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    How to Develop Your Customer Avatar

    Before you start budgeting tons of money for Facebook ads and Google ad spend; creating expensive social media posts and infographics; trying to attract people to the beautiful new landing page you paid tons to have designed, which was created to help send people down your sales funnel so you could collect their email address for remarketing, you REALLY need to identify who it is you are trying to attract and target.

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    Customers Shopping on Black Friday 2018

    What Is a Customer Avatar?

    A customer avatar is a fictional character that represents your ideal prospect.

    There is wonderful free template created by Laura Kenoshita - Marketing and Public Relations and put out by HubSpot, which you can download here:

    Her workbook can help you identify your customers’ motivating beliefs, fears, and secret desires, that influence their buying decisions. Knowing these things will help you fine-tune your marketing efforts and help you to understand, why some products sell better than others.

    Knowing who your customer avatar is, is the first step in knowing, who to target when doing Google or Facebook audience targeting. It will increase your success rate, your conversion rate, and lower your costs.



    How to Develop Your Customer Persona

    You are going to want to ask a lot of questions to try and nail down who it is that buys your products or services. Things like their:

    Demographics - age, generation, relationship status, work they do, income, education. Do they rent or own their home, apt., condo? What is their average family size?

    Interests - business/industry, entertainment they enjoy, family & relationships, fitness & wellness, food and drinks they like, hobbies, sports.


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    Behaviors -

    Digital Activities - are they gamers, online shoppers, small business owners, tech heads?

    Financial – insurance products, investments, bank cards; what retail stores do they shop at, are they into cryptocurrency, R.E.I.T.S., E.F.T.’s?

    Purchases – clothing, fashions, accessories, shoes, pet products, garden supplies, children’s toys?


    General Question –

    What concerns do your customers tell you they have about your products or service?

    What has happened to them in the past that has made them feel the way they do?

    What has brought them to this point in their buying journey?

    What is stopping them from making a buying decision and purchasing your product or service?

    How do they feel about your product or service, right now?

    How might buying your product or service solve a pain, need, or make them feel good?

    How might it better their life?

    What will it take to overcome their reluctance to buy your product or service?

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    How to Research Who Your Customer Avatar is

    There are many ways to do this. Some are for when you already have customers, while others work for when you are just starting out.

    • Interviewing your customer in person, by phone, Skype, Messenger, Whats App
    • Ask your sales and marketing team for their input. Ask them what your customers are saying.
    • Conduct either an online survey using apps like Survey Monkey, Ask Your Target Market, or Polldaddy ( which is now CrowdSignals Polls & Rating, a WP plugin).
    • Look at your Google Analytics and your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram. You can use free tools like FanPage Karma for Facebook andTwitonomy, (yes you guessed it), for Twitter.
    • Use Google’s Search Console retargeting pixel.

    Use Facebook advertising’s Customer Avatar Pixel to get information and insights into your customers.

    Check out your competitors – at least 10 -15 of your top competitors. Have an SEO like me do a complete Competitive Analysis to include social media platforms, psych. Insights, customer interests, their comments, etc.

    Ask questions in major forums like Quora & Reddit.

    So, before you invest your hard-earned money into paid search advertising, it is vital you know who your target customer is. This will ensure the success of your marketing, sales, product development, and delivery of services.

    Having a clear understanding of who your target customer is, will help you:

    Determine what social platforms they are spending their time on. That way you will know where your business should be present and active, as well.

    Be more effective in your advertising and thereby, realize a greater R.O.I.

    Your marketing dollars will be better spent, where you know they will do the most good.

    Better connect with your audience since your web content will address their pains, pleasures, wants and desires.

    Develop and deliver better products & services because you can better understand your market’s needs.

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