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    If You Can Ride a Scooter, You Can Build a Funnel...

    I’m pretty fortunate in that I was invited to participate in an ongoing mastermind group with some of the top marketers to come out of Todd Brown’s camp. We meet regularly throughout the year in various “exotic” locations like Palm Beach, San Diego, and Maui. We spend more time playing and having fun than we do legit “masterminding” because we found that some of our best ideas and inspirations come out of that downtime.

    In Maui, we rented scooters (gas powered mopeds), and our mantra on that trip was “if you can ride a scooter, you can build a funnel”.

    I’m the Marketing Medic and my job is to fix sick and broken funnels. Shane is a product launch and traffic expert. Eddie is a “big idea” guy and sees the world and marketing in very unique ways.

    We are all approached all the time by people who are so frustrated because they built a funnel, just like they were told to do, but haven’t made a cent. I have found that many of them who have not made any money, haven’t lost any either because they aren’t paying for any ad spend! While others keep pumping good money after bad thinking something will magically change and their funnel will suddenly catch fire.



    Here’s the thing. What ClickFunnels has done is create a software tool that allows absolutely anybody to create a mechanically elegant funnel and get it online in a matter of hours. There are templates for optin pages, sales pages, OTO upsells, downsells, webinar pages, order forms, thank you pages, membership sites… Any vision you may have for your funnel, ClickFunnels makes possible for YOU to build. No experience necessary!

    But here’s the thing, in the end ClickFunnels is still just a tool.

    What would happen if you got behind the wheel of the fastest NASCAR stock car on the track at the Daytona 500? Would you win? Would you finish? Would you blow the engine? Would you hit the wall???

    A stock car and ClickFunnels are both tools. Most people can’t expect to get behind the wheel of either and expect to win their first time on the track. I know we’ve heard the stories of it happening, but there is usually a backstory there we don’t know about. I’ll write about that frustrating phenomenon in an upcoming article.

    Although tools are necessary to succeed at a task, it’s not the tool alone that determines the outcome. This is especially true when it comes to funnel building. If you want a funnel to convert, then you need a STRATEGY.

    Sure you can “hack” a similar funnel and try to mimic their success (if that funnel is actually successful in the first place). But there are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of unknowns when looking at a funnel that is not your own. Heck, we’ve even found that hacking our own funnels doesn’t always work.

    We have some real estate lead generation funnels that are absolutely cleaning up in the southeastern states of the US. Then we got a client in California. We cloned one of our best performing funnels and launched it in Orange County…

    Crickets!!! Nothing!!! Not a single lead.

    Different audiences require different funnels. Even if those audiences are shopping for the same thing.

    What we had to ask ourselves is if people in California think the same way and want the same things as people in Georgia?
    Our audience responded that they clearly don’t. Whereas a lot of home buyers in Georgia are interested in “special financing”, that is not a priority for the folks in Orange County.

    So when it comes to building a funnel, the FIRST thing you need to consider is your audience. Let’s face it, if you don’t have any clients, you don’t have a business.

    There are two things to consider when looking at your client avatar. I find most marketers do one of these, but very few do both.
    The first thing is typical demographics. How old is your avatar? Are they male or female or either? What language do they speak? Where do they live? What are their interests and behaviours?
    You need this information to get your ad in front of the right people. Most marketers get that. Many marketers are able to use this information to get cheap clicks from Facebook and hundreds and thousands of visits to their funnel.

    But that’s where it stops. The client avatar visits the page but fails to take action. They don’t click your link. They don’t take your free offer. And without that initial opt-in, you can’t make a sale.
    What too many marketers fail to do is get inside the head of their avatar. Sure it’s important to know how to find your avatar through your demographics knowledge, but then what do you say to them? It’s kinda like dating. If I’m a guy and want to find a girl, I can probably go to a yoga class and find lots of women. Yoga studios attract the exact type of woman I’m looking for. But I won’t go into details there….
    But here’s the thing, they may be exactly what I’m looking for, but am I what they are looking for?

    If I want to get a date from that class, it’s all about how I present myself. How do I look? How am I dressed? WHAT DO I SAY???
    If what I am offering is not what they are looking for, then it really doesn’t matter how great I think I am, or even how great I really am.
    It’s the same with your funnel. Every word you write, every image you post, every video you create needs to be done with your avatar’s needs and wants in mind.

    I’ve seen so many marketers provide free offers that they find valuable. They may have worked on it for hours and hired the best designers to make it look super slick. They may have invested a lot of money in that free offer.
    But never once did they ask their avatar if that offer is something they might want.



    Once you know who your avatar is, where they are and what they want, then it’s time to craft an absolutely irresistible offer that literally can’t be refused.

    The thing is though, all offers CAN be refused. And that is why in future articles I’m going to speak about the importance of big ideas, unique mechanisms, and platforms with emotionally compelling but logically supported copy.

    You see, “if you can ride a scooter, you can build a funnel”, but building a funnel that converts is an entirely different matter.
    Hacking and modeling funnels are great starts. Those help you with design ideas and you can see what offers are working for somebody somewhere.
    But if you really want to your funnel to succeed, then you need more than a tool. You need a strategy. You need to know who your client is, what they want, and how to present it to them.
    Start thinking from the perspective of your avatar and I guarantee you’ll see your conversions explode.

    Mike Caldwell

    The Marketing Medic


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    Mike Caldwell

    As an Advanced Care Flight Paramedic for Canadian Helicopters, I was one of the most highly trained paramedics in the country. I could decompress a chest. I could administer blood products and paralytics. I oversaw ventilators and 3 channel IV pumps. I was pretty cool... There wasn't much I couldn't do... And like any red-blooded, "superhero lifesaver" I was pretty proud of my skillset and prayed for an opportunity to put my training to the test. Applying Patient Based Marketing (PBM) serves the client's needs first and creates profound relationships with vendors or customers. People prefer to purchase from people with whom they have a relationship. PBM just naturally results in not only more, but higher dollar sales.

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