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    No BS webinar with Dustin Mathews

    The Ultimate Webinar Blueprint: How You Can TRIPLE Your Revenue With Online Events What Webinar Hosts Can Learn From Apple

    You want to kick your business up a notch and really bring your audience -- and, of course, some amazing new people -- into the fold a little deeper. You want to sell massive amounts of products right now -- your system, products or services are incredible and it’s time they got into more hands. Or maybe you’re launching something new -- and wow, it really deserves its moment in the sun. It’s just that good.

    There are a million promotional routes you could go. Take out an ad. Launch a social campaign. Do a mass mailing. But they’re not exactly right. Because you want to really roll up your sleeves and engage with your audience. You want something big.

    This is the point at which I’d suggest you host a webinar -- and you’d promptly shoot me down. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Lately, webinars don’t feel special anymore. Everyone’s doing them and there’s just so much noise in the space. Be honest: when was the last time you actually attended a webinar, even if it sounded promising? Or, worse, when was the last time you registered for a webinar and, when the reminder popped up you quickly closed it out, pretending



    you never saw it?

    Man! Those pesky calendar reminders never seem to work! Darn!

    Webinars are veering into the “ubiquitous” zone and it’s easy to see why. Everyone loves events but, with the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives paired with the distance that often separates attendees from presenters and experts, being able to tap into your wealth of integrated solutions and bring the event experience to anyone, anywhere, anytime has this incredibly universal appeal. So everyone does them. And everyone gets tired of them.

    That’s where we are today.

    But all isn’t lost on the webinar front! I continue to see talented entrepreneurs and business leaders make massive fortunes with smart, strategic, well-timed, well-articulated and well-promoted webinars. I host them all the time and they continue to be some of the most successful customer touch points I have all year. I sell a massive number of books, binders and systems, I meet thousands of inspiring people, and I elevate my personal brand more and more each time. They’re successful, plain and simple -- but only because I’ve created the ultimate webinar blueprint that I follow to the letter every time.

    So back to you. How can you host online events that engage and inspire audiences, driving them to dig deeper and buy more? How can your webinars not only drive serious registrations but, once the event has begun, ensure attendees aren’t off to the next thing -- checking emails, texting friends, making dinner? How can you ensure yours stands out? How can you create the ultimate webinar, too?

    Here’s how...

    Create the perfect package Think about Apple. They’re successful. Their products are sleek, sophisticated and always drive crazy buzz from the minute they’re announced. If you’ve ever purchased or received an Apple product, think about how you felt when that stark, smooth, white box was handed to you. Before you even open the box, that packaging is an experience, right? You instantly feel special -- you’re part of something big. Opening that iPhone or iPad or Macbook feels different, in an amazing way.

    It’s a tall order -- I’m certainly not Apple, after all. But it’s still a good jumping off point: how do you create a moment of pure wonder and delight surrounding your webinar, the minute prospects see it? It’s all in the packaging -- the nuances of the packaging, specifically.

    Ultimately, it’s those nuances that will separate your webinar from the rest, and it’s those nuances that will keep listeners in their seats, in front of their computers, leaning way in and stay that way, for the next few hours or days. And that’s powerful stuff. That’s stuff they’ll remember -- and that’s stuff that gets your products selling like crazy.

    Create an automated online sales blueprint But packaging is just a piece of the pie. There’s also overcoming the hurdle that all webinars face: your attendees are flying solo.

    If you’ve ever planned, run or attended an in-person industry event, you know how amazing the experience is. Everyone’s come from around the area or, maybe, around the globe and are eager to dive in. The energy is palpable and you really want to be there.

    But when someone invests in a webinar it’s tough to replicate that experience. No one’s high fiving you in the lobby. No one’s debating the pros and cons of this idea with you. And no one’s grabbing a drink at the bar and rehashing the day with you.

    And, sometimes, those are the best moments -- the moments outside the lines. Sometimes that’s what makes your entire event experience.

    Your goal then, Future Webinar Host? To craft a unique experience for your consumers that exists solely online. Again, another tall order. But here’s the thing: it’s 100% doable and simple, even. You just have to have an iron-clad automated online sales blueprint to online event success. A blueprint that includes:

    i. driving traffic ii. registering attendees iii. building excitement iv. delivering your signature presentation v. following up like crazy.

    In this post we’ll touch on the first two pieces -- truly the foundation of hosting the ultimate webinar. Those pieces? Driving traffic to your site and generating the registrations you need to make your webinar a success.

    1. Drive traffic There are infinite ways to drive traffic to your website and registration page. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, emails to your database, JV partner outreach -- the list goes on and on.

    With all the noise in the webinar space, though, it’s essential you aren’t just everywhere but, instead, come at it with a fresh, powerful perspective that cuts through the clutter and gets results. And that comes down to your copy.

    Why is copy so important? Every marketer out there is beating the drum for their product or service and the end result is, simply, a lot of shouting. This toothpaste whitens. THIS toothpaste whitens and freshens breath. It’s a virtual one-upmanship that causes so much noise that no one can hear a thing. Not ideal.

    Instead of trying to differentiate your webinar from the next guy’s by attempting to prove yours is bigger and better, simply pivot and reinvent the way you articulate your key message. For example, I rarely if ever use the word “webinar” in my outreach. I know my target market is tired of getting offers for online events. That doesn’t mean they’re tired of attending them, they’re just tired of being inundated with the same perks, promotions and promises being shouted at them, email after email.

    So what do I do? Recently, I sent an email to my list inviting them to a “special advanced training” that I was hosting to kick off the New Year. Webinars are everyday happenings. Webinars are things people sign up for and don’t attend. Webinars are a dime a dozen. But a “special advanced training” at the start of 2016 -- that’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right? Based on registrations, I’d say people agreed.

    Once I dug into registrations, it was clear an “advanced training” appealed to a specific demographic I was eager to reach -- a higher level executive or manager-in-training looking to hone their skills and take their business to the next level. Granted, the communication did say it was an online event, but not in the headline or other high value space. My goal was to engage recipients in a fraction of a second -- saying “webinar” would have likely lost most of them. But once they were considering it, seeing the value of this experience happening online only boosted the value -- it’s comfortable, it’s convenient and it’s easier than traveling to and from an in-person event. By this point though, we’ve seduced the message a bit and told our story the right way.

    2. Get them registered With traffic flowing to you site and prospects engaged and clicking through, it’s essential to get them registered. That’s likely a no-brainer but it’s essential to the process nonetheless. Include a few calls to action in your emails and other outreach so you’re constantly reminding them to take the next step with you. It’s simple but it’s much more powerful than you may think -- it’s basic brain science. We all innately like to be told what to do -- we crave curation, despite believing we want choice. Met with endless options consumers become paralyzed and make an entirely different choice: the choice not to choose. If you want recipients to register, ask. If you’re consistent, straightforward and direct, there’s a good chance they -- and many of their peers -- will do just that. There are plenty of ways to architect an irresistible offer -- something I’ve written extensively about here -- to boost registrations and ensure what you’re putting in front of prospective attendees is high value and meaningful. Check it out as you’re crafting those communications.

    Now that you’ve built powerful buzz and generated a sizeable registrant pool, it’s time to move onto the next steps: building excitement and pre-selling, delivering that unbelievable presentation and following up like your life -- and business -- depended on it.

    3. Build excitement and PRE-SELL The excitement factor is what separates game-changing online events -- the webinars people clamor to and talk about long after the final speaker -- and, literally, all the rest that’s littering the landscape. Building excitement among attendees starts the minute they register. Text them. Thank them for registering. People love instant gratification, and your personal note could be exactly what they need to feel deeply invested in your upcoming webinar -- it reaffirms their decision to register and makes them feel good about any money they’ve already invested.

    After that, I create an ongoing schedule to re-engage attendees, continuously building excitement for what’s in store. Maybe it’s a video teasing a keynote speaker or the signature presentation I’ll be sharing. Maybe it’s a downloadable roadmap to success, which we’ll dive in together during the webinar. Each touch point is high value and designed to pull readers deeper and deeper into the brand experience -- to build that all-important excitement that naturally exists at live events.

    This outreach is also the perfect time to begin the pre-sell process. While this isn’t necessarily a hard sell, it is a prime opportunity to drive incremental revenue starting now. Think upgrades to higher ticketing tiers or discounts on the systems or solutions we’ll be walking through on the webinar. Both are perfect event pre-sells. Alternatively, you could consider a special offer on recommended reading attendees can tackle ahead of time to ensure they’re up to speed for a more advanced webinar. Even though they’ve already committed to your online event and, likely, invested some money in that experience, there’s no harm in asking for an additional sale now if it will truly benefit them going forward. You’re, simply, lending value to the webinar experience, and enabling them to kick off their journey with you a little bit sooner. Bonus!

    4. Deliver your signature presentation Again, this should be a no-brainer. Like you would at a live event, you've got to deliver a powerhouse presentation -- your signature presentation -- to webinar attendees. The key, here, is the close. It should be informative, action-driven and 100% compelling. Drive your point home, then deliver the key facts. What’s the price? What’s the number to call or the URL to click through to if I want to buy right now? Increasingly, consumers scan content and look for the marketing message in their efforts to make the right buying decision -- make sure it’s there, right before their eyes. And make sure it follows a compelling walk through of your system, the rich benefits that ensue and your overarching value proposition to attendees.

    When I give my signature presentation to webinar attendees I make sure my energy is high and that I’m hitting every note hard, just like I would in person. At the very end I close with a powerful call to action, and make sure whatever next step I promote -- the landing page, the 800-number -- aligns with the brand message I’ve just shared. There’s nothing worse than being engaged and ready to take action and then...something doesn’t feel right. The purchase page doesn’t feel as sleek and professional as the presentation you just saw. The benefits bulleted out on this page aren’t the same -- and these new perks really don’t resonate. Or maybe something else jumps out -- a lag in delivery, a lack of social proof, something -- and it details the path to purchase you’ve spent all this time architecting.

    Make sure the experience continues from registration to re-engagement to webinar and to the point of conversion. Test drive the customer experience and see how it feels. See what’s missing. And when it syncs up, be confident in pushing attendees in that direction, fueled by the unparalleled benefits they’ll experience simply by taking action.

    5. Follow up like crazy You’ve processed the post-webinar orders and have delivered an incredible online event. But now isn’t the time to kick back and celebrate your success. Now is the time to follow up like crazy.

    One thing I’ve done consistently is offered attendees an “encore” of top webinar moments -- the keynote speaker, for example, or your signature presentation. While this is, simply, a video replay of what they’ve already seen, many attendees like to review the content again and again, now that they’ve had a moment to take it all in. With their newly-found holistic view of your system, they’ll likely get even more out of these webinar moments -- and you’ve found another avenue to engage them long after your session has concluded.

    I also recommend using the power of scarcity and urgency -- a tool in architecting an irresistible offer -- during this final step. Nothing turns up the pain and trigger our brain’s desire to avoid that pain like feeling we could miss out. F.O.M.O -- fear of missing out -- is real, and something savvy marketers play into everyday, in every way. Offer these encores, but only for a limited time -- maybe they can only watch for 24 hours after the webinar, and your site offers prominent reminders that this is their last chance to watch! If participants want this content after that 24-hour window, there’s a perfect package that grants ongoing access plus other essential tools emerging from the webinar, all at an exclusive attendee rate.

    I often include this follow up in my post-event thank you note -- thank attendees for participating, and offer up a limited-time encore. The results are, typically, staggering. The most successful online events deliver so much value that participants are left satisfied, but still craving more. By giving them more with no strings and no immediate cost attached, you’re delivering high, unexpected value -- always welcome, for sure.

    Other follow up methods? Ongoing invites to future events, with loyalty discounts for repeat registrants. Build a solid foundation of loyal attendees who frequent your live events and webinars and you’ll boost the experience for everyone. These participants are typically very engaged and very eager to take their learnings to the next level -- exactly who you want in a real or virtual audience.

    Another method? I often pick up the phone and call webinar attendees and thank them for their participation. It’s a great time to answer any lingering questions and see if anything missed the mark for them during the webinar -- attendees often have amazing feedback that helps bolster future events, if you’re willing to listen. These are also often some of my most lucrative follow up. Maybe a participant didn’t purchase at the event, though most did. Instead of writing them off, I probe a bit. Often this person simply needed a day or two to sleep on it, or to figure out exactly what system makes the most sense for them right now. Or they may have had to check with a partner or spouse before investing. Regardless, they’re pumped up and ready to take action -- but if I hadn’t called, that enthusiasm may have waned and eventually fizzled. Even the best intentions can get derailed in the fast pace of our most hectic day to days. Even if I meant to go online and buy, the phone rang, the dog barked, the kids needed me...and just like that, it’s no longer top of mind. So do yourself and your attendees a favor and keep following up. Live events and webinars are moments in time, sure, but they don’t end when the last speaker leaves the podium. Done right, these experiences linger in attendees’ minds long after those final notes. They want to hear from you.



    Webinars have the power to engage at live event levels -- and, even more impressive, they have the capacity to drive more attendees and double or triple the sales of in-person engagements. It takes an adherence to this blueprint and a commitment to each step in the process to get the job done. Just because you’ve registered the attendees -- or, even, hosted the webinar -- doesn’t mean you can sit back, relax and wait for the sales to pour in. This period isn’t a time to cut corners or lose focus -- it’s the time to engage, convert, re-engage, and wow with your methods and insights.

    Dustin Mathews transforms business and brands. Right out of school, Dustin helped take a company from $1M to $14M and #35 on Inc. Magazine's Fastest Growing Private Companies. Next he led 10 product launches that generated $10M+ in sales. Now he runs Speaking Empire, a disruptive company in the leadership training and education space. Along with multiple best selling books in the areas of marketing, sales and life, Dustin codified a process for creating and selling products and services, Irresistible Offer Architecture®, and is currently innovating in the area of Brand ResponseTM.

    His newest book the No B.S. Guide To Powerful Presentations: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Sell Anything with Webinars, Online Media, Speeches, and Seminars is available at

    Dustin Matthews

    Sought after by the biggest names in the business to monetize their message, mission or movement, business builder, and marketing expert Dustin Mathews is THE mentor and coach to the stars. Dustin is the co-founder of Speaking Empire – the disruptive company in the leadership and education space, who’s chief mission is advancing the human race by empowering leaders to communicate powerfully, unlock their fullest potential and ultimately step into their Greatness. Dustin is the author of many bestselling books and has shared the stage with athletes, business celebrities, and titans of business. His latest book the NO B.S. Guide To Powerful Presentations: How To Sell ANYTHING With Webinars & Online Media, Speeches & Seminars (Entrepreneur Press) is a best seller. Known for creating marketplace frenzies that drive people to buy products en masse, Dustin’s companies and private clients have been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and INC Magazine. Having marketed and filled over 3,000 events AND leading 10 online product launches, Dustin has generated over $43 million dollars in sales. In his most recent research, Dustin codified a process for creating and selling products and services – Irresistible Offer Architecture® which recently received recognition by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. His current innovation, Brand Response®, leverages the fusion of branding, PR and direct response AND is already generating success stories out entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide.

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