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    Marshall Sylver: The Hypnotic Funnel

    Marshall Sylver was born and raised on a farm in Michigan Northwest, US. Growing up he had no running water, no electricity, no telephone, sometimes no food, and twice his family was homeless. With ten kids in his family, Marshall's mom raised the family on her own and worked three jobs. From an early age, Marshall learned how harsh life could be. “We lived in the car all eleven of us, ten kids and my mom. We lived in a car for two weeks.”

    The local community came together and they renovated a chicken coop and moved his family into the converted chicken coop which had running water and electricity. “Other than clucking there were no adverse side effects.” When Marshall was six years old, his mom was preparing dinner and unbeknownst to him, it was their last meal, they didn't have any more food. His mom was making peach cobbler, praying and crying...she was sobbing. Tears were streaming down her face “God, please provide for my family”.

    Marshall made up his mind when he saw his mother in so much pain that whatever was causing her pain, he would do whatever he had to do so she never felt that pain again. There was a knock on the door and there was a neighbor with two bags of groceries and the neighbor said,”Virginia we understand that you are having challenges”.





    And he brought the food in and behind him was another neighbor, and another and another. “Pretty soon we're dancing. You know, we're eating bread and drinking milk and we're celebrating life. And I realized in that moment very early on that money really does matter and even though money won't buy you happiness, it sure can rent it and it sure can make life easier.” When Marshall was 7 years old, his brother did some magic tricks that he learned from a magazine. He saw the magic tricks and immediately fell in love with entertaining.

    “I fell in love with magic.” At 10 years old he became a professional performer. In the course of his life, Marshall has always been willing to work hard because he’s always wanted to have more. “I knew that if I was going to get any more, I would have to get it myself.” It wasn’t just Marshall’s home life that was difficult either. When he was a child, they gave him a label they thought he was mentally handicapped,and put him in special education classes. “And it wasn't that I was mentally handicapped.

    These days they would have labeled me ADHD, they'd be giving me the whole alphabet. And the reason is that I was very bright and I learned things very quickly and so when I would learn something, I would be bored because the teacher by design had to make sure the majority of the class understood before they could move on.”  As a child he was extremely insecure, and it's what drove him to be a drug addict. From wearing his sister's hand-me-downs to school,to most days not having any money, he was mortified. Marshall was first introduced to hypnosis when he was in high school.

    “And I thought well, what if he told you to get off drugs and because he told you to do that you just did. What if he told you to be confident no matter what was going on, just believe in yourself and you just did. What if he told you to go out and be a multi, multi, multi-millionaire and because he told me that I could, I believe that I would. And I went out and took faithful action and I realized in that moment if that is hypnosis, which it absolutely is, then it's the most powerful force on the planet.”





    Since then Marshall dedicated his life to hypnosis and helping people all over the world do just that. He even used it to find the love of his life. As he was on stage doing a performance he saw her sitting in one of the front rows. He sent out signals to the audience to get a read on her. He found out that she was in a relationship but wasn’t happy. And so he directed her to the back of the room. With success, they have now been married over 7 years and have 3 kids together Sterling, Maximus and Prosperity.

    Marshall has come a long way from his humble beginnings. He now owns 2 homes, a beach house in San Diego (with a coy pond for a walkway) and a 17,000 square foot mansion in Las Vegas. The mansion is worthy of an episode of cribs and the cars are eye catching (can you say $400,000 Rolls Royce). And while he may live the extravagant life of riding in private jets and custom suits, it’s clear that family and finding purpose in other places is important to him. When he is not busy working on his latest product Turning Point and the accompanying series, Marshall enjoys escape rooms with his family. Funnel Magazine sat down with Marshall to discuss all things hypnosis and funnels.

    Hawk : Today, I’m blessed because I get to be here with Marshall Sylver the greatest hypnotist of all time. One of the most absolute geniuses when it comes to influence, helping people, really understanding how to persuade, and create massive influence, and the likes. So, welcome and thank you for having me.

    Marshall : Welcome to my beach house.

    Hawk : Appreciate it. By the way, this place is gorgeous.

    Marshall : It doesn’t suck! You know, we’re sitting here and we’re watching the waves crash, and I have a couple of students of mines that are divers, and we got a shower and a little shutdown on a private beach, and so, I get a text message on the morning and my body said, “Go check in your backyard”, and when I go to the backyard and there will be 9 live lobsters in the cooler back there for me. Their way of saying, ‘thanks so much for letting me use the place’, so, it’s cool. This is our beach house, we live full time in Las Vegas. I’ve been in Vegas since 1994, so, it’s nice when we get the chance to spend some time here.

    Hawk : Awesome! So, you are one of those foremost experts on helping people reprogram their mind, helping people grow their business, and share their wisdom and insights with full confidence because you can help them. How did you get into this whole reprogramming, hypnotism, influence? How did you did you end up where you are right now?

    Marshall :I have 9 brothers and sisters and wewere  raisedby our mom, all by herself, and we were dirt poor. The second house we lived in, back in Michigan, was a converted chicken coup, and to me, it was heaven. Because it had running water, it had electricity, and so, it wasreallynice place. So, early on in my life, my brother show me some magic, I was 7 years old and I was smitten, I loved it. I showed my father some magic, and there were very few times I can remember my whole lifeweremy father and I actually had a nice communication. He was a troubled man and when I showed him magic, he lit up, like, “Oh my gosh! How did you do that?” and it was that moment that I was hooked.





    Inside, I was a magician at 7, at 10 years old, I’d found people would pay me to do magic shows and that was it. I get to do what I love and I get paid, at 16 years old at my high school and I realized that hypnosis was one of the most powerful forms of the planet. You know, the guy had given me the suggestion, that when he said the word ‘Sonny boy’, I would stand up from my seat in the audience, I’d walk back to the stage, I’d fall on my own butt, I’d roll my pant legs up above my knees, I put my thumb in my own mouth, and I would say to him, “Sing it again, Daddy!” and I remember when I go back to my seat thinking to myself, there’s no way I’m gonna do that.

    I was an introvert, I was a drug addict,myself esteem was really low, I was wearing my sisters clothes to school on a regular basis, but when I went back to my seat and I sat down, and he said the words “Sonny boy”, and I felt like a magnet was forcing me back to the stage, and the whole time I’m going back to the stage, I’m thinking to myself, “I don’t need to do this!”, yet I find myself doing it anyway, and it was the weirdest sensation. I went home that night and thought, “My gosh! Was I hypnotized or was I just doing what he told me to do?”

    Hawk : That’s awesome! So, I am nowhere near as good at hypnosis as you are, but I’m trained as a,

    Marshall : Very cool!

    Hawk : Hypnotherapist.

    Marshall : Well, you know, ultimately, everything is hypnosis. When you grasp that idea that we choose our reality, we choose our frame around everything, it works for us or works against us. And a lot of people, they go through gloom and doom and they say, “Oh my gosh! My life is always gonna be this way”, and my thought is, “No, you just lasted through another ghost periods”, and you don’t have to go through it again. How awesome is that?

    Hawk : Yeah! We were at the event, and we learning stuff, and I know a lot of people have a stigma about hypnotism. Is it evil or negative, or you know, something to control me to do something?

    Marshall : Which ended up itself, that’s hypnosis! Yeah!

    Hawk : Alright! So, we’re at the coffee shop, and this lady is like, you know, “What are you guys here for?” “We’re on an event, just learning hypnosis” and she’s like, “Oh my gosh! Don’t hypnotise me!” and I said, “just close your eyes”, and she closed them. How do you share that, how do you take your knowledge, and how do you break down for other people, to where they see it as a tool to grow their business, to be more confident, be able to show them better and create more for themselves.

    Marshall : Interestingly, I use a funnel.

    Hawk : Awesome!

    Marshall : And the funnel that I use, for decades you know, I’ve been on stage since I was 7 years old, I’ve been a professional hypnotist since I was 23, and I turned 56 this year, and for the last couple decades, I’ve been using my show as a means to engage people, to entertain them, to hook them in, the lost leaders so to speak, so they could see hypnosis and see the wonders, just sit back, gasp in amazement and laugh until they hurt. And then, once they’ve seen the show and they realised that people who were on the stage had more fun than anyone in the room.

    Then they come back and they say, “How can I use this for my life? How can I use this to overcome addiction, or bad habits, or gain confidence to make money?”  And so, what I’ll do is, I’ll go into an event and I’ll do my entertainment show at night, the same show that I do in Las Vegas, that I’ve been doing in Vegas for decades. And now, comeback the next morning and explain everything that I did and more importantly how to apply in the lives. And it’s been amazing, it’s been a great way to engage people, and I worked on the 3 E’s of influence. Number one, you’ve got entertain people. You’ve got to get their attention, you know, get their attention, no matter what your offering doesn’t matter, no matter what your selling doesn’t matter, no matter what you have they won't notice it.





    The second thing is, you’ve got to educate them. They have to be able to tell very quickly, that you know what your talking about, that you know your stuff, that your not all that razzle dazzle on entertainment and distraction and misdirection. And then the third thing you’ve got to do is you’ve got to empower people, to make a decision, to take an action. So, the only distinction between entertainment and empowerment is their both designed to move you emotionally. Empowerment is designed to move you physically, as well, to take a new action.

    So, that’s the thing, the reason that I close so very well, when I speak at conference stages and closed, you know, 75%, 80%, 90%, sometimes a 100+% of the room. If I entertain them first, you’ve got rapport, you’ve got that trust, you’ve got that connection. So, that when I come back on stage to speak, to teach, to sell, you already have all that rapport, that’s already been settled. And I’ve already told them that I’m going to sell you something, it’s the reason i’m here. It’s good for me, it’s good for you, it’s good for the entire economy, everybody wins.

    Hawk : Awesome! So, let me ask you, so, a hundred plus is a 100+%. So, you’re saying...

    Marshall : Everyone in the room and they’ll buy it for people that aren’t even there.

    Hawk : That’s awesome! Let’s pivot a little bit here. In terms, of you’ve got this beautiful house, you’ve got a gorgeous mansion in Las Vegas, I’ve seen from the pictures mostly, you’ve got,

    Marshall : A beautiful wife, a beautiful kids.

    Hawk : Yeah!

    Marshall : I’ve got everything that I would ever want. I’m very grateful!

    Hawk : So, can you share a little bit about the mindset and how you ended up so grateful, I guess.

    Marshall : It comes from that foundation of gratitude, you know, “The rich get richer”, and so when you appreciate what you have, and you dwell on what you have rather than, you know, having sorrow over what you don’t have, it expands. And since, what we focus on expands, I have people come back again and again and again, that idea of ‘What do I have’, not, ‘What don’t I have’, ‘What do I have’. You know, right now, this interview is being done, with technology all around, this is mind boggling to me. That anybody with some initiative, anybody with a willingness to do some work, can produce really good content, and there’s just no barrier to entry anymore. So, the first thing I want people to know is be certain, whatever it is that you want to accomplish, be certain, it is possible, start with that. Certainty is the lack of any doubt. The second thing is, once again, gather up the available data. There are some things that you’ll know, if i want to do an interview, I need a camera, that’s clear, that I can choose a camera, maybe a couple of cameras, I need to have lights or whatever it is.





    Gather up the available data, that’s the second part. The first thing isbe certain, the second step is gather the available data and it’s really important to make that distinction that I’ve said, available data and not all the data. Because what usually stops people, most people, getting done, anything done, is they have what I call analysis paralysis, or perfectionism. They want everything perfect, and with do respect, fail forward fast, put out crap and then put out crap 2.0. It worked for Microsoft, it’ll work for you. And so, the thing that I know is that, once you are certain of your success, then that doubts gone, you keep moving a lot. When you gather up the available data, the third step, is that you’ve got to act as if success is certain. So, number one, know that it’s certain, then the final step is, take whatever action you would take, when you were absolutely certain, it was certain. You know, get out on the stage, ask the girl to marry you, have your baby in the bathtub at home via hypnosis, no pain, no drugs, whatever it is, it just has to start in that place of certainty.

    Hawk : Wow! That’s incredible! So, I know, this comes up all the time. How does somebody move past and get to places of certainty after they just had a,

    Marshall : Setback, setbacks! Reality is created by validation, and so, in my times, when I’ve had setbacks, and I’ve had plenty. You know, I’ve been broke, and I’ve been rich, and I’ve been broke, and I’ve been rich, and then I met a wrong girl then I’ve been broke, and then I got rich again and found the right girl. The thing to keep in mind is all things are temporary, failure is temporary, success, all be it is temporary and if you get too attached to either side of those things, that emotion will crush you. And so, when I have a setback, couple things to do, number one, I take inventory, I acknowledge what really the setback is. You know, if I have a financial setback. Well, painful and inconvenient, that’s a financial setback.

    I have my beautiful bride, I’ve got three beautiful kids, that’s all that matters to me. I can always make the money again. What I do though is, I recognize that it is temporary,  I recognize that it’s not me, the setback isn’t me, I don’t own the setback as being me or my personality, or this always happens to me, I said, “No, this is what happened just now”. Then I stand way back and then I reflect, and then I look at that thing and I say, “Okay, what lead up to this?” you know, was I making a ton of money, was it like the faucet was on, yet I didn’t know the stopper wasn’t in, and did I not know somebody turned off the faucet, so, you pay attention, you say “Okay, I won’t make that mistake again”





    And then the other thing I do, and this has been very helpful, is I’ll find people who have whatever setbacks I had, that also rose backup like a phoenix, and I said, “Okay, this is what happened”, you know, years ago, my head decided that it wouldn't grow hair and so, I decided, that I needed to look up guys who had shaved heads, that also had massive amounts of success and let myself accept the hypnosis, that how much hair you have on your head, does not determine how much success you’ll have in your life.

    You know, Erica, my bride is my third wife. She is my one true wife though. I got married early on, to the wrong girl. We were young and dumb. And I married another girl later on, that was definitely not  ]the right girl for me, and my brain compartmentalizes things though. You know, when I do something and it doesn’t work out, I’ll do it differently. And so before I met Erica, I prayed to God. I said, “God, all I want is someone kind.” All I want is someone kind, that there is no drama. That’s the first thing that I put up into the universe, and my beautiful bride, she’s gorgeous, you know physically. She’s gorgeous, inside and emotionally. But the thing that attracts me to her 11 years later is that we don’t do drama.

    We don’t have challenges, if something comes up, we solve it, if we can’t solve it; we let it go. And so, I think that’s a really good lesson inside your funnel. You know, inside your marketing,  inside your business is handle the stuff you can. If you get a setback, determine okay, it’s a setback. It’s not the end of everything! That’s the reason step one has to be that certainty. It’s got to be that thing, that says “No, I know people like this, I have seen people respond.” Yes I’m jumping through technical hoops here. My funnel, or my webinar, whatever is falling apart. Yet, all I have to do is to keep getting back on that bandwagon.

    People have to keep in my mind that, it doesn’t matter if your name is Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, they started! They started somewhere, you know. They started with the computer in a garage, or they started with you know, in the case of Bill Knight, making the sole of shoes, and the biggest challenge most people have is they don’t start! I will say it again, fail, forward, fast, and ask yourself this question. What is powerful, productive and positive? And leads you an inkling, a little bit of a nudge closer to what you want. Do that thing now!

    Hawk: That’s awesome! So, in terms of creating something powerful, creating that business. Getting it launched, obviously just do it. Do it now guys, because if you haven’t launched your products, your webinar, or whatever. Get on that bandwagon. Basically, you’ve got your recording that runs 24/7 from your office in Las Vegas.

    Marshall: Missing Piece to Millions.





    Hawk: That’s the one!

    Marshall: Yes, we got that funnel, we got another funnel that is a millionaire survey. Millionaire Personality Survey Funnel, and we just shot a brand new webinar in a very unique fashion. You know, back on mid 90’s I did an infomercial. It cost me $10,000 to produce the infomercial. In the first year, we did a hundred and twenty million dollars with the business. Hypnotizing someone to eat fire, walk on broken glass, or any of the things that I do. They don’t, or they didn’t interact well just doing a webinar. On the webcam you know, your face on the webinar, and so we shot a brand new webinar. Just finished yesterday actually, and what I did was, I got 3 cameras. One on a jib arm, two other stationary cameras, high end cameras. We got a studio audience at my palace, Prosperity Palace, my home in Vegas. We shot it infomercial style.

    We shot it, you know, with switching cameras and coming in with a whoosh. Nice and pretty, and what I do is, I’m not only talking obviously to the studio audience, I’m talking to the home audience. I’m saying, “You in here and you at home!” so I’m saying, “Here’s for you, and here’s for you here!” and what I believe will happen, because we are going to run as an evergreen webinar. And I believe what will happen is, half of the studio audience had already been to my core event called “Turning Point” the other half had not, and when we got done doing the webinar, the half that had not yet purchased leap out of their chairs, and honestly, and in integrity ran over and signed up for the seminar.

    So we believe it’s going to be that compelling. And I think that’s where it’s going to go, and I think more, and more were going to see the expectation of the marketing program, of the process, of the funnel, of the videos, and everything. We see that level rise, and rise, and rise, and rise. And I think, like I said, it’s great, because we had the technology to make things look really great. Not have to break our bank. You know, the equipment is there, the tech is there, so it’s really cool.

    Hawk; One thing I heard in that was you are talking about making it into evergreen, and we get this question, “How do I make my webinar evergreen, and how do I own it, make it authentic?” So I don’t know if you have the insights about that, but I just want to emphasize that matter.





    Marshall: Yeah, the first thing that I want to tell anybody, and I heard what you said. You know, if I hear the singer that I like, singing in person. It doesn’t take away from the enjoyment that I get when I listen to the recording. And so, what people need to do is realize it’s their own ego that needs to have it be live. And I’m one of the people that if you told me that you have a webinar coming up, Wednesday night at 8pm. I might be really interested in the information, yet on Wednesday at 7:30 pm, I forgot. Even if it’s on the calendar I’m having dinner with my wife, and I’m not going to be on your webinar. If I have an interest in something, I want to see it now. I want to see it in the next 15 minutes, so, for me you know, you can have the energy of a live event with the chat role there.

    We use EverWebinar and WebinarJam, Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins are some good friends of mine. And we think it’s phenomenal technology, you know, ClickFunnels. Phenomenal technology for doing stuff, that is at the convenience of your customer, not at your convenience. People are much more responsive if they believe that it’s live. If they can interact, and again the technology is there with  EverWebinar. You can go on the chat role, and it appears that the chat is going on live. “Just set it and forget it.”

    So that’s social proof there as well. So anybody that is hesitant in using an evergreen webinar, number one, it’s not about you. In all of your marketing and in everything that you do. Let that sink in, it’s not about you, it’s about the people that you serve. And I know, that I would rather serve people on their clock rather than my clock. And I know for myself, I rather do something once and have it drive revenue again, and again, and again…

    Hawk: That’s very well said, and I really appreciate that when you said that it’s about your audience and not about you. Because so many people take their own business, and try to project it to themselves.





    Marshall: And consider what my audience wants. You know, again if I’m on East Coast time and you tell me that you have an webinar at 7pm west coast time that’s 10 pm. I don’t want to stay up late and watch your webinar. I’d like to watch it 7pm at my time, so how about you do it for me at my time? And again, I was at Tony Robbins seminar, 30 years ago. He was doing a meditation, a guided meditation. And I’m laying on the floor, I was near the front of the room, and I’m laying on the floor, and right after he goes into meditation. I noticed he was talking to me, but his mouth wasn’t moving.

    And he left, so the recording was playing for an hour and a half. At first, I thought that sucks. You know, I paid you money to be here in your live event, and it’s not even live it’s a recording. I started thinking about it, number one, what difference does it make? If you haven’t seen him leaving the stage without talking, you wouldn’t know what was going on. And I said number two, he probably uses his very best recording. The one were his voice is really good, the one were his energy is very high, and the one were he hit every point that he wanted to hit on to make this the best possible meditation for me. I thought, you know, if I stopped thinking about it. It is actually to my favor that he is actually using a recording rather than standing on stage doing something that’s monotonous. That’s going to be the same exact delivery every single time,because there is no interaction.

    Hawk: That’s awesome. We have a friend that teaches using a webinar. He’s webinar is 44-45 different webinars cut together and that segments each point, each slot.

    Marshall: That one is getting some use.

    Hawk: Yeah, so his secret is he always wears the same shirt.

    Marshall: Yes.

    Hawk: He does well.

    Marshall: Hopefully he laundries it.

    Hawk: [Laughs] Yeah…

    Marshall: Yeah, I get it, people think too much. What’s the end outcome. The end outcome is not for you. It’s an outcome for your customer.

    Hawk: The day that we met at Mastermind Millions. You were talking about your beautiful car. You want to share that story?

    Marshall: I keep cars at both properties. The Rolls Royce?

    Hawk: Yeah.





    Marshall: The Rolls Royce is at the palace. The reason that it’s on the palace is the car is 19 feet long, and the garage here at the beach house is not 19 feet deep. I don’t want to keep it outside. When my wife got pregnant with Sterling we got a GL550. We put a car seat in the back and that was great. She was pregnant with Maximus, our 2nd child. And she put another car seat in the back of the GL. And whenever my wife would go do stuff I would ask her to explain to me your process. When we had 1 child, she said, “I have the kid at the store, I take him out of the stroller, I put him in the car seat, I shut the door, I locked the door, I collapse the stroller, I go into the back of the car. I said, “Great. What’s the process for 2 kids?” she would tell me the process, I don’t know if you realize this, once you have a 3rd child, you only have 2 hands, that’s juggling! One is in the air all time. So I said, “Explain to me your process would be”, so she did explain the process. And I said, “That leaves you and one of the children vulnerable, what would you think about a mini-van?” She said, “I didn’t know Mercedes had a mini van?’ I said, “Honey they don’t, but I think we can use a minivan and I’ve looked and I think i found one you’ll love.” I said, “Let’s go take a look at this car.” She isn’t a gold digger or anything like that. We go into the car, it got the stow and go seats, it’s got all the bells and whistles on it, and it’s a phenomenal vehicle. She saw it, and said “I love this thing.” That vehicle lives here at the beach house. When we flew back to Vegas, we fly privately out of the Palomar Airport, we flew back in the jet. We landed and the GL is there, so she was carrying all the 3 kids in the GL, and me, and it didn’t just fit well. And 2 days into it, she said, “I miss my minivan.” So we end up getting the exact same vehicle, the exact same color, configuration for the palace. So when we go back and forth it’s familiar to the kids.

    Hawk: Awesome and you just mentioned flying private and I have heard of a couple people that buy their own private jet or charter. That’s expensive to do.

    Marshall: It is, it’s very expensive. The question is what is the highest in best use of your time? Years ago, I got a call from a friend of mine. He’s in the real estate instruction business. He teaches people how to be best in real estate. And he said, “Marshall I got 300 students out here can you come out and do the event?”. I said, “I got a events booked on either side of that let me check my calendar, let me see if I can get out of there. So I called the airlines I couldn't find the flight that could allow me to do that was already book what he asked me to do. So I called him up and I said, “Ted, I can’t do your event...I apologize. There’s no commercial flight that could get me back there. And he said, “Why won’t you charter a plane?”. And I said, “I never chartered a plane so let me check”. And so I checked, the charter is gonna be $50,000. I called him back and I said, “Can’t make it, the charter is $50,000. I apologize.”

    And he said, “Hey, we both know that you do $500,000 worth of sales. We both know that the splits are 50-50. You have 250, you pay for the jet, you have $200,000 net and you flew privately!”. And so when he put it that way, I thought well I can’t hardly argue with that. Here’s the thing though if you fly with me privately once you’ll like it, if you fly with me twice you’ll like it a lot, if you fly with me three times it will ruin you. And so what I want people to know...Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “A mind once expanded can never contract to its original state. I believe that a wallet once expanded will never contract to its original state. Once you’re used to living in a certain way, you wouldn’t want to go back.





    We have two amazing homes and one of them is always empty. We’re always in one location or the other or sometimes travelling. And a few years back, two years back actually, I sold my other beach house here in Carlsbad. We have two houses we didn’t need two houses somebody made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse and so we sold the house. And I said, “How about if we just have one house? We have big vacations and we have one house. And so we did that. About four months later, my wife and I have an event down here in Carlsbad and my wife said, “Do you mind if we tag a long, will be at the hotel, eat at our regular restaurants, hang out at the beach.” And I said sure why not. And so we came down and did my event and I schlep the bags into the hotel.

    I slept on somebody else’s bed, you know I had pulled out my toothbrush out of my suitcase, unpacked all my clothes and when we got back in the car after the trip, you know we were staying in a very nice hotel and the beach was right there. In fact the beach was further away than here, but it was right there. We got back in the car and I’m hauling all the bags back to the car, we gotta drive back to Vegas and I look over at my wife and I said, “Pull up the available real estate in Carlos Bend”.

    Just the idea of not having to pack a toothbrush, not having to pack a computer, not having to grab anything because we’ve got  duplicates of everything in both locations. Makes life so much easier. So when you think about that, you know it doesn’t matter what something costs, what matters is how much can it make you. So for me, if we spend a million dollars a year which we easily do on private jet travel. If I make ten million doing that and I get to live that way and I got to talk about it make it a part of my process, so be it.

    Hawk: That’s awesome. So...

    Marshall: And by the way, you got a lot of people right now. Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, a couple of them come to even . That you know, we’re not selling just technology, were not just selling the lessons of what we do. Were selling a lifestyle, were selling this is how your life could be. And nobody needs two houses especially not houses at this level. This is over the top. If you can have it, why wouldn’t you want it. And if you would want it why shouldn’t you have it. If somebody sees our lifestyles and it’s inspired and say, “You know, I can produce more”.

    There’s a comment, sometimes people would say ‘With all the money used on your lifestyle think about all the people that could eat”. You know, when I drive the Rolls Royce, I won’t drive the Rolls Royce unless there’s valet parking because I don’t want to come out of the restaurant seeing that someone ran a key at the side of my car because they’re haters. Eight out of ten people when I’m driving the Rolls, would pull up beside me and will give me a thumbs up and they’ll be like, “Nice car, nice car!”. One out of ten people pulls up beside me and flips me off. And I think to myself, “I might just be the driver. You might be flippin’ an employee out.”





    The 10th person pulls up beside the car and they’ll say, “Whatever your doing, will you teach me”. So that’s one of the things I want people to know is “Never get angry at people that are succeeding. Never get angry at people that are making a lot of money”. Model them, hack them. See whatever it is their funnels are. So we got our online funnels. Our online funnels are designed to get people to engage in an offline funnel. Don’t think that everything isn’t a funnel, it is. And so our offline funnel, I’ve a brand new company that we’re launching right now is called Certainty. And we have ten levels of Certainty. Ten courses inside of Certainty, starting with Turning Point, which is our foundational course.

    Then Irresistible Influence, then First Million, then Financial Prosperity...all the way up to my level 10 of Certainty which is our Inner Circle. And inside Inner Circle people come and spend three days with me at the Palace. My French gourmet chef makes all our meals, tour around in the Rolls Royce. We go out and meet my main stage entertainment friends that work in Las Vegas. Just make a great time with it. Yet my knowledge is, it’s not just what they learned inside of the Inner Circle, that impacts them. Part of what happens is you live in a 17,000 sq ft home you know for three days, you have gourmet food in all of your live that lifestyle and by the time you leave, you’ll want it.  

    And that’s the only thing I want to tell anybody reading about what we’re talking about here is that it’s important to allow yourself to turn up the wanting. You know like I said, “Fly once you’ll like it, fly twice you’ll like it a lot, and probably by the third time, you’ll want it all the time and flying commercial will feel bad and that’s good.” It’s ok to feel that it feels bad. It’s okay that it makes you feel bad enough to say, “I want my baby to have choices. I want my kids to be homeschooled. It’s crazy what’s goes on in public schools. I want to give my wife everything she wants. I wanted to be able to help a random stranger, give a $100,000 check for some medical treatment that they can’t get, they don’t have the money for.

    I want to be able to bless somebody else's life silently that way, at least one time in my life. And when you start losing all of the medical programs, that there’s anything evil about money or about people that have a lot of money... There are evil rich people and there are evil broke people, money isn’t something that made their personality that way. Money does amplify a personality. So take if you take a rotten person and give him a lot of money there’ll be extra rotten, if you take a good person and you gave them a lot there’ll be extra good. That’s just how it works.

    Hawk: You mentioned Turning Point is the first level of Certainty. How can somebody get involved with Turning Point.





    Marshall: Yeah, you can check out Turning Point at\tp and you’ll see all the information about Turning Point. You will see tons of testimonials of people that I’ve made millionaires that have come to Turning Point, you’ll see people that have lost hundreds of pounds, stop smoking, overcoming addiction, whatever it is, and you’ll be able to see all the details there about Turning Point. With rolling out Certainty, we’re also rolling out an extremely lucrative affiliate program. Everybody that knows me knows if you would put a body in front of me I’m selling them something. It’s what I like, it’s good for them, it’s good for me, it’s good for the whole world. And so, we have an extremely lucrative affiliate program, 30% first tier, 20% second tier.

    We have people that are not even marketers that have sent people to Turning Point that we sold our $50,000 packages to. That have walked away with $50,000 commission sending three people. It’s been awesome, we are in pre-launch right now. Were very close to our official launch and all I can say is the rest is gonna be history, We’ve been doing, I’ve been doing seminars for 33 years, have been educating, empowering, and entertaining people my whole life.

    And with the launch of what we're doing now on the high end affiliate top tier affiliate program that were doing, I think a lot of people that are reading about this in your magazine are gonna be blown away and really want to be part of that. So either go to or very soon, it’s not launched yet. You can go Get all the information on all of our programs as well as our very very very lucrative affiliate program.

    Hawk: Awesome! And join through us and you guys get a $10,000 in Funnel Magazine bonuses because we love giving you guys bonuses every time you buy something through our affiliates.

    Marshall: Perfect! Absolutely, use the affiliate link.

    Hawk: Awesome! And sign up under his affiliate program.

    Marshall: Cool Hawk.

    Hawk:  Awesome. I really appreciate you for sharing and is there any way that that they should get connected with you other than Turning Point.

    Marshall: Sure, there’s two brand new apps in the app stores. The one is the Marshall Sylver App, you’ll know it’s the Marshall Sylver App because of the purple diamond, my two favorite things. The other app is the Certainty Incorporated App. Download the apps we’ll push notifications, we’ll let you know where were live, and where you can come see us, what’s going on, both apps will have a programming aspect to them. So you’ll be able to download the app totally free. I put in audio programs and visual programs out for people to be motivated to the areas of Passion, Profit, and Power.

    Hawk: Awesome, thank you for sharing.

    Marshall: Thanks for coming into my home.

    Hawk: Yeah, final question. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with business or with what you teach. What's one thing that you found has absolutely changed your life, that if the readers implemented in their life today and that's all they got from this interview that you would change their life?





    Marshall: I said it earlier. And even though I said it quickly and we just keep moving, do not diminish the power of the fact that you control everyone of your thoughts, they are chosen by you. They’re not random, they’re not haphazard. You choose any belief, or any thought in any given moment. Since we become what we focus on take charge of those thoughts. Choose to believe that there’s a way for you to win that’s different on how you’re doing it and it works.

    Choose to believe in your relationships that there is a way to come to an agreement. Chose to believe that no matter how your life is unfolding that its unfolding perfectly because finding your life less than perfect is a waste of time. The lesson that I teach is something you call enlightenment. Any major religion, any major doctrine, there’s usually something about  enlightenment or living in the light. In my own belief there are four steps to total enlightenment.

    Step number 1: Forgive everybody  - especially yourself again, I mucked up my life more than I would ever care to acknowledge or admit. Forgive everybody and you don't forgive people to have that offense be okay. You forgive them to take away the power of the offense.

    Step number 1, forgive everybody including yourself.    

    Step Number 2: Surrender and find your life perfect because finding it less than perfect is a waste of time. It is what it is.

    Step Number 3: Utilize versus tolerate. Don’t put up with the circumstances of your life, use whatever they are to their highest level.

    Step Number 4: Finally, when you do that you start creating with so much abundance in every single way,  there’s only be one thing left to do and that would be to serve others and it becomes full circle.

    Hawk: Would you be cool with hypnotizing myself and the audience?

    Marshall: I won’t do it now but I will do it at Turning Point.

    Hawk:  Alright sounds good.

    Marshall: Otherwise I’m giving out my show for free.

    Hawk: Absolutely incredible insights, wisdom, and my mind had been blown ever since so I really appreciate you sharing, giving so much.

    Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado is the Editor In Chief of the San Diego based publication Funnel Magazine focused on the online marketing industry. This industry specific magazine focuses on strategic marketing and sales, lead generation, metrics, social media, and most importantly funnels. Through Funnel Magazine we work with experts in the industry like Russell Brunson, Caleb Maddix, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, and many more.

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