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    Funnels Bio: Alex Taylor | 30 min read

    Our 4 Step 'Rapid Optimization Matrix' To Optimizing Your Sales Funnels For Higher Conversions And To Scale On Demand.

    The Optimization strategies we're going to share with you today are some of the exact procedures that we take to optimize & manifest continuous performance gains for our worldwide clients.
    When you find your sales funnel is displaying some form of results, and you believe that it may be 'the one,' this is typically where most people go wrong & potentially sabotage their whole campaign.
    Often, the ‘standard protocol’ to optimize your sales funnel is to create a split test, change up some headlines, colors and even throw in a countdown timer in the hope that It does something.
    What if there was a more strategical and systemized solution? A way where you could step inside of your viewer's brain and start to dissect their exact thought processes, their objections and the reasons for NOT pulling the trigger.
    Over our years of optimizing sales funnels, we have developed a systematical process to gaining a deep understanding of why a campaign may be performing the way it is, and if necessary, what we can do to return a positive result.
    This process allows us to know exactly what section, element, and even color are working or not, without the confusion of not remembering what you've previously tested.
    Our 'Rapid Optimization Matrix' is responsible for creating some of the highest performing landing pages in the industry and has helped even seasoned funnels amplify their performance and generate millions in added revenue from stronger metrics.
    With these 4 Steps, you'll find clarity in your optimization process, allowing you to replicate the same results that we create for our clients
    Step 1: The eyes of the customer
    Our number #1 rule before sending traffic to our funnel is to ensure that we have 'our eyes' installed.
    Our eyes are what allow us to see everything that is going on inside of our sales funnel, just like you’d use your eyes in the real world.
    Our way of seeing what is going on in our sales funnels is by using a platform called 'Hotjar' (there are other variations you can use like Mopinion, FreshMarketer, CrazyEgg and many more...)
    Hotjar is a Heatmap Tracking Software that allows you to understand what your user wants, cares about and interacts with on your site, by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior.
    Heatmap tracking software can be extremely beneficial to understanding your viewers better and optimizing your campaigns with the information you learn inside.
    If you look at all of your viewing activity from a wide-angle lens, you can gauge things like the average time that a viewer is spending on your page, if they’ve left your page just after reading a certain piece of content and many more pieces of useful information.
    Things you can look for when using heatmap tracking software is:
    - Where is the viewer pausing/hovering/reading over?
    - What part of the page did they view before they dropped off?
    - What are they clicking/trying to click?
    - How long are they spending on your page before, or without, performing an action?
    For example, if a viewer is spending a considerable amount of time on your page without performing an action, this may ring some alarm bells that something on your page is stopping them, or they may be displaying that they have some uncertainty behind what you're presenting.
    There are some initial considerations you can gain from this information, things that may be causing the viewer not to act.
    - Try split test your content/offer in a way that gives more urgency/scarcity for the viewer to perform the action requested.
    - Look at the content/information that is displayed on the page, Is it too pushy? Does it have a 'spammy' feel? Are you not being direct enough?
    There are many further considerations when optimizing your sales funnel; When using the information gained from heatmaps correctly, you will find that it can become the main structure behind making decisions for optimization changes.
    Step 2: Show me what you want to know
    Using your Heatmap tracking software doesn't stop there, in fact, the next step in our process is one of the most crucial parts of our strategies that we implement to optimize our funnels.
    If you're not already using 'Frequently Asked Questions' in your sales funnel, congratulations! You've gained a golden nugget of information you can use to test in your next sales funnel.
    A Stand-a-lone Frequently Asked Questions section is beneficial, but unless your user feels the need to highlight the text while reading, you're going to find it hard to know what they're focusing their attention on.
    This is where our Custom Frequently Asked Questions section is going to come into play, and yes! We're going to give it to you for free today. (You can copy & paste it at the bottom of this article along with a step-by-step guide. (for use in Clickfunnels))
    Inside of your heatmap tracking software, you'll be able to see what Frequently Asked Questions the viewer is clicking on, giving you a clear indication of what they want to know.
    If you're repeatedly seeing viewers clicking and viewing the same question, try incorporating that question into your sales message. This will give your viewers confidence in you and your offer because you're displaying that you know what they want before the questions even populate into their brain! (Smart, huh?)
    Once you have started split testing this and see positive results when added into your copy, you can change out that question, replace it with a different question that you believe your viewer may be thinking, and restart this process again.
    Step 3: 'First Person' Call To Actions
    A useful tip we've acquired over the years of split-testing is that talking in the first person when using Call To Action's work very well.
    Instead of using a standard call to action like: 'Buy Now,' or 'Download Your Free Guide,' try changing the Call To Action to something that your viewer would actually say. For example, 'Yes, I Need This!', or 'Send Me My Free Copy.'
    Using a call to action while speaking in the first person uses a psychological technique that helps the viewer to simplify their understanding of what you're asking from them. (Although in our eyes It's a simple task, we're eliminating any potential 'brain-blocks' and removing all uncertainty.)
    Depending on the context of your message, you can enhance this further by using more emotional language in your Call To Actions, like: 'Yes! I Deserve This', or 'I Need This.'
    When using Call To Action's in the first person, don't be afraid to use multiple variations throughout the same page, for example:
    [Section 1]
    In this guide, you're going to receive all of the useful information that you need to be able to achieve [X]
    [Call To Action]
    Yes! I Want To achieve [X]
    [Section 2]
    Testimonial: "using this free guide, I have been able to remove [Y] without having to do [Z], I highly recommend this free guide!"
    - Annie Mannie.
    [Call To Action]
    I Want To Remove [Y] Like Annie!
    Step 4: Simplicity Rules!
    Sometimes, even after split testing with multiple changes, the most visually appealing & descriptive sales funnels we've created are not always the highest converting.
    To give you a simple answer of why this may be, in short, visual overwhelm.
    When creating a sales funnel, you may be prioritizing the design of the page rather than the message itself and how it's displayed to the viewer.
    When a sales funnel is messy & unclear, the viewer may be subconsciously thinking ‘this is too much for me to take in’ or depending on how messy we’re talking, 'where am I supposed to go from here?’, This is a common issue in sales funnels and also one of the biggest reasons why they’re leaving your page.
    It's important to remember why that user is visiting your page; they're more than likely there because of the curiosity they gained from your Advertisement and to learn more information about your offer, or based on your advertisement, they have a degree of certainty that they’re wanting to perform the action. (Opt-in, Purchase, Etc.)
    When stepping into the eyes of your viewer, ask yourself these questions:
    - Is my message clear & easy to understand?
    - Is it clear what action I'm asking the viewer to perform?
    - Am I making it as simple as possible for that viewer to execute the action?
    Once you answer these questions and rectify the parts of your funnel which you may have answered no, you'll more than likely find a far more positive response from your audience.
    Ensure that your message to the viewer is clear and try split testing your pages with a simpler design, using clean color schemes and easier to read fonts.
    You can get started straight away by using some of these techniques in your optimization process and within no time, we’re confident that you’ll start seeing more positive results from this systemized approach.
    Good luck!
    Frequently Asked Questions Code + Guide: (Clickfunnels)
    Step 1: Create a Custom HTML Element inside your funnel.
    Step 2: Click & Select ‘Open Code Editor’
    Step 3: Copy & Paste the ‘HTML’ Code Below and insert into the code editor. HTML Code:
    Step 4: Change where it says ‘Question 1,2,3,4,5’ to your questions, and change the Answer 1,2,3,4,5 to your Answers.
    Step 5: Head to the top left of the editor and select settings, then select Custom CSS
    image1 (1)
    Step 6: Copy & Paste the ‘Custom CSS’ into here.
    Custom CSS Code:
    Step 7: (Advanced) If you would like to change the text color, scroll down to .faq-q and change the color code to your desired color.
    Step 7b (Advanced): If you would like to change the color of the + drop-down icon, scroll down to .faq t and change to color to your desired color.

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    Funnels Bio: Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor

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