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    Is this Tradeshow right for my business: 10 questions to assist in making a decision?


    You have working funnels. You have tangible items that people are buying. You can jump ahead into your funnel process and add a person to a higher value item as well as your opt-in or free/loss leader item.

    You have identified your ideal client and know them very well. This event will attract a high number of your ideal clients.



    Ask yourself and ANSWER these questions:

    1. What is the investment to become a vendor? List the Amount.

    2. Do you have the materials to create an inviting booth? Tablecloth, banners, backdrops, etc. Consider having 2 or more devices available to allow sign-ups for those not carrying their device. Make a list of items and the investment needed to complete the booth prep.

    3. What is the timeline to the event? List the date. Make a quick milestone plan of action items between now and then.

    4. Can you get Wi-Fi service and/or mobile service at the venue during the show? Yes/No. NOTE: If there is NO Wi-Fi available and NO mobile service in the venue during the event--extremely high probability of a NO GO for funnel focused vendors. What is the alternative if they can’t sign-up in the moment?

    5. What is the expected attendance of the event? Is this a realistic number and can it be verified? What was last year’s attendance? What portion of the attendees are your ideal client? List all these numbers.

    6. How many of the attendees do you expect can be engaged at your booth? Write down this number. What is your plan to engage the attendees?

    7. How many people need to be added to your funnel from this event to be considered a break-even point? Write down the number—remember to calculate based on normal funnel conversion numbers. You may find that they are higher since they met you. However, don’t make that assumption on the first event.

    8. How many people need to take advantage of your higher value offer to make break-even? Write that calculation down.

    9. Are the other vendors your ideal clients and you really want to get in front of them? Does this event promote/provide opportunities to network/meet the other vendors? Yes/No?

    10. Is your intuition telling you that you must attend? Write this down, meditate on this.



    Answer all of these questions honestly. The weighting of each answer will vary for many businesses. If you are honest with the answers to the individual questions, your decision should be apparent. Where or what is driving the indecisiveness? Is your competition there and are you worried that they know something that you don’t?

    If you are still on the fence, find a trusted to source to review the questions and answers.


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    Bio: Janice Means Metrics

    Janice Means

    Janice is President of Marketing with JR – Common Sense Marketing with Extraordinary Results. Janice spent years in Corporate IT interwoven with various Marketing stints. Janice brings her Fortune 50 experience to you with a focus on traditional offline marketing strategies. However, she is pretty savvy online to make sure that the online and offline strategies complement each other.

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