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    Pitch Perfect Strategy: The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

    Did you know that you pitch on a daily basis? Don’t believe me? In every conversation, you are pitching yourself, your vision, your thoughts, and your ideas. You are constantly in the mode of getting people interested in you and your life. Pitching happens naturally everywhere, every day. You just never realized it before and its potential to help you and your business.

    When it comes to pitching your business, you probably can’t see the connection. Let me help you. Investors buy you before they give money to your business. Clients and customers also buy you before they care to purchase anything from your business! Knowing this, pitching is so crucial and necessary. Don’t ever underestimate how the “perfect” pitch can transform your business, life, and career.

    If you have ever watched “Shark Tank,” then you know that there is more to pitching than your name, the name of your business, and your profit margin. Investors want to know more about you and what makes you tick. From there, they can tell if you are worth risking their money on. It’s a delicate dance to pitching. It requires dedication, focus, intensity, and energy.



    I am sure that you have questions so I will make this easy for you. You may have fears. You don’t know how to present your business in a way that gets potential investors, customers, and clients excited and ready to give you money. Trust me, I get it!

    Pitching is a reality for all large, medium, and small businesses. The world is hungry for your story, your products, and services. I know this and I have been pitching my businesses for years with great success. It’s incredibly hard to talk about your business without getting emotional or at a loss for words. But there is a way! Let me show you how!

    To give you a little background on me, I have been a professional speaker for 23 years, in fact, since I was 16 years old! I am a 13-time national elevator pitch champion who has won over $150k in prize money over 2 years. I had investors invest greatly in both of my companies. I even had the first plus size intimate apparel brand successfully fully funded on Kickstarter. I have been featured as the #KillerPitchMaster on “Shark Tank,” MSNBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine and Uptown Magazine. I have had investors and clients interested from almost the beginning of my businesses because I knew what they wanted to hear. I adapted and learned so much on my journey.

    As the #KillerPitchMaster, I know what it takes to make your pitch sing. I also know that most business owners pitch their businesses totally wrong and why they do so.

    Here is my list of the three mistakes most business owners make while pitching.

    1. They are not authentic. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. I cannot stress this enough. In order to get people interested in your company, they first have to buy into you. Then, they will buy into your brand and business.

    If you come across like you are faking, the battle is lost. Embrace

    all facets of yourself because you are the face and heart of your business.

    To be yourself requires you to harness everything that makes you the unique person that you are. You are so not a commodity that can be easily interchanged. So when you are putting together your pitch, be as true to yourself as possible. Hold your head high and walk in with confidence. It is truly your time to shine.

    2. They fail to give an emotionally compelling story. I know that facts and statistics are key but you must dress them up in a way that inspires, excites, and engages your audience. This step is key and critical.

    Facts alone are not going to cut it at this stage. The goal is to envelop investors and interested parties in you, your business and your vision. Being a master storyteller helps them understand the essence of you and makes them want to be a part of your journey.



    3. They have not practiced enough so it becomes second nature. Hear me loud and clear: you must practice religiously. In order for potential investors, customers, and clients to take you seriously, you must look and sound polished. That only comes with practice. You can’t just wing this.

    Take this to heart. These people are busy and don’t have time for foolishness. Get your act together and practice so that the words come out effortless. Then, your passion and energy will come out and make

    things that your prospects will practically beg to get in with you.


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    Bio: Precious Williams Strategy

    Precious Williams

    Precious L. Williams is a world class master communicator who works with successful women entrepreneurs and helps them take their professional speaking skills to the next level. With over 23 years of experience conceptualizing unique branding and marketing techniques, Williams seeks to train individuals and companies how to remain authentic while marketing concepts and visions to distinctive audiences. As a 13-time local and national business elevator pitch champion, Williams has been featured on top television shows and publications for her pitching and branding skills. She was featured in ABC’s “Shark Tank,” CNN, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal as well as several others. The philosophy of her “killer” pitch is evident in the strategic and personalized creative communications and presentations solutions Williams puts forth. As serial entrepreneur, international professional speaker, and coach, Williams is equipped to bring life, authenticity, strategy, and boldness to all your oral and written communication needs.

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