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    Bio: Hawk Mikado Traffic | 3 min read

    The 3 Time-Tested Traffic Types to Try Today

    Over the years I’ve increasingly seen how important having the right Traffic, Funnels, and Follow-up strategies are important. Most companies focus on their Funnels and website, which is only important if you have enough Traffic going to you funnels and website...

    Now there are 100’s of different traffic strategies, and most of them work in one or two subsets of a small industry, but there are 3 types of traffic that work for every business, regardless of their industry.

    They’re time tested to work, it worked 100’s of years ago, and it still works today... the platforms have simply changed, I’ll get to those in a minute...

    First I want to touch on the subject of traffic, there are 4 categories:

    - FREE & Online

    - FREE & Offline

    - PAID & Online

    - PAID & Offline

    The most successful businesses have all 4 in place, and usually more than one in each category...


    Now for the 3 types of Time Tested Traffic:

    - Writing Content to Distribute to Others: (Guest Content Writing, Your own Blog, Emails, Here on Linkedin, etc.)

    - Direct Advertising and Sales - this is often the most expensive but absolutely the fastest way to get in front of your customers (Paid advertising platforms have massively accelerated this process too)

    - Speaking “the oldest and highest paid profession” to a group of people... You can host your own events, speak at other events, broadcast yourself LIVE, or run automated webinars... this builds trust the fastest.

    I likely didn’t teach you anything new, and if I did welcome to Internet Marketing... I know most people and organizations are doing one or two, but not all 3 to market their business.

    The most neglected, and best credibility builder is writing content on other platforms so you show up as the expert.

    Imagine you had a prospect looking at working with you and your company OR Your “competitor”, they google you (which happens A LOT) and they don’t find a presence for you, but they do find one for the “other guys” ... even if you provide a better services and are at a better price, they’re more likely to hire someone else.

    While it takes some work, you can find ways to write for blogs, magazines (like ours), show up on podcasts, speak at events, and get your name out there.

    One thing I get asked all the time... “why don’t you pay contributors to write for your magazine” and what I have found is that the content we have to pay for is often not as high quality, and there are actually people willing to pay US to be in our magazine... So we decided early on we don’t charge and we don’t pay to write... You’ll make a lot more money on the backend if you give your best content for free as a guest writer, than trying to get paid as a freelance writer.


    If you’re interested in doing some guest writing here are a few resources:

    - You can write for us, go to and apply to become a writer.

    - Google: INDUSTRY + "Write For Us" - you’ll find a TON

    - You can pay to get your article along side of an advertisement in most publications, hire someone whose job is to get your story out into the world.


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    Bio: Hawk Mikado Traffic

    Hawk Mikado

    Hawk Mikado is the Publisher of Funnel Magazine. The Funnel Genius, Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in Funnels and Live Launches. He’s the Creator a powerful process to launch your new solution in as little as 30 days Hawk is an entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer, family man, who has fun every day and truly loves innovative marketing. He has a passion for working with leaders ready to step into the spotlight, gain freedom, and build their community. He enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Kate, traveling the world and going to Disney, Club 33, and Resorts. He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping leaders succeed.

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