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    How To Nail Your 2019 Content Planning Like A High Volume Pro

    I was just off the phone with an 8 figure influencer who is dominating his industry. Killing it with his audience growth, 7-figure launch(es) in the books, a team of A-players behind him.

    His inbox was blowing up with new revenue opportunities as he was seen as the 'influencer of influencers' in his niche. He was truly poised for explosive growth in 2019.

    And he wasn’t sleeping at night.

    He was waking up tired and anxious, constantly feeling that nag in the back of his mind.

    In all the success building up through the seven-figure stages, he had built up an audience on 21 different platforms. TWENTY-ONE. He was running between all his social media channels, podcasting, instafacing and publishing his face off.

    He woke up every morning fearing his own promotional calendar.



    Speaking Gigs

    Coaching Calls

    And 21 different social outlets.

    He was drowning, literally gasping for air, in his content. His health was suffering, his family had suffered because of his constant distraction and stress.

    How he held it all together, I have no idea. He had everything lined up for 2019 but he feared the future, deep down feared it, because the content game was eating him alive.

    Every day I talk to high volume content creators who are literally suffocating from the massive content machine they are managing. Most have tried batching and syndicating or using a social media manager but it felt like a bandaid. It never lasted.

    They were at the end of themselves.

    But they were only missing ONE SIMPLE THING.

    Most entrepreneurs who are successful at the content game play like this:

    CREATE CONTENT => DISTRIBUTE CONTENT (including syndication).

    This workflow serves them well. At first. They build a huge list. They’re “everywhere” (why not add another platform then?) Biz is good. Growing.

    Then the wall.

    Every one of them hits a wall where this equation fails them and the plates start to fall.

    The ONE SIMPLE THING they are all missing (and anyone can implement) is


    It looks like this:



    Simple, right?

    Yes. Simple. But hardly ever done for more than a week (I’ve seen up to 6 weeks) and hardly ever including all aspects of revenue generating AND delivery activities.

    Taking time to batch content is wise but if there isn’t an overarching strategy (a day by day plan) in place first, the anxiety WILL set in and the train will derail.

    Here are three steps I’ve found working with 7 and 8 figure content creators that have made a HUGE difference in their planning phase:




    The definition of perennial is “lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time”. How much of the content you create lasts longer than the moment it lives in? How many times do you post just to post, because you think you should or that ‘other influencer’ is doing it? Stop publishing to be prolific and start publishing with a purpose. Nothing burns out my clients quite like “publishing their face off”.

    Take the time to find the “why” behind your content. Realize that all content is not created equal. Work to create content that will live on, past the algorithm of the moment and lead you to lasting leads, not momentary monies. When your ratio of momentary/lasting increases, so will the effect on your organizational objectives.

    In our program, we call this the “residual content effect”. We seek to create an ecosystem of content that starts and continues a lead engine, rather than publishing for the sake of publishing. The ball starts to roll when the work is done ahead of time to ensure content leads to consistent traffic.


    Take the time to create a plan. We lay out a 2 day (all day) marathon for this phase of our content masterpiece. Much of what is created in a 12-month content calendar and an overall content matrix is tied directly to the value ladder for a client and will not change over time.


    This is a once and (mostly) done process and when it’s done right will become the rocket fuel for your content creation for the entire year. Work hard to put the plan together now. It will create more freedom in your publishing than you realize.


    The best plans we’ve created for clients are hyper granular. Include as much detail as you can (you only do this step once). Think through all the facets of your content. This is where we spend an entire day brainstorming the who, what, when, where and why of the content to be created. Why?


    You’ll start to see where your team can step in and you can step out, finally free to live in YOUR zone of genius. When you delegate the tasks of content distribution to your team you will leave room for your creativity to flow into your created content. Your audience needs all of your focus. Create the plan to give your publishing purpose and watch your business take off.


    To nail your content in 2019, remember to follow the HIGH VOLUME CONTENT FLOW

    PLAN => CREATE => DISTRIBUTE (rinse and repeat)

    You’ve got this.


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