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    The Funnel Design Secret That Increased Optin Rate From 23% To 73%

    I recently attended the Two Comma Club X Live Event in April.

    While I was there I met Michelle Pescosolido, the head Traffic Specialist over all of the coaching students.

    She knew that I was a funnel expert, so while we were at a networking event on Thursday night, she approached me.

    She showed me her funnel and said, “I don’t know what the deal is! Getting traffic there isn’t the issue. But, once people get to the landing page, hardly anyone opts in. I only have a 23% optin rate.”

    I tell her to pull up the page on her phone.

    Now, not only am a funnel expert, but my specialty really is in something called Design Hacking.

    Design Hacking is the 6-step science that shows you how to create aesthetically extraordinary funnels that convert, all without coding, Photoshop, and any graphic design skills.

    Now, I want to highlight a few things I said in the sentence above.

    Design Hacking helps not just to make amazing looking funnels, but funnels that convert!

    This is essential, because who cares if you have something pretty if it doesn’t make you any money?!

    Next, this method of design does not require any extra skills.

    If you can search for something on Google, you have the tech wherewithal to become an expert Design Hacker.

    So, back to the story.

    Michelle shows me her optin page on her phone.

    I take a quick look.

    I scrape through the optin page with her, going through each of the six steps of Design Hacking.

    After just 2 minutes, we identify 3 core elements that need to be altered in her funnel design that would undoubtedly increase conversions.

    So, I sent her on her way, told her to make the changes, send traffic to it, and come back and report after a bit of time.

    Well, at lunch on Saturday afternoon, just 2.5 days later, Michelle comes running up to me.

    “Kathryn! I just have to tell you! I made the changes you told me and my optin rate went up from 23% to 72%! Can you believe it?!”

    23% to 72%...not half bad.

    And yes, I could believe it!


    The 6-step science of Design Hacking, which - again - shows you how to create aesthetically extraordinary funnels that convert has been proven time and time and time again.

    If your funnels are in need of a conversion bump and are not producing the sales you’d like, click below to access the free training here:

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    Kathryn Jones

    Kathryn Jones is a #1 Best Selling Author, Certified Internet Marketer, ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner, and a Funnel Design Guru. She's no stranger to the funnel world. She has trained at Liz Benny's mastermind (2x Two Comma Club Winner), presented to Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Spencer Mecham’s audience, CF Pro Tool’s Jamie Smith’s audience, and has been featured on Virtual Summits with Julie Stoian, Bryan Dulaney, and many more. Jones has pushed 6-figures of revenue in 90 minutes selling her product CF Design School. Through CF Design School, Jones helps students design aesthetically extraordinary funnels that convert, all without coding, Photoshop, or any graphic design skills. She helps her students make their first $1,000 online and then scale that to consistent $10,000+ months.

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