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    Clickfunnels Allows For Easy Recurring Income

    Just lately there have been a number of people slating Clickfunnels in favor of other new platforms that promise so much yet, once again, upon closer inspection don't deliver, and it becomes blatantly clear these people are just after a quick few dollars in commission!

    Fortunately, the robust nature of both Clickfunnels and it's army of diehard funnel hackers means they are able to laugh off such attacks and concentrate on the more important matter of enabling easy to set up, easy to implement and easy to maintain various types of income streams.

    Now there's not many better ways to earn residual income than a membership site but for it to be successful long-term you need three things:



    1. You need to know your topic well, very well in fact. You need to be up-to-date and in tune with your followers to keep your membership site, and the information available, completely up-to-date at all times.

    2. You need to be engaging for your students to stay long term. In other words don't be boring!

    3. It must work! People must see success and results from what you teach.

    If you have intimate knowledge of something that people want to learn then Clickfunnels makes it easy to produce a membership site that can do all the things you need to earn monthly revenue from your loyal members.

    Building a membership site in Clickfunnels couldn’t be easier although it does require you to use the Classic Editor which some people don’t like, usually because they joined Clickfunnels after the new Editor had been released and therefore never really felt the need to use it.

    The best way to map out your lessons is using mind mapping software first and then putting that into a workable systematic course in Clickfunnels.

    Begin by clicking the ‘Add New Funnel’ button and pick one of the templates on offer. Once you have done this you can start to build out the two steps that will make up your Membership site. The first thing to do is the brand the Membership Access Step which is where your new members will be sent to allow them to sign up for their membership and then subsequently log in.

    image8 (3)

    Once this is done the overall theme of the Membership home screen needs to be branded too. First, click the ‘Open in Editor’ button and start to build out the page to your liking. Just like any page built with Clickfunnels, on initial inspection, it seems like you may be a little limited with what you can achieve but once you learn some of the secrets to building beautiful pages, the sky is the limit, especially if you can get some custom code done.

    image2 (8)


    image5 (2)

    Membership Area is set up by having Lesson Sections which then contain the Lessons.

    Start by clicking the ‘Add New Lesson’ button at the bottom of the page. A window will then open asking you a few quick questions:

    Lesson Section – Choose which section this lesson will be put into.

    Name – What is the name of this lesson?

    Page Template – What type of page do you want it to be?

    Drip Delay – How many days do you want the student to have to wait before this lesson is available to them? (If you leave this blank it will be available immediately.

    When you have filled out these details click ‘Create Lesson’

    You can now start to build your first lesson page. You can add videos and accompanying text as well as adding PDF worksheets etc.

    Be aware that you can only move your lesson around in that particular Lesson Section. So if you put it in the wrong place you will have to clone it instead of just simply dragging it to the correct Section.

    image4 (5)
    1. Click the ‘Restrict Access’ Button and the window that opens up will ask you what product the Student must have bought to see the content in this section. You must do this for each section.
    image3 (7)


    1. Set the Drip Delay for a set number of days allowing the Students to work through the course at a speed that suits you.
    image6 (3)


    There is no limit to how many lessons you add into your member's area and once you are finished adding them all in, there is a couple of things that you need to know in order to give your students the correct access and not allow just anyone to see your valuable content.



    One of the biggest things that confuse people is which URL to send people to?

    ALWAYS send new members that have access granted by you, or a member of your staff, to the ‘Secret Sign Up URL’. This will allow them to sign up and create their account. Once they have done this the first time they can then Login from the ‘Login URL’.

    image7 (1)

    Never give out the ‘Login URL’ or the URL for the Membership Access Step URL otherwise it can be shared and anyone can get full access.

    When you are finished building your Members Area make sure to do a full and thorough test to make sure all restrictions are working correctly.

    Remember that only allowing certain access for certain products bought is a very powerful sales tool and although the Student, who hasn’t bought the full package, won’t be able to see the actual lesson content, they will be able to see that there is a significant amount of content that they are missing out on. If your lessons are engaging and the content good then it will be much easier for you to upsell to the bigger package.

    Enjoy your build and good luck!

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    Richard Conduit

    Richard Conduit has been building funnels for clients for years and is just about to launch a new breed of help for all the users of Clickfunnels.

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