think the white page in front of you; just write out your thoughts in plain English. Don’t worry if it’s not all coherent thoughts, you can fancy it up later.

    This is about how to inject your personality and stand out from the sea of sameness. Most online entrepreneurs who dare to be different think it's hard to write out a unique sales page. Actually, knowing what makes a sales page pop and attention grabbing makes the transition to buying smoother.

    What do I mean? Build your personality into the body of your sales page.

    Here are 3 questions to ask yourself that can highlight your personality and build your unique sales page.

    1. What's your favorite TV show/movie?
    2. What’s your most listened to the podcast?
    3. What’s your greatest pet peeve?

    These 3 questions translate into your copy as your…

    • Sales page theme and tone
    • Motivation and a part of your “about me” story
    • Guarantee and non-negotiable

    Deciding what makes the body of a sales page pop and attention-grabbing boils down to infusing your personality with the mindset of the visitors you’re looking to turn into customers.

    Part 3: Have a Charismatic Close

    It’s all about how to break down the barriers to complete the sale. Most online entrepreneurs think “…people click on my offer but why aren’t they buying.” Actually, they’re not buying because there’s resistance to your message.

    Here’s where I’m going…



    To round out your sales page find the barriers in your copy that are causing a hesitation or resistance to buy. Read and review your headline, offer and closing in order to flow and naturally progress to your closing. Have one andonly one call to action otherwise you’ll cause confusion, yes there are exceptions, but for now, let’s keep it simple.

    Finally, for those visitors who may have read through your sales page but didn’t buy this is your chance to find out why they didn’t by following up through email (or phone) and based on their replies start including their reservations and objections as part of your closing.

    Address the concerns of your non-buyers head on in your copy instead of avoiding them like the plague. Not only will you speak to the conversation they are already sub consciously having but you’ll make you're close much more compelling for their purchase.

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