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    Letter From the Editor 2nd Edition

    Dear Funnel Hackers,

    Exciting things are on the horizon in the ClickFunnels community. In our last edition, Russell Brunson shared that the ClickFunnels platform will soon include a survey function. This means that everything we talk about in the next edition (featuring Ryan Levesque) can be implemented in real time! 

    For this edition we are covering the high ticket funnel. It’s one thing to have a funnel that sells a product for $97 and includes bumps and upsells. It’s another to have a funnel that can produce five and six figure numbers in just a few hours.

    How does this happen? Well, the first piece is a good list. You have to lay the groundwork of building a community that loves and supports you. When you have a list of 5,000+ and have built a relationship with them that’s where the magic happens. Of course, you don’t just send out one email and watch your bank account fill up. 

    The second piece is partnership and enrolling others to promote your offer to their community to greatly expand your reach. When you build relationships with other influencers that gives you leverage to make serious cash on your high end offers. 

    In this edition, we will share about the power of the Joint Venture and your high ticket funnel, as well as what you can do on the back end to make more money. 



    Always remember that in order for your high ticket funnel to work online, you must prove the model offline. Once you have tweaked and tested and gotten reliable results, then you can take it online and start automating the process. 

    They key to getting your high ticket funnel to work - and really any funnel to work - is persistence. This year’s Super Bowl and the determination of the Patriots is a perfect example. For the first half of the game they did not get results. Did they give up? Did they say, “What we’re doing isn’t working so we might as well quit”? 

    Many football teams do just that; those teams don’t win. Not the Patriots, they adjusted their strategy and mounted a huge comeback to win the game in overtime. And that’s what you have to do with your funnels. Don’t give up on them, because the right strategy may be just one play away.

    Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado is the Editor In Chief of the San Diego based publication Funnel Magazine focused on the online marketing industry. This industry specific magazine focuses on strategic marketing and sales, lead generation, metrics, social media, and most importantly funnels. Through Funnel Magazine we work with experts in the industry like Russell Brunson, Caleb Maddix, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, and many more.

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