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    How To Come Up With 30 Content Ideas For Your Social Media Calendar in 30 Minutes or Less

    You’re on a tight schedule and under pressure to get the next piece of content created for your school blog page or social media platforms.

    You sit and stare at your computer screen and you draw a complete bank!

    You don’t have much time before your next meeting, so you need that stroke of genius NOW! But what do you do when no ideas come to you?

    Every content creator should have a list of ‘go to’ sources of inspiration for new content ideas.

    Below you will find out how to come up with 30 content ideas in 30 minutes or less!

    When your school needs good content and quickly, you will never be without ideas again!

    How to Come Up With 30 Content Ideas for your social media marketing in 30 Minutes or Less:

    1. Visit and enter a keyword to generate hundreds of content ideas in seconds based upon real search terms.

    2. Use Buzzsumo to find top content in your industry.

    3. Use the Google Keyword Planner to uncover other keywords and topics and you can write about.

    4. Look through your website analytics to find out which topics are most popular with your audience.

    5. Visit Google Trends to find trending topics.

    6. Set up Google Alerts for keywords related to your business and niche.

    7. Visit Reddit to find trending topics.

    8. Use Ubersuggest to find keywords suggestions and variations based on a particular topic.

    9. Join a Facebook group in your niche to see what your target market is talking about.

    10. Ask your social media followers…ask what they want to know and/or learn.



    11. Visit popular websites or blogs in your niche to see which topics they are writing about: find one that jumps out at you, and then spin the title to create your own, original content.

    12. Use HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator.

    13. Use Facebook Interest Lists to find the content of interest for your Industry.

    14. Use Social Mention to listen in on social media conversations: Find out what topics are really of interest to your target market.

    15. Do a Google search for a popular keyword in your niche: See what others are writing about the topic and add your thoughts to the conversation.

    16. Visit Yahoo Answers to find questions you can answer on your blog.

    17. Go to StumbleUpon and ‘stumble’ to find possible sources of inspiration.

    18. Compile current blog posts into a resource list: For example, you might create a post called Top Resources For Facebook Marketing, and include links to popular Facebook marketing posts.

    19. Find top hashtags in your niche using a tool like

    20. Visit an industry-specific forum and read through comments and questions.

    21. Visit Quora to find what questions are being asked around the topics you are interested in.

    22. Visit a relevant Group on LinkedIn group to find out what people in your industry are talking about.

    23. Check out the trending topics in your Twitter sidebar.

    24. See what’s happening in the news: Write about a current news story as it relates to your niche.

    25. Look through your Facebook newsfeed to see which topics are consistently popping up in your feed.

    26. Use Google auto-complete to find popular content ideas.

    27. Visit a competing blog and look for a list of their most popular posts (you can often find such a list in the sidebar). Use this as a starting point for your own post.

    28. Start typing a keyword into Pinterest’s search box to find popular searches (it will automatically populate the search box with the most popular searches starting with the letters you type in).

    29. Leaf through an industry magazine to see what inspires you.

    90. Use WordStream’s Free Keyword Niche Finder tool to find popular subtopics based on a general keyword search.

    Bookmark this list of how to come up with 30 content ideas in 30 minutes or less so you can pull it up the next time you find yourself wondering what to write about! I hope it helps!

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