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    How To Use Scripts And Plugins To "Beef Up" Your Sales Funnel

    Funnel Technology: Put Your Funnel Into Beast Mode!

    By James Allen III

    Hey, everyone! My name is Jimmy Allen and I'm a Marketing Funnel Specialist. I primarily build these marketing funnels inside of ClickFunnels because it's a super powerful front-end platform to host your pages on.

    Out of the box, ClickFunnels is the leading contender in the Funnel Building space. However, there are some add-on services you can use to make it a beast.

    Here's some examples:

    - CloudFlare Custom Domains

    - CloudFlare Page Apps




    Just taking a small look at the CloudFlare Page Apps example, there are a ton of snippets of code that you can plug into your funnel that will help boost your conversions and exposure.



    Here's a few examples:

    - Social Share

    - Hello Bar

    - Corner Ribbon

    - Google Maps Embedment

    - NoAdBlock (requires AdBlock be turned off)

    - PayPal Checkout

    These are just a handful of examples that boost your conversions on your lead pages, sales pages and order forms.

    One of those snippets listed, Corner Ribbon, is similar to what ClickFunnels itself uses on their pages! If you've ever seen the "Powered By ClickFunnels" button at the bottom of any ClickFunnels pages, that button is responsible for about 10% of ClickFunnels' MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). Can you imagine a small snippet that would boost your conversions an extra 10%? It's like installing free money on your website.

    Above is a screenshot of some of the tools used at

    Leveraging small tools like this on your marketing funnel pages is just one of the few ways to get more exposure and, more importantly, convert that exposure into customers and eventually raving fans of your business.

    A couple of other platforms like and offer resources not available to ClickFunnels natively.

    Above is a screenshot of all the free add-ons inside of CFProTools and Funnel Plugins are two sites that are very similar in ways. Free sites that are full of useful upgrades and add-ons that will add a nitrous boost to your already-awesome sales funnels.

    Now let's take a look at some Follow-up Integrations; that is, the integrations you use to "follow-up" with your customers:

    - (Rescue your failed subscription payments)

    - SMTP (Sendgrid, Send13, Mandrill)

    - (recurring payments)


    - Actionetics (CF Native Broadcasting platform)



    You may be asking yourself, "Why do I need any of these follow-up services? I've already sold my customer!" Well what you didn't know is that in a recent video, ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson was actually able to 16x his gross revenue in his funnel by putting these follow up integrations into use. That means that every dollar he made by converting customers inside of the funnel, he made $16 on the back end when he reached back out and re-sold to his customer base.

    Now, Russell knows his audience like the back of his own hand. Ban I promise that you get the same results when employing a service like Probably not. But could we both come to the conclusion that it doesn't hurt to reach out to your customers when failed payment attempts occur? Of course we can! And we will.

    The examples in this article are just a few of the tons and tons of bolt on plugins you can use to beef up your Marketing Funnels and soon, you, too, could claim yourself as a Marketing Funnel Specialist.

    Happy Funneling!


    James William Allen III

    James William Allen III is an awesome entrepreneur. He's the owner of DevModo, and a certified partner program of ClickFunnels. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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