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    How To Get 100 Joint Venture Partners, Affiliates, And Referral Sources To Promote Your Product Or Service

    What if you had a sales force of 100 amazing JV partners, affiliates, and referral sources promoting your business to their email lists, social media followings, customer, clients, and even prospects?

    Sound too good to be true?

    It’s called the Dream 100 Strategy, and it was originated by Chet Holmes back when he worked for Warren Buffett. This strategy originated and executed by Chet, took the magazine he worked for from the bottom place at the publishing company to the top of the heap.

    The strategy as executed by Chet and remembered by me was decades ago.

    He did it all by dripping on those dream 100 list of advertisers he wanted every month via direct mail, and phone. He would snail mail every month, and call every month. Executing that strategy every month for over a year landed him a large number of those 100 as clients, and took off.

    Legendary business guru Jay Abraham shared these two examples with me:

    The #2 physical therapist in Southern California got to #2 by assembling a list of 1,200 chiropractors and doctors. He dripped on them two times a month, and in 12 months had 400 of them sending him patients.

    An architect of retails stores sent a monthly letter to the owners of major chains in her area. One letter a month, and in 12 months she had generated over a million dollars in new business.

    You can read more about this in Chet’s book, The Ultimate Sales Machine.

    Keep reading and I will show you how we have brought this into the 21st century and made it work even better.



    So how do you bring this into the 21st century?

    And how do you get those folks to promote you THREE times BEFORE you even ASK?

    Step one - you are going to start by interviewing them on your podcast. This way, you aren’t asking them for anything. You are offering to give them more exposure to their message (to the audience you are building), at no charge. You are leading with value first. This is very important. It totally defines the relationship and how they will perceive you. They will see you as a reporter, as a host, as someone valuable with a media platform that is offering to do them a favor by having them on. They will be grateful to you for the opportunity, and you will start building up reciprocity (see Cialdini's seminal work Influence for more on this). You conduct the interview in such a way as t make it all about THEM. Then when you send them to show graphics and copy to use, they will promote it to their following without you even having to ask. That's promotion one. By the way, do the interview on ZOOM, so that you can stream it to Facebook Live, plus get separate audio and video tracks.

    That way you have three different shows out of one interview. The audio show goes to Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, and I Heart Radio. The video show goes to YouTube, and the live interview goes to Facebook live. That’s three shows in one, plus the graphics and quotes become social media content.

    Step two: Have the interview transcribed. Then edit it into a several-thousand-word search engine optimized blog post. Include the audio, video, and graphics in the blog post to increase the amount of time people spend on that page of your blog, thus boosting your SEO rankings even more. Submit the blog post to google with various software programs designed for SEO, and get your website significant google juice in a matter of a few months, not years. Email a link of the blog post to your guest, and watch them share it with their following.

    Step three: When you have 10-12 interviews done, you are going to turn them into a book. You need a chapter about you, your story, and your message. You need an introduction, table of contents, and a conclusion. You need a front cover, back cover, and spine. You need the interior laid out, and the blog posts rewritten as book chapters. Then once your book is done, you need Kindle and physical versions prepared to be sold on Amazon. Once your book is published, you need a book launch day to push it to the top if its category so you have that all important screenshot of it at the top of Amazon. You will coordinate everyone who was on his list, who made it into the book, to tell their followers about the launch of the book - so everyone goes and buys it and reviews it on the same day (because you sent out advance copies), thus driving it up the Amazon rankings even faster.

    So they shared it to their audience when they were on the show, they shared the blog post, and then they promoted the book launch. All on the back of one 20-30 minute interview, and you didn't’ have to ask them for the 3 promotions. You probably already are now getting business from their tribe, as they have seen you 3 times.

    Along the way, you sent a warm and fuzzy postcard every month.

    You also sent a gift each month for no reason.

    After the book launch, I would let the 2x a month drips work for two months.

    Then you send them a complimentary copy of whatever it is you are offering. After they have consumed it (read it, watched it, etc), then I would send them a letter asking them directly to promote whatever it is that you are offering.

    Wash, rinse, and repeat every quarter and watch your business explode in a year.

    Want to jump on a call where I walk you through the exact process, how it works, and how you can do it for your business?

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    Bio: Seth Greene Traffic

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