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    Learn How to Boost Your Opt-In Rate in 5 Easy Steps, so You Can Run Your Business on Automation

    Reaching a high opt-in rate may not be as hard as you think...I see funnel users state that they’ve “tried everything” to raise their opt-in rates.

    They’ve tried different copy, different freebies, and even hired a graphic designer, but they state that they’re still at 10%-20% opt-in rates.Then come the excuses… it’s my niche, my audience doesn’t respond to funnels, I’m not a designer so I can’t get it right... Well, I’m going to break all of those myths and excuses and help you boost your optin rate today.Before we dive in any further, let’s talk about what an optin rate is, and why do you need it to be high anyway?!

    An opt-in rate is calculated by the number of people who arrive on a landing page in which you have a freebie or mailing list sign up and choose to take action by ‘opting in’ aka inputting their email address.

    They went from not knowing you and what you have to offer to now becoming a lead, and potential customer.

    How to calculate opt-in rate: Successful opt-ins/unique page views = opt-in rate
    Example: 285 email addresses collected / 645 unique landing page views = 44% opt-in rate

    If your optin rate is high, then you have a high converting funnel, meaning you can let your funnel run on automation.

    I’ve personally helped funnel users get opt-in rates anywhere from 40% to 70% and once we even had a 98% optin rate on a cold audience. This is almost unheard of!So how do you get these unicorn status optin rates?! Here are five tips to make your optin rates boost up today:



    1. Be yourself

    As with any part of your business, this is so important. Though it sounds so simple and obvious, it is frequently missed. Going through my funnels is like sitting down and having a one-on-one conversation with me.If you don’t use the word “discover” or “hacks” in your social media posts, or in your copy then why would you use them in your funnel? Most likely because you saw someone else’s high converting funnel use those words, so you thought you’d add them into yours, right?

    Funnel hacking is great and all, but originality always wins. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel… the most successful people, find a way to make the wheel better. Find a funnel you would love to model after and add a touch of you in.

    2. Always be on brand.

    Speaking of a touch of you...

    When you see a swoop checkmark you think… Nike, when you see a white cup with a green logo you think… Starbucks!

    With me?

    Your funnel should stay on brand to be cohesive with your other channels. This creates an extra touch of trust with your ideal audience, and return leads will want to grab up your new offer too because they already recognize that it is going to be great!



    3. Keep it simple.

    Funnels are freaking amazing right?! You can do so many different things, and you can get really advanced with your funnels. If your goal is lead generation, I find simple = effective. Less is more when you’re captivating an audience.

    I keep it straight and to the point - here’s what you are getting and why it’s freaking amazing. Name + email, please.

    I see funnel users hesitate to launch a funnel because they haven’t learned photoshop yet, and think they need the perfect image, or background.

    Some of the best converting funnels have a plain white background, a one sentence headline, and a simple call to action with a button.Keep it simple!!



    4. Offer something that’s a no brainer!

    Get creative with how you bring in new leads to your business. You should have a signature freebie that you offer, and you can come up with other freebies if you are launching something new, but whatever you do spend some time on making this freebie something your target audience needs in their life. It should leave their life better than before they downloaded it.

    Why would someone want to give you their name and email? What are you offering to them that is better than the next person’s offer? What unique spin can you put on this freebie? Create a freebie that is a no brainer for your audience, when they see it, they know they have to have it.

    Wondering where to even create a freebie?! You can create guides and checklists for free on Canva, you can create video downloads and share them by embedding them into your funnel, you could create a quiz, what’s something your audience would enjoy?



    5. Be clear

    One of the biggest mistakes I see in lead generation funnels is an attempt to use really advanced language, which in turn can overwhelm your audience and cause them to click the X before becoming a lead. Use a big headline at the top of your funnel that pulls in their attention, and says exactly what they are getting so they know in the first 5 seconds if this is the place for them or not. On down the page, you can add more detail in case they scroll for a bit more.

    There you have it, five tips to boost your optin rate today! Keep your conversion rates high and your business can start to run on automation! More leads means more opportunity to create an impact in the world! What do you need to improve on the most? Start there and begin watching your leads come in on automation.


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    Traffic Bio: Andrew Johnston

    Andrew Johnston

    Andrew Johnston is an Online Mentor, Digital Course Creator, and World Traveler. He has built multiple 6 figure sales funnels and helps other entrepreneurs build a loyal relationship with their audience using the power of funnels.

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