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    Featured Kate Mikado | 2 min read

    Letter from the Editor: Q2 - Frank Kern

    In this edition we feature Frank Kern, a master marketer. The first time I heard Frank’s name was at my first personal development seminar. The topic was Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) of which Frank is a expert.

    Our speaker was at an event with his arms crossed and his foot resting on the wall behind him. Frank comes up to him and leans against the wall and puts his foot up, crossing his arms. Needless to say the speaker was impressed with how Frank match and mirrored him.

    Since that time, Frank’s name has come up dozens of times as I’ve gone on this journey in the marketing industry. Whether it’s his direct response skills, his presence on Facebook, or sales letters, he is one of THE go to guys in the industry.

    And believe it or not Frank helped save Funnel Magazine...

    Hawk and I were in Mexico for a friend’s wedding. We were on our last dime and didn’t know how we were going to continue with the magazine. A lot of internal business challenges had come up and we weren’t sure what was next.



    By happy coincidence, a good friend happened to also be in Mexico at the time. And a stone’s throw away from where we were staying.

    As a fellow marketer with years of experience in the industry, she understood better than most what we were going through. She offered to introduce us to Frank Kern… and well, to make a long story short you now hold this month’s edition of Funnel Magazine.

    So remember when you are on the ropes, the end may not be the end. And Frank is here to help you too…

    Happy Funnel Hacking,

    Kate Mikado


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    Featured Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado is the Editor In Chief of the San Diego based publication Funnel Magazine focused on the online marketing industry. This industry specific magazine focuses on strategic marketing and sales, lead generation, metrics, social media, and most importantly funnels. Through Funnel Magazine we work with experts in the industry like Russell Brunson, Caleb Maddix, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, and many more.

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