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    Most Common Clickfunnels Questions Answered

    We get a lot of questions about our service and we answer all of them, like this.


    Here are the most commonly asked questions.

    Q: Why do my URL’s look funny?

    A: There are three places to check for correct url’s. Here they are:

    1) Funnel settings. That’s the blue bar.



    2) Step settings – the publishing option.



    3) Page settings. That’s the cog next to edit, per split test.


    UPDATE: Clickfunnels just rolled out a simplification for this process, the Blue Bar is the only place you now need to update your Custom Domain, but you still need to check your /url in each of the 3 places above.

    Q: Why does it show “dynamically updated” on my order form?

    A: You’ve not added a product in your Products tab, that’s why..



    Q: Can I use pages from my existing website?

    A: Of course you can! Just use the ClickFunnels WordPress plugin.

    Q: When I share my link on Facebook, the displayed image is an old one?

    A: This has to do with Facebook itself. It decides at some point to share certain information when your website is mentioned. You can use the Facebook debugger to solve this problem.

    Just enter your funnel link and hit the “Scrape again” button



    Q: My members can’t log in!

    A: Well, technically this isn’t a question. But it remains a concern. The most likely cause is that your template is old. To solve this, you need to add the new version of the member login element to your page. Remember to delete the old one!


    Q: Where do I add my pixel?

    A: This is near impossible to answer in one line. Every funnel is different, making this question unique to each “asker”. Why not get in contact?

    At a bare minimum, copy and paste your code into the header section of the Blue Funnel Settings. This will ensure your pixel fires on every page in your funnel.



    For individual pages to show up your “conversion” pixel events (called Standard Event Codes), you should put them in the FOOTER CODE section on each page.



    Q: Why aren’t my videos autoplaying on mobile?

    A: That’s because they can’t. It’s not you, it’s… something else. Videos will autoplay on a desktop computer only. (Well, until as a society we agree that random video noise from our phones is no longer a frantic, fumbling, red faced, apologetic embarrassment)

    Q: Why does my button have 2 icons?

    You’ll need to delete the icon, update the button text (just hit space then backspace) and add the icon back in. Done.


    Q: Why aren’t my contacts being added?

    A: You need to change your submit button action to “Submit”. Chances are it’s on “go to next page.”



    Q: How do I redirect to a different page on submit?

    A: Easy. Go to your page. Then go here: settings -> general -> action. On page submit, change it to “go here.”



    Q: Can I be a Clickfunnels affiliate without an account?

    A: Why, of course you can. Just click here. Simple as that.

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