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    The 7 Key Emails You Need to Have in a Sales Email Sequence

    Are you getting ready to launch and promote a course or program? It doesn’t matter if you decide to promote your offer using a webinar, a video series, a challenge, a free download, or any other method ... one thing you’ll need to have in place are sales emails to send to your list once you officially open the cart.

    I see so many people put so much time, energy and money into setting up a beautiful landing page and getting people on their list by opting in for a free offer, but they don’t have a clear plan of action in place to actually turn those leads into paying customers.

    You need a way to convert those who signed up for your free opt-in into a paying customer.

    One of my clients, a life coach, did a full webinar launch with paid Facebook advertising and hadn’t thought about sending an email sequence to those on her list once she opened the cart. She pitched the offer on the webinar and planned to send a replay email out, but that was it.

    I helped her with putting a last minute sales email sequence together. And guess what! Almost all of her sales came from that email sequence!

    I get it. Selling can feel icky.

    It can feel scary.

    Selling isn’t something that comes easy for a lot of us. Me included!

    But if you’re going to get your course, program, or offer out there, if you want to be able to help people through your work, AND if you want to actually earn a living with this work … you have to let people know how they can buy what it is that you have to offer.

    There’s no way around it.

    You’re going to have to tell people how amazing your offer is (because it is!), how it will benefit or help them (because it will!), and how they can purchase it.

    Take some time to map out and write your sales emails in advance. You definitely don't want to put this off and wait to write your emails five minutes before you're ready to press send. Planning ahead will help you to avoid the last minute feelings of stress and overwhelm.

    To take some of the pressure off and to keep you from making the same mistake as my client, I’ve put together a list of the seven emails you’ll want to have in your sales email sequence.



    The 7 Key Emails You Need to Have in a Sales Email Sequence are:

    Email #1 - Announce the Offer

    The goal of this first email is to build the bridge from your free opt-in content to your offer. You'll introduce your audience to your course, program, or offer and let them know the details on when, where and how they can buy.

    Be sure to include when the offer ends, if there are any bonuses or special offers, and when the course or program starts.

    Email #2 - The Offer Details

    This email is a deep dive into your offer. Use this email like a mini sales page. Be sure to highlight both the features (what's included - modules, videos, worksheets, etc) and benefits (how your audience will benefit - change their life, solve their problem, etc).

    Email #3 - Case Studies and Testimonials

    The goal of this email is to showcase social proof - proof that other people have purchased your offer worked with you and achieved results. Usually, if we see that other people had a good experience, we automatically infer that we'll have a good experience too. This is why case studies and testimonials are so important to highlight.

    Email #4 - Get Vulnerable

    The goal of this email is to hit the emotional chord. Study after study shows that people buy because of emotions. This is the best place to share your story and you're big why with your audience. Why did you create your course or program? What are some things you've struggled with or mistakes you've made that led you to ultimately creating the offer? How has this product changed your life?

    Email #5 - Answer FAQs & Overcome Objections

    Use this email to answer some of the common questions or hesitations you've received about your course, program, or offer. Some common questions and hesitations might be...

    - When exactly does the course begin and end?

    - The price / not having enough money.

    - Not sure if the course/program/product is the best fit for them.

    - How is your program/product different from other similar programs/products?

    Email #6 - Cart Closing & Bonuses Ending

    You'll probably see the majority of your sales come from your final emails. Why? The final emails will create urgency and prompt anyone still on the fence to make a decision to purchase. In this email, remind your audience that the cart is closing soon (tomorrow or later the same day) and about the bonuses or special pricing they'll be missing out on if they don't purchase now.

    Email #7 - Last Chance!

    Let your audience know that they only have until a certain time to purchase before the offer is no longer. Going, gone, poof!

    Having these emails as part of your sales email sequence will you help you to move leads and those interested in your free content through your funnel and convert them into paying customers.

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