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    LinkedIn Is Where It’s At! (If You Know How To Use It!)

    Did you know that you can actually use LinkedIn to engage ideal prospective client family members and bring a lot of leads to your business? Are you interested in having more business? I have created a system to engage ideal prospective client family members on LinkedIn and then to nurture them and move them from prospects to client family members all without selling. When I saw how incredibly well this worked in my business, I shared it with my client family members, too.

    How does this work? I use Sales Navigator to find ideal prospective family members on LInkedIn. Then I connect with them by using some very powerful copywriting. My goal is to drive them to my automated webinar. At the end of the webinar if they want to consider my services they schedule a phone strategy session (not a sales pitch in disguise) with one of the members of my team who will see what they want to accomplish in their business and who will tell them if we can truly help them or not.

    We use the LinkedIn InMail feature and I custom design messaging scripts to drive ideal prospective client family members to our automated webinar. We have four different compelling messages that we send out a few days apart all sending them to our automated webinar and using personal communication and developing building virtual relationships getting them interested in watching a transformational webinar that can make all the difference to their business.

    Although I am an avid fan of Facebook and have millions on Facebook with NO ads, LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented social network and can’t be ignored. LinkedIn is a platform that business owners need to explore and learn to use properly because it allows you to connect with your ideal target audience of prospective client family members and to drive them to an automated webinar, a landing page, a Click Funnel, etc. LinkedIn gives you an amazing opportunity to generate new quality leads every single day.



    To me, LinkedIn is my online networking. I use Facebook with a different intention than LinkedIn. Facebook is where I engage and create relationships. LinkedIn is where I am intentionally sourcing the right target audience to enhance my brand, gain new client family members and where I deeply connect with ideal prospective client family members.

    Here is how I have my client family members use LinkedIn to drive new leads every day and how I use it do the same.

    First, you must know who your ideal target avatar is including their location, their industry, their job title or category, their gender and even their skills and experience. Then you decide which type of funnel you want to send them to. I recommend an automated webinar because not only can I capture leads this way, prospective client family members can get a transformational experience through my automated webinar and they don’t have to engage in a phone chat with me so it’s not going to take a lot of my time, or their time and they don’t have to fear that I am going to attempt to sell them anything.

    I simply message my ideal prospective client family members the outcome they will get as a result of watching the webinar and drop in the link to the webinar. I know the results and outcomes and goals they want to achieve because I know my target audience. After they watch the webinar, if they resonate with me, they request a phone chat with someone on my team and automatically get to schedule an appointment. They already know the outcome and value I provide and they have raised their hand saying they are interested. I call this reverse marketing. Instead of me chasing them, they are raising their hand for me.

    I find LinkedIn to be an excellent marketing tool for anyone who is a business-to-business service as well as coaches and consultants. You may need to tweak your LinkedIn message to find which messages work best with your audience and when you land on the right message you send out 25 of these each day and respond to those who answer you and watch your lead capture grow each day from your funnel or website landing page.

    Be sure you join LinkedIn’s premium plan and sign up for Sales Navigator because that tool will allow you to find the right B2B prospective client family members quickly. I think this is one of the greatest sales tools. You can contact leads with direct mail using InMail messages and you can save your leads as well.

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    Start thinking like you are in the business of sales. So, if you are a consultant you are selling consulting services, or if you are an accountant you sell accounting services. LinkedIn Sales Navigator will allow you to be in the business of selling your services by helping you quickly find targeted leads.

    When I create the messaging that my client family members use on LinkedIn I tell them short customized messaging work best. I suggest sharing valuable content to begin to create a relationship. In my own business, I share my automated webinar which is super high value and can transform someone's business. My connections appreciate the information. Then the remainder of my messages are inquiring about how I might help them and I nurture each LinkedIn relationship and court folks - I don’t ask for the sale first time around - that is like asking for sex before I even took you out on the date;)



    Now it is time for you to take action. LinkedIn is the place for high-quality leads for your prospective client family members. It is the largest professional network and the ideal place to generate leads every single day.

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    Terri Levine is the founder of, author of 30 books on sales, marketing, business and coaching and mentor to some of the most successful business owners, featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Redbook, Shape, Self, advisor to General Electric, seen on ABC, NBC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and host of her own TV and radio show. She provides all readers with a free gift to get a ton of qualified leads coming right to them at

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