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    Lead Gen-ius: 3 Proven Ways To Double Your Optins

    Facebook is starting to feel like the late-night infomercial scene. There are so many ads on our newsfeeds that it’s becoming more difficult for brands to get the click. That’s both good news and bad news for online marketers.

    First, the good news: The Swipe Lives On

    The more ads people see, the more conditioned they are to seeing ads, which also means they become more educated on the kinds of ads to pay attention. The other good news is that successful marketers have figured out “what works”, therefore, “swiping” their formulas will help you increase your own optin conversions.

    Now for the bad news: The Blindside

    No, not the football movie starring Sandra Bullock. This blindside refers to the notion that the more people see something the more likely they are to ignore it. Ad blindness is actually a thing. A real thing. Your prospects are more likely to scroll past your ad (especially if you’re not a name brand), because, well, that’s not really why they signed up for Facebook. They signed up for Facebook to connect with their friends and family.

    So, how do you do it? How do you get your ideal click to actually CLICK…and give you their email or phone number? Here are 3 ideas.



    Gen-ius Idea #1 - LOOK DIFFERENT (notice I didn’t say different-ly although it’s grammatically correct…or is it? It depends on what I intend to say — both could be correct). But I digress…

    Yes, we hear how important it is to “be different” but we don’t actually see it a lot. Not really. In marketing, looking different means your advertising image, copy and even the FEEL needs to actually LOOK like something your prospects have never seen — or at least haven’t seen a lot lately.

    Image: Instead of using a human photo, use a sketch, cartoon, black and white, or a hybrid of these elements. What can you do to actually LOOK original? Hair, jewelry, color, clothes - what could you do to your physical self or environment to actually stop folks in their scrolling tracks?


    Video: Instead of LIVE action video with you talking directly to the camera, what if you used a wacky filter, or what if you looked down into the camera or UP into the lens of the camera the entire time? Silly? Maybe - but I bet people would pay attention to your ad.

    Copy: We recently started breaking up sentences and finishing them ➡️ on the next line — with an emoji. Very effective.



    Gen-ius Idea #2 - SOUND DIFFERENT

    If you’re using videos to generate leads, how you speak makes a big difference. Your tone, word choice, cadence, and style will either draw folks in or send them running for the hills.

    Don’t try to sound like someone else. If you’re southern, be southern. If you’re a fast talker, talk fast — your ideal peeps will keep up. If you’re goofy, be goofy. If you’re deadpan, be deadpan. Your ideal folks will adjust and the folks who don’t like what they hear will change the channel.

    Word choice is key. Think of how Starbucks created a whole new language around ordering their drinks. Can you create a new vocabulary for your ideal prospect or audience? If so, you’ve just differentiated yourself from the competition.



    Gen-ius Idea #3 - DELIVER DIFFERENT

    Once someone sees your ad and are captured by your DIFFERENCE, the next key is actually delivering on the difference. This could mean delivering the lead magnet in ways they’ve never seen. For example, sending them a video via text instead of on a landing page. Or delivering your content via a mobile app instead of a website.

    The experience you create for your leads will determine whether they optin, as well as their stickiness. I mean, think about it. Most people follow this lead gen process.

    Ad ➡️ Landing Page ➡️ Thank you page ➡️ Check email ➡️ Lead Magnet

    What if you flipped the script and did something like this:

    Ad ➡️ Confirmation Text ➡️ Prospect texts code word ➡️ Lead Magnet

    Voila! Already you’ve delivered an experience unlike 95% of the marketers in your space.

    In fact, last Fall we hosted a virtual summit that generated about 1,000 optins in about two weeks. Of those 1,000 optins, 83% ALSO provided a cell phone number for alerts and updates. Not going to lie — I was surprised. 😳 But by leveraging text marketing we were able to increase “watch” rate by 35% over our last summit. Why? Because people check social media and texts like they’re about to win the lotto. Email? Not so much. So, if you want to become a lead gen-ius I believe it was the late great Steve Jobs who said: THINK different.


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    Bio: Fran Harris Traffic

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