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    Social Proofing With Gratitude

    Life is short, so make the most of it by living every moment you can in gratitude, happiness and love. Think of the people you love the most and the more you honor them, the more you will experience abundance, happiness, love and success.

    Who you are is a reflection of who you hang around. And, who you want to be is a reflection of the new people you want to hang around.

    Most of us these days are juggling a big network with so many communication channels that we can get overwhelmed and lose focus on what and who is important. This article will share some simple ways to create abundance and happiness by leveraging your communication, your life, and your time.

    If you have written a book, do you have a dedication section that gives gratitude to your top 10 or up to 100 clients and friends? If not, let’s get the book layout back from your publisher and add these pages in the book. Make sure you tag all of these people when you post the new version of your book sharing that they are important and are mentioned in the book. You can take a photo of the dedication page to help you tag the names easier.
    Three things happen when you share this on facebook:

    1. Your friends feel important
    2. Your friends share your book
    3. Your friends possibly buy your book

    If you don’t have a book, let’s create one before the holidays that download your best ideas, wisdom and expertise in your industry. Share what problem you solve and how this solution creates more time, less expense and more sales (ROI) and you will have not only a book that gives gratitude for the top 1% of your network, but also a book that positions you as a leader in your industry.

    Remember, people buy from people they know, like, trust… and value. This adds a lot of value when you share how you help people make or save money, and have a life they love more.

    I created a Keep Smiling Book a couple years ago to test it out at a one week mastermind at sea called ‘The Marketers Cruise’ with over 400 internet marketers. I featured many of the marketers in the book and wrote my story. Next thing I knew, I was very well known and people were connecting with me on social media and wanting to spend time with me to learn how we could work together. Because of the book, I was also asked to be on radio shows and podcasts which was a wonderful benefit because I was introduced to a lot of new audiences and tribes.



    Recently I published the Influencer edition and Las Vegas edition of the Keep Smiling book and was asked to be on a local television show in Las Vegas because of these books. This book is proving to be one of the best social proof strategies for inexpensively and quickly positioning a person as an author, expert, leader and great human being. The way it works is simple. The leader chooses a theme, ie., author, leader, model, musician, speaker, etc. and we surround that person with 99 other leaders that share that theme. You have heard of 10X something, well this is 100X something with a lot more social proof because the book honors 99 other leaders who are creating abundance, community and smiles. Plus you are the only story being printed and shared which makes you the focus in the book. POWERFUL!

    Stories sell, facts tell. So the best story you can share in a book like this is a story about you, what you have been through, what you had to overcome, what you are doing as a leader to make a difference and impact and what you want to ultimately do to have a legacy. Your story is a vital way to publish and create social proof that will connect you with like-minded leaders and influencers who want you to succeed because you care and can prove you are committed.

    If you are interested in developing and sharing your story to position yourself as an expert and leader in your industry, we are here to Amplify you! If you want more information on how to write a book, publish a book and create a marketing system around it that generates leads and positions you as an expert, connect with us below.

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    Bio: Ken Rochon Leadership

    Ken Rochon

    Co-Founder of The Umbrella Syndicate, Ken Rochon is an accomplished entrepreneur of over 30 years with Absolute Entertainment, published author of eight books, including Becoming the Perfect Networker, Succeeding 1 Connection @ a Time, global fusion DJ, founder of Perfect World Network/Perfect Networker, photographer, world traveler, and recipient of America’s Most Influential Business Connector of 2010. Out of Ken’s eight books, two of them are related to world topics. Becoming the Perfect Networker teaches us all about the mindset and behaviors essential to successful networkers. Making Friends Around the World promotes acceptance and global thinking for children while The Centurion World Traveller encourages people to experience the world before they are not well enough to do so and it becomes too late. Author, Speaker, Social Proof Expert Co-Founder of Co-Founder of President of Washington, DC 202.701.0911

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