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    Messenger Bots Rules and Pause

    Messenger Bots have become the latest craze within the digital marketing world, and rightfully so.  With over 1.5 billion active monthly users and the high engagement and click through rates,Messenger Bots tend to leave most email marketing stats in the dust.

    As with most aspects of life, there are rules we have to work with, and Messenger Bots are no exception.  Even though bots and Messenger marketing are fairly new within the last couple of years, Facebook has put rules in place to keep the end user’s experience a positive one.

    So what are these rules?  They are known in the industry as “24 + 1”.  In this policy (which you can find here:, you can only send messages that contain any promotional material within 24 hours of someone last interacting with your page in Messenger (replying, or clicking a button).  The “+1” gives you one additional follow-up message on the conversation outside of that 24-hour window.

    The great news is that non-promotional messages can be sent whenever,but even though that is the case, I always tell people that 2-3 messages per week is about the most you should send. If you send many more than that, people may start unsubscribing, or worse, start marking your messages as spam which can cause Facebook to limit your messaging abilities. Using relevant and valuable non-promotional messages like asking questions to re-engage your subscribers – and re-open that 24 hour window –will get them to not only interact with your bot, but also increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase in the future. Following these guidelines will in sure that Facebook will not ban your bot from sending messages.



    Recently, with the latest news of the Cambridge Analytica data debacle, Facebook has decided to conduct an in-depth review of its platform which includes pausing new app reviews for one to two weeks (You can read the announcement here:  What this means to the entire Messenger Marketing community is that new Bots on any of the platforms (ManyChat,ChatFuel, Chatmatic, etc) cannot be connected to Facebook Pages while they review their policies and make any necessary adjustments.  If you already have a bot connected to your page, it will function as normal.  Just do not log out of your bot or refresh any permissions to it as it may lock you out of the platform. 

    This definitely is frustrating to say the least to many in the marketing community who are wanting to create a Messenger Bot for new clients, but it really is for the best to help protect the data and rebuild any lost trust of Facebook users.  Stay tuned to hear when Facebook lifts this pause and what changes they make to the data available on the Messenger platform.


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    Bio: Mackensie Liberman Technology

    Mackensie Liberman

    Orca Marketology founder, Mackensie Liberman, was a clinically-certified Cytogeneticist for over a decade analyzing chromosomes for abnormalities before entering the world of digital marketing. She knew she could have a greater impact on the world outside of the laboratory and found her passion in Messenger Marketing with its perfect mix of tech and science. Mackensie is a top expert in Messenger Bots utilizing the ManyChat platform and has worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of niches, from brick and mortar stores to multi-million dollar e-commerce businesses bringing them leads and sales through Facebook Ads into Messenger Bots. She has also been featured on the Perpetual Traffic podcast, spoke on numerous stages about bots including at Digital Marketer’s WarRoom Mastermind, ManyChat’s Conversations Conference, and the Business of Bots Conference. She teaches others how to create Messenger Bots through her Chatbot Agency Blueprint Course.

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