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    Leaders Create Funnels At Live Weekend Event

    It was a cold and rainy weekend November 17-19, 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Entrepreneurs converged on the Executive Airport Hotel for Iman Aghay’s event, Ultimate Webinar Funnel Live. Like the gold rush of the wild, wild West, we were leaders chasing the opportunity and promise of funnel hacking with ClickFunnels. A diverse group with a common bond, we all wore the “I’M A LEADER” T-shirt.

    Some were still hanging on to their day job for financial stability while others were taking a leap of faith with maxed out credit cards. Many were successful entrepreneurs who want to take their business from 6 to 7 figures. I came from sunny south Florida on a journey that would take me from planes, trains, and automobiles to change people’s lives and build the funnel foundation for a massively successful online education business.

    Top online marketer Iman Aghay and his students had just wrapped up an 8-week training called Ultimate Course Formula and was ready to take the next step in creating online courses. With laptops plugged into electrical strips under round tables, we followed Iman’s instructions leading us through by funnel hacking his Ultimate Webinar Funnel to create our own.

    At the three-day live event, each person had two coaches, one for technical support and one for business mentoring. Many people signed up for the 14-day free trial to ClickFunnels using Iman’s affiliate link. ClickFunnels as a design tool was fairly intuitive, so most everyone caught on quickly. We began to see the flow of logic and information connecting one page to the next on our dashboard.

    I was excited to design a new system with tools, templates, scripts, and funnels that serve and support my dream clients. For me, the implementation workshop was about scaling my course and taking it to the masses. Here was the automation to invite prospects to my 90-minute webinar designed to knock down the Big Domino and enroll students in my signature online course.

    I was following my heart, dreaming big, and implementing ideas by following coaches and mentors that were great role models. There were over 100 people involved in the group and I was now indirectly connected to their list. I also met a few friends who might be good Joint Venture partners.

    I had always wanted to be on the TED stage, and here was Roger Killen, the producer of TEDx Stanley Park, whose annual event inspires brave actions from their stage. Wow! At the end of the weekend, I left exhausted and happy to have my ClickFunnels account activated with my very own funnel connected to a payment processor and linked to my signature course.

    A private Facebook group was set up to help us stay connected, share photos, and support one another as leaders on a funnel hacking journey. What seemed impossible working alone in our home offices became possible surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs wanting to serve our dream customers with excellence by developing a funnel foundation to grow our business online. I’m a leader!


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    Featured Bio: Elaine Christine

    Elaine Christine

    A tech savvy entrepreneur, Elaine Christine has an online education business. With a PhD in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology in 1995 and a 20-year career in Software Engineering, she is a life-long learner who enjoys being at the forefront of technology. As author of The Peace Prophecy and host of the World Peace Telesummit, Elaine leads a tribe of Peacemakers in the podcast Peace To Every Mind®. Her recent training at Funnel University, Mastermind to Millions, Ultimate Course Formula, and Ultimate Webinar Funnel are helping deliver her message to the masses. Elaine is listed in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Her textbook, Managing Risk: Methods for Software Systems Development, was translated into Mandarin Chinese at the University of Bejing in 2002. She earned a National Public Service Award in 2016 as a Charity Coordinator and Children’s Advocate. Elaine has a private pilot license, plays the piano, and lives in Merritt Island, Florida with her husband, Tom Gorsuch. Visit online at

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