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    The Best Social Media Platforms for Creatives That You May Not Have Discovered Yet

    For creatives, the world of social media is an exciting place, full of endless possibilities and the opportunity to network, share content and collaborate.

    Many of you will already be familiar with sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc, however, there are numerous other social networking sites that offer creatives the chance to share ideas and get inspired. Here are a few of our favorite social media platforms you may not have discovered yet:


    Ello was created as an ad-free alternative to other existing social networks. It is free to use; however, users can upgrade if they want to pay for premium features. The site was created 4 years ago and is now a haven for artists, photographers and other creatives looking to share their work.

    Ello excels over platforms like Facebook/Instagram in several areas. For one, Ello doesn’t use any frustrating algorithm-based feeds to display content, instead, all feeds are displayed chronologically. There are also no ads, no sponsored posts, and no business profiles. Ello is much more user-friendly than most social media networking sites and censorship rules are much less strict. You can also upload images of any ratio and they won’t be compressed to ridiculous proportions like some other social media sites.




    Behance is a great platform for showcasing your portfolio and discovering other creatives’ work. It is owned by Adobe and boasts more than a million members. Other users can directly subscribe to and comment on your portfolio, making it a great way to get feedback or critique from friends and colleagues.

    If you’re worried about privacy then Behance also lets users have complete control over their audience allowing you to decide exactly who sees your portfolio, and who you want to collaborate with. The great thing about Behance is that it is multi-media friendly allowing creatives to upload still images, audio files, and video with ease.

    The network offers creatives of all kinds a place to showcase their work to potential clients, as well as to connect with other creatives. It does this by making it easy for users to assemble an attractive portfolio of their work, organized by project, which is then available for visitors to browse. is a platform created by artists for creatives who wish to collect, curate or share images with each other. differs from many other social networking sites due to it is strict “no ads policy” and the fact there is no ability to “like” other people’s posts - a trait that according to the sites creators can encourage content such as selfies that feeds into people’s insecurities.

    According to its creators, the site is a healthier, creativity-boosting alternative to traditional social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. currently has over 33,000 users, most of whom are artists, designers or architects. It is free to use however users can pay to upgrade to premium services. Create your own profile by clicking here




    Jumptin is billed by its creators as a “brand new creative community aimed at freelancers and creatives who want to share ideas and network.” The site actively discourages users from trying to sell to each other, instead of promoting the site as a place to collaborate and inspire. Jumptin is currently free for the first 1005 members that sign up. However, if you don’t fall into this category, then the site charges a membership fee of $6.99 (around £5) a month.

    This might seem quite costly for a site that is only just finding its feet, however, one of the big pluses of Jumptin being subscription only is that you don’t get any pesky ads popping up – a welcome change from other social networking sites. Overall the site compares favorably to other social media platforms aimed at creatives and users have the ability to ask the rest of the community questions as well as being able to post their own polls. For more information, click here to visit the site’s homepage.


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