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    How To Increase Your Organic Reach On Social Media

    "Facebook is dead”

    “You have to pay to play”

    “The only one who likes my page posts is my mom/neighbor/Aunt Suzy”

    How to increase your organic reach on social media

    These are some of the comments I hear on a regular basis when discussing social media with small business owners and marketers. Their frustration is totally understandable. Nobody wants to spend hours posting away on Facebook only to hear crickets.

    There’s hope! You can create organic content that is engaging and will extend your reach beyond Aunt Suzy. Let’s explore some options.



    First things first

    Identify your target market. This may sound boring, but it’s actually the single most important task that will lead to marketing success. When you know exactly who your target market is, where they’re spending their time online, their interests and pain points, you can create messages that resonate with them. When creating content for our clients, we dig deep and ask detailed questions to help us clarify our message. You can do this too! Perform a simple Google search to access dozens of results for free target market demographics templates and get to work. Your results from this task will likely confirm that Aunt Suzy is in fact not your target market.

    WIIFM - What’s In In For Me?

    Now that you know your audience on a deeper level, it’s time to start creating content that speaks to their needs. One of the easiest ways to create content your audience craves is by answering the most frequently asked questions you get from them! This needs to go beyond a FAQ section on your website (although it’s a good idea to have that content there, too). Your content should be about what your audience wants to know, not necessarily what you want to say. It’s about them, not us. Using the “What’s in it for me?” concept can move an average page to overnight sensation because your audience relates to the message. Some easy ways to create compelling content:

    • Snap a before and after pic of your client’s results works great for personal services and home services, and with the permission, tag them! They’ll be so excited to be the spotlight on your page and they’ll share it with their friends and family. Instant increase in organic reach!
    • Convert a customer review or testimonial into a graphic using a tool like Canva. In today’s world, it’s not always what a company says about their amazing service or product, but more so about what consumers say about our service or product. Word of mouth still reigns, it’s just taking place online. It’s easy to choose a template, brand it with your logo and add a text box with a 5-star review. So go ahead and toot your own horn using your customer’s words.
    • Use video, especially livestream! Video is the absolute king of content right now, and is an easy way to get more visible. Interview a vendor or long-term client or even an employee! Perhaps you record the unveiling of a new product and get your clients excited about what’s coming up. Whatever you choose to record, your video is almost certain to get more reach than static posts due to Facebook’s algorithm that favors video content at this moment. Some tips for success when livestreaming on Facebook: pause for a second or two at the beginning, with a pleasant facial expression--you’ll then have the option to change your video thumbnail to that frame if you want. Start talking immediately rather than waiting for your audience to arrive. Folks who arrive late can catch up on the replay if they want. Go live long enough for people to get the notification and hop on with you. Ask your viewers questions and encourage them to answer in the comments, and encourage them to share the video with their friends. So go ahead, and plan to go live on your Facebook page regularly. Your audience will love being with you in the moment.

    Use the KISS method

    My momma always told us to use the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Sweetie. And we all know momma is usually right. Sometimes we get so bogged down and try too hard, when simplicity can often achieve greater results. Don’t overthink it, have fun, be silly. After all, it IS social media.



    • Another way to create engaging content is to get really visible in a public way on your personal profile. Using this strategy doesn’t typically affect your business page organic reach, but the exposure you can achieve from this can be far reaching in other aspects. While attending a conference, one speaker suggested creating a simple post on our personal Facebook page: “Brussels sprouts. Yes or no?” So I did it. And the conversation that took place was an unexpected surprise. So much so that one friend actually commented, “Who would have thought you would get so many comments about brussel sprouts.” The power of engaging content. I then used this silly, simple content in an email campaign with the same subject line, and my open rates skyrocketed. Sometimes it really can be as simple as asking a question.

    There are so many ways to increase your organic reach on social media. These are a few of the tried and tested methods that have had success with our clients. So don’t worry that Aunt Suzy is the only one who’ll see your posts; these ideas are sure to help you reach the audience you want.


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