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    How to bring your Linkedin network to life

    Attention Business to Business Marketers:

    Are you sick of wasting money on overpriced LinkedIn ads?

    Are you frustrated with people taking months to reply to direct LinkedIn messages or LinkedIn mail?

    Are you fed up with trying to target business owners on Facebook, only to have your ads lost amid a flurry of internet marketing videos (and those In The Know Innovation product demos of hoverboards that don’t exist yet)?

    What about the fact that you might have a lot of LinkedIn connections, but 1) you don’t actually know most of them, and 2) how do you monetize them?

    What if there was a better way?

    What if you could hyper-target the right business owners, get them to respond to you within 24 hours, and bring those unknown connections to life (all for less than the cost of one Applebee’s dinner out a month)?

    Full disclosure: This isn’t my software, so I can’t take the credit for it. I simply got referred to them by an angel investor, realized what a gold mine they were sitting on, and am sharing it with you - and am now a brand evangelist.

    It’s a professional relationship manager for LinkedIn (although you can use it other places than LinkedIn - LinkedIn is where it really shines in my experience).



    Here is how it works:

    1. You export out your connections from LinkedIn - this takes about two minutes, and if you don’t know how to do it the software has a 2 minute video that shows you how. It’s easy.

    2. The software will then sort all your connections in ways LinkedIn can’t.

    3. You can then use the sorting function to build as many different sub segmented lists of your connections as you want. Want to target attorneys? Build a list for that. Want to target CEOs or business owners? Build a list for that. You get the idea.

    4. Then you can create marketing campaigns that go DIRECTLY to those people’s primary email addresses. Not their LinkedIn message box that they never check.

    5. The software has an email domain verified by every ISP and email provider (Google, Outlook, Yahoo, etc). What that means if your emails go straight into the INBOX! No spam box. No Gmail promotions tab. Their inbox, so they see it right away and respond right away.

    6. Boom! You get results.

    7. So what are the catches?

    a. You can’t use this tool to be spammy. If you blast a ton of people you don’t know, they will label you as spam, and you will ruin the software for everyone.

    b. What we have found best is if you use it to email small, highly targeted groups of people at a time. I would even start with using it to communicate with people from LinkedIn you actually know in some way to warm it up.

    c. I also found that you need to add value first. I send one news article that is relevant to my target prospects one time a week, for a few weeks in a row, BEFORE I offer anything. And I never go for a direct sales pitch. I will simply offer to connect for a 15-minute phone call to see if there is a reason to connect further. That seems to work really well. If you want the wording of that exact email, reach out to me and I’m happy to give it to you.



    d. The software was originally built for executive job seekers. So a lot of the training webinars, videos, and the training emails will reference that. Don’t worry about that stuff - we will get the company to create stuff for marketers in the future.

    8. Sound good? Ready to start turning those LinkedIn Connections into actual contacts with real opportunity? Go here to get started



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