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    Bio: Seth Greene Traffic | 7 min read

    How To Get Your Clients To Pay To Build The Media Properties For You!

    A year or two ago at Traffic and Conversion, they talked about something I thought was cool, which was where the puck is going. One of the things they talked about was how they built media sites like

    They've built the number one site in the survival emergency preparedness site and space and they're selling millions and millions of dollars’ worth of products. Then they built a whole bunch of related sites off the success of this.

    At a lot of our work is in financial services, dental, legal, accounting, chiropractic, plastic surgery, and reverse mortgage. The professional practice space. The largest bulk of our clients in that space are financial advisors.

    The most common thing advisors’ sell is life insurance, all of them sell annuities, and a lot of them sell investment products. Nobody wants to buy life insurance. It's not sexy. If you sit next to a guy on an airplane telling you he's a life insurance agent you're like, "Oh, no. I don't want to talk for two hours about life insurance" or you run away at a cocktail party.

    Nobody wants to buy life insurance unless they're told they can't have it. That's when it hit me. I said, "When do you get told you can't buy life insurance?" When you get diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer. So, we built



    We went and we found a handful of life insurance companies who specialize in writing life insurance on cancer survivors. Normally if you've got cancer or you've just beaten cancer and you want to get life insurance or you were just diagnosed, you can't buy coverage. No one will cover you. Your prognosis is uncertain, and if you can buy coverage it's ridiculously expensive because they're figuring you're going to die tomorrow.

    It's a huge underserved need. We've had some friends in our personal life go through some significant health issues. I had a friend's spouse come to me and say, "I know you had talked to us twice about life insurance. We never bothered to do it. We always put it off. I wish we had listened to you. How am I going to make ends meet? How am I going to pull this off? I wish we had listened to you and got life insurance."

    It's a rabidly passionate market. If you're just told you've got cancer and you're scared there's a whole lot of stuff emotionally going on. We built a national, lead generation website. It's not as big as Survivor Life. It doesn't have as much content on it as Survivor Life. It's relatively new.

    I wrote an opt-in video script. We had a doodle animated video put on here. You can watch a minute and a half video. It’s mellow, very soothing, all about, "Hey, you can finally get life insurance you can afford, even if you've got cancer." Then we have blog posts that are going up every day.

    We then built a Facebook page for National Cancer Insurance I'm going to show how we built this up to 12,000 fans and climbing every single day and got our clients to pay for it. We've got posts with amazing engagement, we reach 9,000 fans, and get hundreds of likes and comments and shares. We've gotten some amazing engagement from this audience because, again, they're so passionate about it.

    How we got our clients to pay for it was we said, "Here's what you're going to do. You're going to pay for the like campaign in your area. We're going to run Facebook “like” ads to build up the audience in specifically targeted people in your town, in your city. You’re going to agree to fund that campaign and help build up the audience and then we'll run ads driving traffic to the actual site itself and you will get the leads.”

    Right now, we have financial advisors funding this in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. We literally get a thousand likes for $184. We've got like costs at 17 cents, 16 cents, and 20 cents. This is one of the cheapest like campaigns we've ever run. The ads are really, simple. The ads say, "Like our page if you or someone you love has been touched by cancer." That's everybody. Everybody knows somebody who has been touched by cancer.



    We get an insane level of likes. Our click thru rate is also really high. The average on Facebook is 1%. We’re up to 8%, 9%, almost 10%. Relevancy score: eight. Cost per like: 17 cents. Click through rate: 9.5%. Those are insane numbers.

    Then we run some post engagement ads. Relevancy score: eight out of 10. Cost per engagement: 15 cents. This is absolutely crushing it because they're all pulling on people’s heartstrings.

    That's what's getting our engagement levels so high, so cheaply. Then the next level is generating opt-ins from it. We run Facebook ads for cancer quotes for them to fill out the form and get a free quote on cancer insurance. Cost per click around 36 cents to 40 cents. Again, cheap cost per click.

    Here's a cool part. On one campaign, this advisor spent $105.94 and he's got 12 prospects. That's around $10 a prospect and those are people who want a quote on life insurance.

    This audience is way more passionate about getting the coverage because they've been told they can't get it. They're like, "Oh my God. My family is screwed if I die." They actually want it.

    We’re now building : and

    Which is already generating 25 leads in the last 14 days, and :

    Next is the B2B space.

    I own the media property. It cost me nothing. I don't have to pay for any of the traffic. Then we sell the advisors the leads, and we sell them the rights to be the advisor in their city and get the leads. They keep funding the traffic every single month. They're thrilled because they're getting real leads. It's a win for them, it's a win for us because they're paying us to be a part of this program and they're paying for all of our traffic.

    Then once this gets a little bit bigger we're going to start selling advertising on the site. We'll sell sponsored emails to the list. We'll sell a whole bunch of other stuff and then it will all be free revenue for us. That is how we're getting our clients to pay to build the audiences and the traffic on media sites we're building. It's really cool. I'm really excited about it.

    If you've got questions, if you want to talk about it, if you're interested in us building one for you or your niche or whatever it is that you want, go to You can click the little opt-in form, the schedule a consultation box, and then grab a time to talk. That will take you to opt-in, and will take you right to my calendar. You can book something. Then in the calendar, where it says the reason for appointment, put what you want and that you heard about us from Funnel Magazine.


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    Bio: Seth Greene Traffic

    Seth Greene

    Seth is a Nationally Recognized Direct Response Marketing Expert. Seth Greene is the author of five best-selling marketing books, and his latest book, Market Domination for Podcasting hits Barnes & Noble in January. He is the only person in history that Dan Kennedy has nominated for marketer of the year three years in a row.

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