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    How To Really Test Your Membership Sites

    Your final reminder emails have gone out.

    The open cart time is fast approaching.

    One final test of your membership order page before you officially throw the doors open to your flagship program.

    Copy the test card number.

    Put in your test email address.

    Click submit.


    “Page not found. This doesn’t happen very often...”


    Nooo, there's only 15 minutes until your entire list will hit your sales page and it's not working?!

    There's no way support will get back to you this fast.

    What are you going to do now?!


    Here are the top 3 things you need to check to fix this:

    1. First Test Session Still Active: Open the last test email, follow the sign-up link and log in with the previous test username and password. Then simply hit the Logout button. This will clear your session.

    2. Check your default URL: Did you update the Fulfillment Email wording? Make sure you use the #PRODUCT_THANK_YOU_PAGE# in that email and ensure you haven’t made a change to your member's area url’s since you last tested it out.

    3. Use a different email address: When testing your funnel, always use a unique email. Simply put “+testing123” after your name and before the @.

    Why does this happen?

    If you're a member of the excellent Funnel University, you would have seen several 7 and 8 figure launches utilizing the in-built Membership Functionality in Clickfunnels.

    It’s fantastically simple to set up and out of the box, it looks great, though it does have some limitations and some quirks.



    This article will walk you through the most common of these and how you can fix them.

    In fact, one of our Funnel Fix It clients recently opened up their membership and managed to trigger the dreaded Stripe Red Flag (we'll save that story and the fix for another day), pulling in over $500k in less than 48hrs!

    But they ran into every one of these issues over the course of the launch...don’t let these happen to you.

    Do Clickfunnels membership funnels work?

    They sure do.

    As we’ve mentioned, many big launches and ongoing courses have been built this way. Dan Henry is one of the recent success stories of a 100% Clickfunnels built and launched webinar and course that generated over $1M in less than 6 months.

    Unlike some other course platforms out there, it’s so easy to set up even a complete technical novice could do it, but with that simplicity comes some limitations and basic features.

    You can’t have “individual based content and progress”

    What this means is, you couldn’t have your students track their progress in the course as everyone will see the same content.

    While you can restrict certain lessons to someone who has or hasn’t purchased one of your products, the content on each lesson is the same for every one of your members.

    You also can’t deliver individuals within your course something into “their” members area, as everyone that purchased the same product sees exactly the same thing.

    That means, no tailored coaching feedback, lesson plans, meal guides etc. :(

    Now, limitations aside, here are 5 of the most common technical glitches and setup mistakes we see in our Funnel Fix It support office almost daily and how you can avoid them.

    Glitch #1 Sessions

    Without getting too nerdy, a “Session” is just the little piece of tracking or cookie code that Clickfunnels puts on your computer or device so it knows exactly who you are in the system.

    The issue here is, that this code can be different for the same email address and password!

    Why is this important?

    Well, when you are logged into your Clickfunnels account making changes to your funnels, if you try to log into your member's area as a customer using your email address, it will think you are already logged in.

    The simple workaround for this is to always use an Incognito (or private) window in your browser.

    Actual Bug: Member Access Element

    A few months back, Clickfunnels issued an update to their Members Login pages and specifically a new Member Access element for the MEMBERSHIP ACCESS page.

    pasted image 0 (14)

    This was an update to help alleviate a number of issues these “sessions” were causing users.

    So, what does that mean for you?

    Well, not all older templates, share funnels, and even Marketplace members area funnels have made this update yet!

    To fix this, just open your MEMBERSHIP ACCESS funnel step:

    1. Click the orange + button on the existing Member Access element

    2 .Add a new Member Access element (it’s the first one in the list specifically for this page)

    3. Edit it and make sure the wording, fonts, and button color matches your existing one

    4. Delete the original one (it will be the one on the top!)

    Bonus: Not your first membership launch?

    Let's revisit our client's recent launch and an issue that almost cost them their entire business.

    Their funnel is in the Ecommerce Training space and they had been organically growing a waitlist and testing their content for beta members when, out of the blue....

    Frantic, they created a new product with the new pricing option and did a quick test using the exact method we had shown them in the past:

    1. Put the funnel in test mode
    2. Open an incognito window
    3. Create a new user with a unique email
    4. Log in using the Access Purchase link on the confirmation page

    Should have been all roses right?

    Time was ticking after all...the internet news wave waits for no one…

    “Your Page Could Not Be Found”

    Total freak out!

    Turns out, she had been adding some new videos to the member's area earlier that day and was being a good funnel nerd and seeing that the videos displayed using a different test user.

    The issue? She didn’t LOGOUT…

    Due to the session issue we’ve explained, Clickfunnels was trying to log her into the previous session with an incorrect username and password for that session. Fail.

    Fixing this can be tricky for anyone that hasn’t turned off their PC in a while and doesn’t remember what the last member's area login you used during your testing.

    That’s ok, it will be in your emails :)

    Just open that last confirmation email from your previous test and login using the email address it was sent to. Click the LOGOUT button on the top right and continue your testing.

    Mistake #2 To “Thank You” or to “Login”?

    This is not really a glitch, but it’s something that is overlooked so often as by default it’s not something you come across when setting up your Members Area and the preceding Sales Funnel your audience will travel through in order to get there in the first place.

    When you create a new product, whether it’s a one-time (think Lifetime Membership), a weekly/monthly/annual subscription (must be created in Stripe as a “Plan” first), or a free trial subscription (set up a trial period for your “Plan” in Stripe beforehand), there is an often forgotten tab in the setup - Fulfillment Email.

    pasted image 0 (15)

    This is found under the PRODUCTS tab on your ORDER PAGE.

    This tab not only controls the email that each customer who purchases this product will receive immediately, it also tells your funnel which steps they will land on when they click the “Access Purchase” link on your ORDER CONFIRMATION page.

    If you’re selling a membership, it’s important that you change this drop down to be the Members area page from your member's area itself.

    It should be available on the list if you have created it already.

    If not, remember to come back and update it after you have added your membership steps.

    Bonus: You can have your funnel membership in any other funnel or even in a funnel of its own.

    pasted image 0 (16)

    Super Bonus: Update this for EVERY FUNNEL - I cannot tell you how many tickets we’ve received that say “help! Customers are seeing a free download link from a different funnel when they buy my course!?!” - that’s because the default Thank You, Page, is picking up the first available thank you page in your list of it’s the Fishbowl funnel! :)

    Mistake #3 Your Members Area Links

    We mentioned in Glitch #2 the Fulfillment Email tab contains a bunch of useful information and this is especially relevant for Membership Funnels.

    The reason and question your members will ask as soon as they buy - How Do I login?

    The login link is governed by 2 things:

    2. Members Area Login URL’s

    The Product Thank You Page shortcode above (the thing with the #’s) is a smart link that Clickfunnels can use to dynamically provide your member's login link for a specific customer, provided you have chosen the right thing in the Fulfillment Email - Thank You page drop down (see Glitch #2)

    We’ve encountered all sorts of wonderful (incorrect) links and workarounds in our client’s funnels before, upshot - don’t try and be creative, use this shortcode!

    The Members Area Login link is the other piece of confusion here.

    Your membership funnel needs a minimum of 2 pages to work:

    pasted image 0 (17)

    Many people think that the link on the Access step would be the link to access the page, sounds logical right? Wrong.

    The actual link is on the MEMBERSHIP AREA step.

    Now, on that MEMBERSHIP AREA step, there are actually 2 links, again causing some confusion.

    pasted image 0 (18)

    The Login URL is to be used when you want to link up the actual login, for example, you have a funnel step or website where you want to allow users to access their membership form.

    The Secret Sign Up URL is only to be given out to people to provide them with Free access to your member's area.

    If you have Restrict Access (see Glitch #5 below) on your products, these free members won’t be able to see your content.

    Don’t be like our clients who shared this link with a customer who was having issues logging in

    ...who then went on to put it in their own Facebook Group thinking they were helping others…

    Yup - lot’s of new members...without paying for the course!

    Bonus: If you want to change this /url, be careful if you have more than 1 membership funnel in your list, even share funnels you might not be using.

    This is because, the first Membership Funnel in your account will, by default, be given the url.

    Mistake #4 Duplicate Email Addresses

    As we mentioned in Glitch #1, testing your funnel can regularly land you on a broken page that tells you nothing about what’s wrong, leaving you completely freaked out!

    Don’t freak out too much, 9 times out of 10 it’s the simplest mistake we see almost every day.

    In a previous article on our blog titled “Test Your Funnel!”, we covered this, but it’s still so common we needed to mention it here again.

    Testing your funnel is critical to your success. Sometimes the smallest fix can mean the difference between a complete failure and a 6 (or 7) figure launch.

    We were recently asked (very nicely) by one of our clients, “How do I buy a new email address so I can keep testing my funnel?”

    This made us stop and think for a minute.

    Being nerds, this didn’t really make sense at first, but when it sank in we realized that many other people would probably think this way too - we blame GoDaddy’s upsell marketing “Get additional emails for your business for only $4 each per month”...

    You don’t need to purchase a new email.

    You don’t even need to set up a new email inbox.

    Just add this handy little ending to your name at the start of your email and you will have unlimited email addresses, all landing emails in your 1 inbox.




    Confused? Don’t be, here’s an example: - this will go to

    Bonus: You can set up filters in Gmail for the “+test” part so you know they are all test emails too.

    Glitch #5 Can’t See The Lessons?

    We’re calling this a glitch but it’s a combination of both a technical limitation and a setup mistake.

    Think about this scenario, you’ve been trying the “Download My Free PDF Cheatsheet” tripwire model for a long time but it’s just not seeing the results you want and you don’t have enough of these warm members transition up your value ladder to your paid membership.

    Here’s a smart solution - give them a free membership.

    Let me explain.

    You already have a great piece of content, a cheatsheet, probably full of great graphics, explanations, and actionable tips.

    Well, let’s put that content inside your members area.

    A free membership access sounds way cooler than a PDF right? That’s higher perceived value at work for you.

    But, we don’t want these free members to see our amazing paid content right?

    So, we add our product to the Restrict Access function for each of the paid content lessons.

    Now, when one of these new leads accesses the free content, they won’t see your paid content, but you can add a call to action in your free lessons to send people to your ORDER PAGE for your paid content.

    Smart right?

    Jaime Smith does this really well in his member's area (this is now part of Funnel U)

    pasted image 0 (19)

    Bonus: If you have a paid entry to your member's area and a premium upgrade as part of a One Time Offer (OTO), you can add the link from the OTO page inside your funnel, allowing your non-premium members to upgrade at any time!

    Here’s the official instructions from Clickfunnels on how to do this

    Here's the bug with Restricted Access.

    Actual Bug: Restricted access cannot be removed once added!


    Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, the excellent development team have rectified this (it’s been there for as long as we can remember), but once you add restricted access to a lesson, you can’t go back.

    The setup mistake we see people make here is when it comes to changes to products.

    Additionally, if you remove or add a new product that grants access to your membership at any stage, users who had the old access will be stuck like that and new users won’t have access to your restricted content until you go in and add the new product to this setting.

    You can see this would fast become a nightmare for your internal support (or your own sleeping patterns!)

    That’s why we recommend not using this function unless absolutely necessary.

    Super Bonus: Update A Customer’s Products

    To add a new or existing product to a members profile so they can access lessons, this is done by going to the Purchases tab on the Contact itself.

    You simply select Add Purchase and select the product from the funnel.

    They can hit refresh and all the lessons for that restricted product will now be showing.

    Membership Funnels in Clickfunnels sound like a right mess huh?

    It’s not, these issues are all avoidable and best of all, fixable in just a few minutes.

    Make sure you test your funnel but follow the right testing steps above to save your sanity!


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