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    Letter From The Editor: 1st Quarter Print

    Dear Funnel Genius,

    This edition marks our first quarterly print, a summation of the first three months of Funnel Magazine 2018. We talk with Hawk Mikado and discover what it takes to share your true genius with the world.

    We also have insights from Kevin Harrington and what he has learned over the years as a master at the infomercial funnel.

    In this edition, we have Marshall Sylver talk about hypnosis and the power of combining those techniques with funnels and how to shift your mindset for success.

    In this special quarterly edition, we’ve included a feature on P.T. Barnum and the film The Greatest Showman. With several nominations (both the Oscars and the Golden Globes) we discuss the power of inspiration and marketing.

    I would love to personally thank the entire Funnel Magazine team for helping us put together this special edition of Funnel Magazine. None of this would be possible without their hard work and dedication.



    There have been many times on this journey where I worried whether or not we could pull it off. To my great pleasure, we have and even exceeded my expectations of what this magazine could be.

    I would also like to thank you, our readers, who we hope are inspired each time you read one of the articles on our blog, or interact with one of our videos on social media.

    We hope our content has helped even in some small way to grow your business, give you reliable and implementable information.

    And remember, if you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions we would love your feedback at

    Happy Funneling,

    Kate Mikado


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    Featured Bio: Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado is the Editor In Chief of the San Diego based publication Funnel Magazine focused on the online marketing industry. This industry specific magazine focuses on strategic marketing and sales, lead generation, metrics, social media, and most importantly funnels. Through Funnel Magazine we work with experts in the industry like Russell Brunson, Caleb Maddix, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, and many more.

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