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    Ten Top Ways to Use Twitter for Lead Generation

    Because it’s dwarfed by Facebook, many business owners make the mistake of ignoring Twitter. But the fact is, it remains a powerful platform to take advantage of for a lead generation.

    With over 330 million monthly active users—that’s roughly similar to the entire population of the United States—and 500 million tweets sent every day, if you’re not already using it seriously as a source of leads for your business, it’s probably time to give it another look.

    With that in mind, this article gives you ten different and powerful ways to use Twitter for lead generation.

    1. Pin Your Opt-In Offer

    Pin a lead generation CTA (call to action) to the top of your Twitter feed. This will be the first thing people see when following you and will encourage them to sign up to your email list as well.

    A further benefit is that people who follow you will sometimes also retweet and like one of your tweets as a courtesy (which you can encourage by doing the same for them first). This multiples the potential reach of your lead generation CTA.

    What’s more, as the number of likes and retweets of your CTA increases, it gives you more authority and appeal, further increasing click-throughs over time.



    2. Use Website Cards

    Try tweeting using a Website Card. According to Twitter, based on analysis of their data, Website Cards lead to 43% higher engagement than Tweets with links.

    To be clear, a Website Card is a tweet with an image along with a CTA button, rather than the usual link.

    You use them to get more visits to your website. For lead generation purposes, you can use them to point to a page containing your signup offer.

    You then use the advertising options to choose who you want the Website Card to reach.

    3. Target Specific Usernames

    Log into Twitter ads, and target the audience who you want to see your lead generating tweets by uploading specific usernames of other Twitter users.

    You can also do this with email addresses. For example, you may have email addresses who have not otherwise yet opted into your list.

    Do this within Twitter ads by clicking on Tools in the top navigation bar. Click the Audience manager option, and then Create new list audience.

    Enter a name for the audience you’re creating, and upload your data.

    4. Use Twitter Remarketing

    Twitter lets you retarget lead generation ads to people who have recently visited your website. To start collecting this data within your Twitter account, add the website tag they provide you with.

    This means you can show lead generation offers to people who have visited your website but not yet signed up with you.

    5. Target Similar Audience

    Once you’ve created an audience within Twitter, for example via remarketing or by uploading data (both described above), you can then reach a wider Lookalike Audience based on that data.

    You do this through the Expand reach by targeting similar users option that Twitter gives you. Twitter then determines users which are similar to your original audience and creates a whole new audience for you to reach.

    6. Content Upgrades

    Whenever you publish new content, whether on your blog or other platforms like YouTube, create several tweets to publicize that content that you than space out over time.

    Make sure the content includes an opt-in offer of some kind. Content upgrades are a powerful way to do this.

    A content upgrade is a lead magnet that’s directly related to the content in question. Because the lead magnet is highly targeted to the type of visitor your content attracts, conversion rates tend to be higher than more generic offers.

    It can be as simple as a PDF version of a blog post, or a checklist related to the topic that makes it easier for people to implement your advice.

    7. Lead Magnet CTAs

    If you’ve put the point above into action, you’re already creating content upgrades. So why not create specific landing pages for them too. You can then use these landing pages to attract more leads through Twitter, as well as elsewhere.

    For example, let’s say you’re offering a PDF version of a blog post. Re-use that lead magnet as a free report offered via its own landing page.

    Send the link to the landing page out over Twitter, by for example setting up regular organic tweets and/or through Twitter ads.

    8. Twitter Bio CTA

    When people follow you, and when you follow others, they’re likely to check out your bio to find out what you’re about and what you do.

    Rather than follow the herd and just include a link to your main website, that may not in itself generate many leads, have your bio link to an optimized page that offers a useful free resource.

    9. Header Image CTA

    Include a powerful call to action within your header image on Twitter. After all, this is one of the main areas people focus on when visiting your Twitter profile.

    Instead of just a standard graphic with your logo, use the space to offer a lead magnet of some kind, with a simple link for people to go to sign up.

    Make sure the link is easy to remember and type in. It could for example just be

    10. Grow Your Followers

    Finally, the more followers you have on Twitter:

    • The more people your tweets can be exposed to
    • The more potential leads you’ll be able to generate via all the methods above.

    So spend time consistently working on building your followers. However, avoid ‘buying’ followers, as that can have a negative impact on your Twitter account over the longer term.

    Instead, use techniques like these:

    • Follow others—a certain proportion of people will follow you back. Make sure you’re not just following anyone, but people who fall into your target market. Try following influencers in your market too who could at some point give you more exposure.
    • Advertise—use a Twitter ad campaign designed to build your followers.
    • Attract followers via your website and other content—make it easy for people to follow you on Twitter via your blog posts, other content, other social media profiles, and your main website.



    Ready to Get Started?

    So there you have it. Ten different, powerful ways to use Twitter to generate more leads for your business.

    Unsure where to get started? Just pick one and implement that first to get the ball rolling. Take the others, and schedule them in your calendar over the next 9 weeks, tackling each one in turn.

    For most of them, once you’ve got them set up, they’ll continue delivering benefits for a long time to come.

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    Bio: Steve Shaw

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