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    Letter From The Editor: Bedtime Stories

    In this edition we spoke with Grant Cardone, sales master and mentor to many of the marketers that we speak with, including our cover Caleb Maddix. With the popular bestseller The 10x Rule, Grant Cardone has a no nonsense approach to marketing and sales.

    My first experience with Grant Cardone was listening to his audiobook, The Millionaire Booklet. It’s a 1 hour mindset training for wealth mastery. While I was on a trip around the country, I would listen to this book on my morning walk in Chicago.



    While we were staying in Branson, MO, I wanted to share the book with our publisher Hawk Mikado. I thought it would make a great bedtime story, something the unconscious could process while we slept that night.

    Little did I know that it would have the opposite effect. Hawk became wide awake, excited to start implementing the ideas in this book.

    I hope that you have as much enthusiasm for this edition as Hawk and I had for The Millionaire Booklet.

    Happy Funnel Hacking,

    Kate Mikado


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    Featured Bio: Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado is the Editor In Chief of the San Diego based publication Funnel Magazine focused on the online marketing industry. This industry specific magazine focuses on strategic marketing and sales, lead generation, metrics, social media, and most importantly funnels. Through Funnel Magazine we work with experts in the industry like Russell Brunson, Caleb Maddix, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, and many more.

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