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    Pitch Investors Live Creates Brand New Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Investors

    Written by Jonathan Foltz - The Digital Frontiersman

    We are entering into a brand new paradigm where technology, availability, and connectivity are accelerating the process of all things.

    It is a shift that is about change how our world works, and it is happening faster than anyone can imagine.

    Ray Kurzweil, Google’s lead Futurist, calls it “The Law of Accelerating Returns.”

    Malcolm Carter, from The Connected Universe, calls it “The Doubling.”

    I call it “The Speedening.”

    This technological shift is changing the landscape of digital material, business, entrepreneurship, and funding in a manner that will keep those aware of it all, much more ahead of the curve.



    So, let me ask you a few questions:

    -Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a startup? Are you an investor?

    -Are you into Shark Tank, Dragons Den, West Texas Investors Club, or any of these similar entertaining entrepreneur-meets-investor style shows?

    -Have you ever participated in Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or even in blockchain token sales (or ICO’s)?

    If any of these are even relevant, get ready for something that is groundbreaking and changing the game of how startups and entrepreneurs are getting exposure, feedback, and funding for their innovative ventures, products/services, and ideas of all sorts.

    Welcome to PITCH Investors Live - a revolutionary new app that is looking to improve and digitize the old Silicon Valley model of funding. It is the only app in the world that allows entrepreneurs and startups to pitch investors live, via live streaming.

    PITCH Investors Live is the tool for creatives, pragmatics, and dreamers who may not have the means yet with which to launch successful companies and drive their products and services to the marketplace. They may be missing a mentor or advice from proper experts who can guide them through the journey. Whether they are low in the valley, high at the summit, or any stage in between of their entrepreneurial quest, having an experienced leader can be an invaluable resource to not only expedite but take a business to previously unimaginable heights - and this app helps facilitate just that.

    But not only does PITCH Investors Live provide a means for prospective companies to accelerate their growth through knowledge and skilled advice, but it also quickens and streamlines the way these businesses obtain funding and capital. Let us think for a moment on how exactly does an investor come across investment opportunities. Most often, it’s through friendly talk about a cool project, colleagues leading discussions in the boardroom, or partners sending pitch decks of hopefuls via email. PITCH Investors Live has stepped onto the scene not only to simplify but revolutionize the method by which investors meet entrepreneurs and how pitches are done via the live format in our app. Think Shark Tank meets Kickstarter meets Live Broadcasting, and now even meets the Blockchain! This equates to an entertaining, educating, informative, effective, and at the very same time, accelerating mode of conducting business with the added bonus of information now being securely stored on the blockchain via smart contracts.

    To the unfamiliar, blockchain can be described as a continuously growing distributed database managed by a peer-to-peer network. In this network, there are records of “blocks” which are added to the database in which transactions can be validated. We --software developers -- validate them, and no can now modify or edit existing records. If they try to do so, it gets flagged by the network. Everything in this network is recorded and therefore transparent. There are also different types of blockchains, but for now, we will stick to this fundamental definition.

    All in all, welcome to what many are calling… “The Trust Protocol.”

    Building PITCH Investors Live

    This venture and technology, from inception, has taken over two years to develop. When I partnered up with my co-founder Matthew Lally, little, did I know that we would create a platform that would resolve a plethora of major problems that both entrepreneurs and investors alike experience when trying to come together? The abundance of entrepreneurs is continuously increasing along with the technological tools out there that allow them to connect, faster than ever, with interested investors. We can now give new speed to ideas, projects, and companies who seek to get their ventures off the ground. The time is now to make the connection (and have fun while doing it!).

    I met Lally two years ago at a startup conference called SUP-X when he was first launching his entertainment app called 2UP. This app was a platform where people debated with each other on an array of topics via live stream while an audience not only watched but voted on a winner with the most convincing argument. Facebook Live was still not around at this time.

    We almost went into business together back then. And as fate would have it, I entered back into the app about a year later (about a year ago from today), as it was repositioned as PITCH Investors Live - now also adding a blockchain component to take advantage of some ridiculously incredible innovations that cannot be achieved through regular FIAT currencies and non-distributed ledger/blockchain technologies.

    Fast forward two years, and we are now live with over 100 pitches performed on the PITCH Investors Live app and are in our 2nd beta testing phase!

    Our main objective is to build something amazing for entrepreneurs, startups, and investors from around the world. Giving entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their products or services, seek funding, insight, advice, and exposure in ways that were never possible before.

    When our “PITCH” token became listed as one of the top ten most popular exchanges, HitBTC, we hit an important milestone in our journey. We chose this exchange over others due to its size and technology attached, and some of the upcoming updates and upgrades. We can increase traffic for new users, entrepreneurs/startups, and investors to join our app.

    The newfound access of our token makes it easier for people from around the world to participate in our ecosystem and platform. Entrepreneurs can seamlessly buy tokens to utilize our services and take advantage of really cool features that are currently available and those soon to come.

    We are currently doing about a pitch a day in our second beta testing phase. Advisors and investors such as billionaire and Original Shark, Kevin Harrington, are now receiving a pitch every week with others daily. We are looking forward to some good momentum and welcome it with the team and infrastructure in place.



    New Approaches to Funding

    Working on PITCH Investors Live brings me back to blockchain technology, which in itself deserves that I shed some additional thought. We are at the moment in history where companies are using this technology to test startup funding.

    Traditionally, entrepreneurs could only choose financial instruments such as securing loans or create/tap into proper associations or networks to partner with investors in order to access capital. But with the introduction of disruptive new models such as crowdfunding, this ushers in a variety of untapped avenues for entrepreneurs to get the funding they need.

    Crowdfunding is the game changer, a revolutionary concept put into practice bringing millions of new projects to life with platforms like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. In 2015, $34 billion was invested into crowdfunding projects alone, which exceeded the yearly average of venture capital that same year.

    However, the crowdfunding model has limitations for investors. There are no guarantees that an investor would actually get any return from the investment. Numbers vary, but some platforms report that failure rate among crowdfunded projects can be as high as 40 percent. Yet this format is what the market demands, and slowly what more venture capitalists and investors are accepting.

    The Future of Entrepreneurship & Funding

    With the exponential speed that our world is moving at, entrepreneurship and startups will lead the way for innovation, change, and disruption of almost every sector.

    Sectors from e-commerce, education, SaaS (Software As A Service) products, apps, funnel builders, and all the way to the blockchain, artificial intelligence, pharmaceuticals, BioTech, FinTech, and even government will be transformed.

    This is just the beginning of what will be possible with these new platforms and technologies that are being used to accelerate connections and funding between the startups and investors.

    We used to have to either be very well connected, have money, or be in the major hubs of the world like Silicon Valley, New York, the Crown of London, or even Tel Aviv to have a slight chance in getting any type of serious funding.

    The funding landscape is now changing with new age platforms like PITCH Investors Live that are expansive, transparent, social, scalable, and more for “the people.”

    The future will move so fast that we continue to see the time of company and venture launches doubling in speed.

    There will come a point when it will be easy enough to launch major companies overnight. (For the sake of time we will not get into the technicalities but trust me, it is coming)

    We are already seeing this in the e-commerce space with the ease of set up, low building cost, and minimal time needed to complete an e-commerce store, compared to just three years ago. Setting up a website, design, social media pages, finance accounts, transporting dropship products, and running ads directly to customers through Facebook before a 24 hour period is over is actually possible right now, and by a single person with no significant business knowledge either. As a matter of fact, many of these same entrepreneurs are just one education course away from building their next store. Ten years ago that would have been a fantasy.

    The Digital Revolution has already started to disrupt the big business that was not possible just a decade ago.

    PITCH Investors Live and similar platforms are ready to take funding and connections from around the world to the next level.

    - Download the PITCH Investors Live app for iPhone: Looking for funding, feedback, and exposure for your business or startup?

    - Just want to tune in, learn, and see what it’s all about?

    What are you waiting for?

    Soon enough, it will be your turn to pitch, be pitched, or just tune in.

    The Future of Opportunity Is Here.


    Jonathan Foltz - The Digital Frontiersman

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