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    Making a Profit in the Next 90 Days...What Would You Do?

    If your life depended on your business actually making a profit in the next 90 days; what do You Do?

    • Would you create a pitch deck?
    • Would you have a board meeting with your team members?
    • Would you go have coffee at Starbucks?
    • Would you buy another online training?
    • Would you watch YouTube videos from the Harvard Business School channel?
    • Would you read a bunch of startup books?
    • Would you consider compensation structures or give up equity to your team members?


    If your life depended on you making a profit in 3 months with your business, here are the steps you should take...

    Step 1. Isolate the most painful problem for ONE SPECIFIC PERSON (Buyers Profile or Persona).

    Not an entire industry.

    Not 10 types of customers all at once...ONE SPECIFIC PERSON.




    Step 2: Bust your butt to position yourself and your product to SOLVE THAT ONE SPECIFIC PROBLEM FOR THAT ONE SPECIFIC PERSON.


    Step 4: Deliver the value and build a case study from that ONE SALE – YOUR ONE CUSTOMER.

    Step 5: Create an automated video sales letter and funnel that highlights that case study and start marketing it to PEOPLE WHO ARE SIMILAR TO YOUR CASE STUDY CUSTOMER.

    Step 6: Begin a drip email prospecting campaign and LinkedIn prospecting campaigns and drive 10-20 appointments per week.

    Step 7: Start cold traffic, re-targeting, and channel partner campaigns and drive loads of traffic to your automated video sales letter funnel.

    Step 8: Hire a commission-based sales team to close sales that you line up with your marketing funnel.

    • In 3 months, you would be profitable.
    • In 12 months, you would be at $1M.
    • If your life depended on it; that’s what you should do.
    • That's what my partner and I did. That's what our clients do.
    • We don't believe in raising money if you don't have to.
    • We believe in solving problems for our customers with elegant solutions.
    • We believe in providing real value and charging for it.
    • We believe in making profits.
    • We believe in focus.
    • We believe in efficiency.

    These are the 8 Steps you should take if you want to be very profitable in the next 90 days.


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    Bio: David Kraus Metrics

    David Kraus

    David Kraus is a Recognized Social Media Marketing Expert serving professionals & businesses. ►►► Serving Consultants, Speakers, Trainers and Small Businesses. Has it been hard and time consuming trying to build an active social media audience and turn them into sales? I solve this. ✓ WHAT I DO: I help consultants, speakers, trainers and small businesses put systems in place to build active Social Media audiences that can become more sales. ►►► CONTACT ME NOW TO EXPLORE HOW I CAN HELP YOU: Email ✉ ✓ HOW I DO IT: I generate a mix of automated and manual social media strategies building substantial content in your social media channels thereby generating organic loyal followers. I do so without hype but focus on the results you can achieve instead. I deliver a sales and marketing background of over 30 years and now apply that experience to Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & LinkedIn. I focus on what counts... not simply finding out which buttons to press but how to integrate proven strategies to help build your audience and sales. ✓ HOW IT WORKS: Together we "Crack the Code"​ by aligning the 4 pillars of Inbound Marketing: Message, Market, Media and System.

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