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    Lead by Example

    Last year was my first, self-run coaching program. I taught students how to take advantage of Facebook ads to help market and promote your business. Since I had success building my own drop shipping company with the help of Facebook ads, I wanted to show other people how to achieve the same result. What I found taught me a lot.

    Let me begin with a simplified version of how I did it. The strategy I used netted $25,000 in the first two weeks of my coaching funnel. I started by purchasing a ClickFunnels account and a domain. From there I crafted a webinar sign up page linked to a simple funnel.

    KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid (A motto I aim to stick for)

    Customer signs up for webinar >> Thank you page >> Email marketing begins

    We ran the webinars with a simple Go To Webinar plan.

    I developed a PowerPoint presentation in about 15 minutes to run my sales webinar. Since I didn’t have any of the videos done yet, I promised to record them live for any introductory buyers on a schedule of twice per week. This allowed me to start immediately and give a discounted rate to those who had signed up from the start.



    I’d run a 60-minute training webinar on how to launch your first ad. Then the next 30 minutes consisted of the pitch. If the customer wished to continue training they had two options. Purchasing the videos for $500 with live Q&A at the end or $2,000 for everything and 1-on-1 coaching over Skype.

    My goal was to have 10 people sign up and make them so successful by the time the live recordings were done that I could package the course into a fully automated system and sell it for a flat price of $1,997.

    Of all my students who purchased the 1 on 1 coaching, only a few found REAL success. I took this personally. I truly believe anyone can be successful and my goal was to provide the necessary tools to succeed. Unfortunately, even when you teach someone how to change a tire, most don’t. They’d rather pay someone else to do it for them.

    It wasn’t a problem getting students to watch my training videos, people LOVE watching movies, its the doing that is hard to teach. After experiencing a majority of my students failing, despite the late-night video coaching sessions and detailed action plans, I stopped accepting new students.

    For the last six months, my goal has been to lead by example. Not everyone will be happy or pleased with me, I’m fine with that. I can’t control how other people feel or what they do, but I can control what I do. Some people just don’t get it, yet...

    It took me a lot longer than suspected to achieve the success I desired. And I’m sure there were plenty of people that looked at me (and still do) and ask “Why doesn’t he get it?”

    I couldn’t tell you why it’s taken me this long, but this is where we are all at. This moment. Right now. This is where we are. We are all on our own path of this thing we call life. We all have to enjoy our own journey. We all have different priorities, goals, visions, aspirations, skills, as well as life experiences. These all shape us into who we are and who we become.



    Only you know what you really want. Only you can achieve it. You can listen to all the motivational, inspirational, and self-help stuff you want, but the thing is, you have everything inside of you to be the best you possible. You know what you want. Be your own compass.

    We can’t please everybody, I know most of us to try, it’s just not going to happen. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha are all some of the most influential leaders of modern human history. One thing they all had in common is they led by example.

    I can't control how you will feel about this article, I can't control which message you will receive out of this article, or even what you will do with this information once you receive it. All I can do is plant the seed. Over time some seeds grow, some die, and some lay dormant waiting to bloom at the right time.

    Don’t follow. Lead by example.


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    Andrew Hall

    Andrew Hall is the CEO of Hall of Marketing and Manager at Car Buying Magic, he lives in NewPort Beach, California. A great entrepreneur, the #1 Top Producing Car Salesman at his Dealership. He helped his customers saved Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on Cars.

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