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    Letter From the Editor: But Wait There's More!

    Dear Funnel Genius,

    If you have ever heard the phrase, “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!” You can thank the man on our cover, Kevin Harrington. He is considered the Father of As Seen On TV and is responsible for bringing products to the market like the Ginsu Knife, The Gazelle, and George Foreman’s Grill. He mastered offline funnels before most of us were in high school.

    I remember when I would stay home school sick and rather than watch the mind numbing soap operas, I would flick through the channels and become entranced by the infomercial. There was just enough content that I would watch for hours.

    And though the seed was planted early, later on in my adult life I would buy a Shark vacuum, a Magic Bullet, and Bare Minerals cosmetics. They are honestly some of the best products I have purchased in my life. They delivered on promise and matched the performance that was tooted on TV.



    While infomercials still exist, the model has moved online. That’s where you come in. How can you take this once uber successful model (Lori Greiner could argue that it still is with her QVC empire) and put it into your business?

    Go back and look on YouTube at how they sold their products and find what language they used, the timers, the upsells, the downsells, and the cross-sells. For after all, a funnel is a funnel no matter how big or small.

    And remember, “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!”


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    Featured Bio: Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado is the Editor In Chief of the San Diego based publication Funnel Magazine focused on the online marketing industry. This industry specific magazine focuses on strategic marketing and sales, lead generation, metrics, social media, and most importantly funnels. Through Funnel Magazine we work with experts in the industry like Russell Brunson, Caleb Maddix, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, and many more.

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