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    My Secret Notes to Get to 9 Figures from Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels) and Russ Perry (Design Pickle)

    I got the secrets to unlocking a 9 figure business this last weekend from some of the most impressive businessmen on the planet.

    After attending WarriorCon3, regardless of what you think of the warrior movement, there were some of the best speakers sharing their wisdom and insights with the audience...

    Two of which were Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels and Russ Perry of Design Pickle.

    I'm usually the guy on my laptop working and implementing as the speaker speaks, but this last weekend there were no phones, laptops, or anything digital allowed in the room..

    They actually split a guys iPhone in two pieces for bringing one into the room...

    So my only option was to take notes and then on lunch and dinner breaks pull out my laptop and get to work!



    There were two powerful things from the weekend that are burned bright into my mind, and massively relevant to what we talk about with our "AutomateThe.World Inner Circle" ... 

    I simply couldn't keep this info to myself and our inner circle...

    #1 - From Russell Brunson - I have 9 pages full of notes about the "Hook, Story, Offer" framework... so I'll only share a few key concepts in this email...

    i) When building your offer stack make sure you've got one "thing" in the offer that relates to each of the 4 "needs of the body" that Tony Robbins Talks about:

    Security => Variety

    Significance => Love & Connection

    And one of the two "needs of the spirit"

    Growth => Contribution

    ii) Every "thing" in the offer needs to have a "Hook, Story, Offer" attached to it... This creates connection and ultimately helps you sell better

    iii) Every story needs to change their state: Focus, Language, Physiology... Help them go to the place, describe it, and express it... don't tell them about the epiphany, help them have the epiphany.

    I've never presented it publicly, but I'll be giving this live training once again on December 12th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern.

    Register for this live training at AutomateThe.World/Now


    #2 - Now Russ Perry of Design Pickle shared something that I wish we had done from the very beginning, and recently went back and did it ALL...

    This 1 thing is something you can start doing immediately, and regardless of if you're well established with a large team or just starting out and working as a solopreneur, this is KEY to scaling...

    Document EVERYTHING - as you're doing it, you can document the exact process you go through simply by recording a video of your screen as you do it, or taking screenshots.

    While it takes a bit longer the very first time you do it, you'll never need to document it again.

    Recently we went through and documented all of our processes and procedures so we could better hire and train our managed marketing teams... it took months and 100's of hours... 

    Do you want to learn how you can get access to our entire vault so you can train your team using our videos?

    Go to https://AutomateThe.World/Now and register for our LIVE Training on December 12th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern



    #3 - This is a personal insight that I got by putting together a few key ideas from multiple speakers, and something we've been doing for quite a while, though I never really put a reason as to why it worked...

    That insight is about automation and delegation... AND putting together a core offer that's simply amazing...

    Every time we create a program we pull together components of other programs and services and add them into the new program... this does a few things:

    i) It adds value to the offer

    ii) It creates a need for the rest of the content from that other program if they want to dive deeper

    iii) It saves a TON of time when you're building a program.

    So when we created this internal video portal for our team to be able to go in, learn exactly what they needed to learn, and then go implement it... we knew we had something that would serve more than just our team and our client's teams...

    We had a solution to just about everyone's problems...

    Automation and delegation of tasks is challenging... especially when you don't understand the technology and you don't have the first clue as to what to train new hires on to make sure they're doing their job right.

    Now, I can't give you every secret and all of the content in that training completely free... so I've put together a powerful 2 hour LIVE Training that I'm hosting on December 12th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern.

    If you're interested in registering for the live training go to https://AutomateThe.World/Now

    Inspire Excellence

    Hawk Mikado, The Funnel Genius

    CEO of InVert Inc

    Publisher of Funnel Magazine

    P.S. Over the last few years we built our company from just 2 people to over 73 people at our peak, plus both my wife and I retired for 6 months - spending less than 1 hour per MONTH in our business.

    If you're tired of doing all of the work yourself and want my secret to automating and delegating everything, join me for my webinar and https://AutomateThe.World/now

    Hawk Mikado

    Hawk Mikado is the Publisher of Funnel Magazine. The Funnel Genius, Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in Funnels and Live Launches. He’s the Creator a powerful process to launch your new solution in as little as 30 days Hawk is an entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer, family man, who has fun every day and truly loves innovative marketing. He has a passion for working with leaders ready to step into the spotlight, gain freedom, and build their community. He enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Kate, traveling the world and going to Disney, Club 33, and Resorts. He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping leaders succeed.

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