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    The Funnel Genius

    He lay on the table. Dead. The doctors revived him three times before he was stable. That night the world almost lost one of its geniuses.

    Hawk Mikado grew up in San Diego, and had traveled the world before he was 18. Through his experience he gained a love of psychology and an understanding of what made people tick. As he went through his travels to South America, India, Asia and beyond he noticed a pattern among each people.

    They all had a pride in their country. They would say, “My country is the best country!” Hawk fell in love with all of them.

    When asked what his favorite destination is, he will quickly answer with “Bali!”.

    While Hawk’s parents were both experts in the biotech industries, Hawk was born an entrepreneur. From a very young age, he found what was of value to sell. Mostly to fund his vice of dried mango.

    He started out with origami balloons they had been taught to make in art class. After school he would walk up to people and create the balloon for them, (Hawk can also be quite the showman). When he was done he would offer the balloon and say, “Would you like one? It’s just 25 cents.”

    One day, as he finished puffing up his balloon his customer said, “I only have a dollar.” Hawk just learned how to increase his prices. The next person he went to he said, “Would you like to buy one? They are just a dollar.”

    Hawk expanded his business and started to make plastic bracelets, then hemp. He invested in beads and found a greater profit margin on the higher quality product.

    In 6th grade, his school hosted a business fair in which each student created a business that they would then present at a fair. Hawk decided to help the other students market their businesses and ProjectHawkTM was born. That was his sixth company and once the school project was over he helped his dad, his uncle, friends, and families build their companies up. About five years ago he decided to go online and take some of the information he learned, and translate that into more online based marketing.

    And while ProjectHawkTM overall was a success, Hawk went through many trials in the ups and downs of his business. While entrepreneurship is his passion, he also found work at Einstein Bagels, ProFlowers, and a tree trimming company. At Einstein’s he held the record for most combos sold. He would simply ask, “What kind of cookie would you like with your combo?”

    While he was always professional when it came to work, his personal life was where the trouble began. He would drink until he couldn’t remember what he did or where he was the night before. He experimented with drugs, and pushed himself to the edge.

    3 weeks after his fiance left him, he threw himself into work and nursed his broken heart with orange juice and vodka. And that night he collapsed.

    “Your brain will start to break down your body’s own protein,” Mitchell Moffit, co-creator of theYouTube series ASAPScience. “The proteins release amino acids, which can be converted into glucose, which is great news for your brain but bad news for your body. Basically, your body is cannibalizing itself by destroying your muscle mass.”

    Hawk was severely underweight and his body nearly gave out at the hospital that night. Miraculously, he was able to recover and took a serious look at his life and the choices he was making.

    He decided to invest in himself and joined a program to learn the art of persuasion, business, and NLP techniques. He applied what he learned to the process of sales and marketing to better reach his audience and create an impact in his community. From there, he developed his coaching brand “Get Results CoachTM” and worked with over 10 mentors to level up the work he was doing.

    He attracted the love of his life and together they started a video marketing company. They brought on their first team member. "Let's just hire somebody internally who can take care of everything for us. It was kind of the start of our team and now what we've developed is everybody works in three core areas at most so they have their primary function, and then they have two secondary functions of what they can do in our business, and for our clients.”   

    As business grew so did the risk. On a trip out to their Philippines location, they worked on systems and helping the team to get the most out of working with the company. While the trip overall was a success; they upgraded the office, and hired up team members into management positions; darkness was on the horizon.

    One of the members of their team had committed fraud. The result was devastating. “We just lost three hundred thousand dollars in contracts. Annual contracts, basically all of our recurring revenue. Which at the time was terrifying to say the least. We knew we could get back, we'd grown a business from nothing to half a million in about a year. So it wasn't a hard thing to do. That was a big chunk of change for us to lose all in a matter of basically, a month.”

    Hawk received an email from Russell Brunson that turned the tide. Russell talked about the ONE funnel that saved them from bankruptcy. “Kate and I were like, okay we really need to figure something out, something new to get into our funnel.” So they took a leaf from Steve Jobs and got rid of all the services they were offering except funnels. “Okay, we really should build a free plus shipping funnel.”

    “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” - Napoleon Hill

    That was the start of Funnel Magazine. They got Russell Brunson on board and many other influencers shortly followed. This year they are looking to have heavy hitters such as Suzanne Evans, Kevin Harrington, Grant Cardone and more. “Funnel Magazine is real results from real people, it's real metrics, it's real split tests, it's real funnels that are already working, and you can actually see what people are doing.”

    It’s not a secret that the online marketing community is riddled with scam, one hit wonders and people give out advice that is frankly, bad.

    “We look at some of the things that are being said, and it's just straight-up not true, and you have people giving bad advice to new people. Who then go take that bad advice, and then give the same bad advice to the next person, and it's terrifying to see all of these people who are building funnels, and then they're not successful with them, and then they say funnels don't work. It tarnishes the reputation of one of the most powerful, most incredible tools we have ever had up into this point.”

    And ClickFunnels is at the heart of the business. Hawk has funnel hacked over 3,000 pages. They broke ClickFunnels at one point when they built over 1,000 funnels as the program was designed to hit 999. Russell never thought anyone would even reach that number. Hawk had to start archiving old funnels just so that they could start to build new ones.

    They have so many templates that have been built and make for great Facebook lead magnets. Hawk uses what he calls “Hook Posts” that attract his followers on Facebook and get them to comment, like and share the posts he is creating.


    Create a celebrity branding for yourself.

    “I didn't coin this myself but I got called The Funnel Genius, and I decided to own it, and now I'm The Funnel Genius. So, if you need anything with funnels like you can literally type my name into Facebook and in certain groups if you type the word funnel, my name will show up on the top of the list even though you're not typing my name, it'll show up.”

    It creates instant credibility, it creates instant recognition, and people are able to identify that you can help them. Hawk started getting tagged by all sorts of people, who had absolutely no idea of who he was, they're just thinking: “I think Hawk can help you” and it works really well.

    Facebook is just another search engine, it's just like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube. You can use SEO on these platforms, even LinkedIn has the ability to do this with your profile. It’s all about positioning and making sure people associate keywords in your industry with you.

    Hawk has also created a new program for clients call the Funnel Profits Blueprint. He has taken everything he has learned about building funnels and created a video series that walks you step by step through the process.

    When Hawk isn’t working on his new programs, he is busy preparing for his upcoming event Funnel Profits LIVE. It’s a one of a kind event that he created to be a workshop. With a mastermind as the pre-conference workshop, he has packed massive value into this event.

    “I want people to leave with work done so they move their business forward and are making an impact. Not just taking notes and saying ‘Gee these are great ideas.’ I want them to actually use what I will be teaching them over the three days.” Each evening there are workshops based on the topics discussed that day.

    During the 3 days Hawk will cover Traffic, Funnels and Follow-Up. “Bots are by far, the highest engaged resource in the marketplace at this moment. There will be something in the future that's gonna be better, totally understand that. But at this current moment, your chatbot is just gonna crush it beyond belief.” At the event you will know exactly which tools to invest in (and which to avoid).

    The process Hawk covers is one that has been mastered by companies like Apple, Google, Samsung and Disney. “So I want you to imagine you're at Disneyland, or Disney World: You go and you stand in a line for a ride that you really like. We're gonna call that the opt-in. Now you go through, and you actually get on the ride, and you experience the whole thing, and we're gonna call that the sales page. Now you get out of the ride and you walk out and there just happens to be this beautiful store, it has all the products related to the sales page, or the ride that you just went on. Now whether you buy or not, whether you say yes, or no, it doesn't matter, because as soon as you go out there's three to five other rides you can go on, and opt-in to.”

    And if you do want to dive into more education, Hawk recommends five books and authors. “Together they work like magic…” John C Maxwell, Napoleon Hill, Darren Hardy, The City of Influence authored by Jared Stewart and his sister. “And last is not really necessarily a book but go to seminars as much as you possible to continue development, meet many people and built many relationships.”

    We sat down with Hawk to dive deep into what’s next for him in 2018

    FM: What is your genius?

    Hawk: My genius comes down to a couple of things. First, really being able to see not just the big picture, but the steps to actually achieve that picture. Looking at where we are now, where we want to go, and being able to overcome basically, any obstacles, any challenge that we are faced with. No matter what, there is always a solution to every single problem, and being able to identify it, find it, and map out the solution is something that I can picture in my mind.

    I get told all the time that things are impossible, but the word itself says “I’m possible”. I see every problem as an opportunity to create, to leverage, to influence, to build, to grow, to learn, and I also find that there is not really any failure. I know a lot of people say there’s no such thing as failure, there’s only learning. I feel like, the only way to succeed is to learn. So even if you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish, if you didn’t learn in the process, you didn’t succeed at all.

    It really comes down to focusing on the things that I’m great at and letting people focus on what they’re great at.

    FM: What is the one thing you attribute your success to?
    Hawk: Understanding that I will fail over and over, as long as I get back up and pivot where I’m going, I’ll always make it out as a better man, a better leader, and my business will grow as a result

    FM: What is your most important success strategy?
    Hawk: There are 3 parts to my success strategy.
    1) Always have a coach, mentor, or advisor in every area of my life and business. Someone who’s achieved what I want to achieve and can show me exactly how to do it.
    2) Using the I.N.V.E.R.T. Formula on Every Business, Every Project, Every Idea we came up with. (We’ve discussed this in the previous editions)
    3) Hire people who can do things better than me, who are smarter than me, who enjoy doing the things I don’t, and support them beyond their job. Support them to lead themselves and those around them.

    FM: What is your superpower?
    Hawk: Relentless Problem Solving, I will find a solution to every problem. So far I’ve never failed, though sometimes the solution takes more energy than the problem does.

    FM: What projects you are currently working on?
    Hawk: Funnel Profits Live, our 3 day workshop intensive designed to really help our attendees create success in their business. Our goal is that you will Get Traffic, Build Funnels, and Start Converting At Funnel Profits LIVE 2018

    Funnel Profits LIVE 2018 is an exclusive event for entrepreneurs and executives committed to growing their business online in 2018 using Funnels. During this event, you'll be learning from & working with Experts in multiple industries who work behind the scenes in marketing departments and agencies to create massive impacts in their clients’ lives. You'll learn strategies, tactics, and systems that will transform your business over the 3 days you'll be with us.

    Because this is an event where you'll actually be working on your business each day during a 2 hour workshop, we've decided to make this event application only. We're looking for companies who understand the power of investing time, money, and team to build something world class! Over the last 19 years, we've found that every successful company and marketing campaign has 3 core systems in place... Traffic, Funnels, and Follow Up.

    FM: What is your definition of success?
    Hawk: As long as I Learn, I Win!

    FM: What made you decide to start Funnel Magazine? What inspired you?
    Hawk: We had just lost $300,000 in contracts as a result of a bad hiring decision and we needed to pivot our business. We had been going through all sorts of ideas, and when we came up with Funnel Magazine we knew it was the one. We realized there was so much “Bad” information in the marketplace and we could solve it by creating Funnel Magazine.

    One of the core visions for Funnel Magazine is that we can disrupt the flow of bad information in the marketplace by providing everyone a central location of information from experts in every industry sharing their successes and failures with others. Each person is vetted to ensure they’re qualified and are only sharing current and relevant information with our readers.

    Funnel Magazine™ is A Magazine Dedicated to: • Funnels • Funnel Designers • Split Tests • Funnel Metrics • Live Funnel Results • and Interviews of Companies with Successful Funnels •

    FM: What was your very first funnel?
    Hawk: I built my first membership in 2011, it was a business planning program. For $49/mo. It was frankly a terrible funnel, looking back on it. But it was my first. There was no nurturing, no follow up, it was a 1 page sales letter with a buy button. I still remember the day I saw $47.29 go into my bank account, I was so excited.

    FM: What were some of the unexpected hurdles?
    Hawk: Losing $300,000 in contracts in 3 weeks, and realizing we had no other monthly recurring revenue, we had to do something about it. First we got our “house” in order, reevaluated our current business, made it right with clients, and then started to look at new opportunities.

    FM: Darren Hardy talks about passion as being excited about what you do, why you do it, how you do it, or who you do it for. Does your passion come from what, why or how, or who?

    Hawk: I think my passion comes from the "Who” because I do everything for the clients we work with, the community we serve, and for my friends and family I support.

    FM: What advice would you give someone looking to inspire their team?
    Hawk: Let your team make mistakes, don’t get mad at them for it and teach them the right way to do it. No one will ever do what you do the same way you do it, just accept it. Give them guidance and love along with the freedom to complete the task their way, if they need help give it to them. And hold them accountable for their work. If you hire someone and they’re not in the right position, give them something new to do. Give them the opportunity to prove themselves to you. Most importantly listen to them and their needs.

    FM: What are the three titles of the last three books that you read?
    Hawk: You Are A Badass, Expert Secrets (, The Go Giver

    FM: If there is a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?
    Hawk: Matt Damon, he’s played a lot of characters that are in line with me.

    FM: What's in your iPod during workouts?
    Hawk: Blackmill, Lindsey Stirling, Deadmau5

    FM: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

    Hawk: MANGO!!!!

    FM: I hear you’re running for Governor of California this year. What inspired you to do that?

    Hawk: It’s always been part of my life’s purpose. We spent 6 months travelling, unintentionally I did some soul searching, and realized that as much as I love funnels, as much as I love building strategies, and building businesses, politics is something that I have a passion for and a love for. I’ve known this since I was a little boy. Everybody asked me what I want to do when I grow up, and I said that, “I’m going to be president of United States.” They all kind of laughed and said, “That’s cute.” But it wasn’t like something that I just thought when I was a kid. It’s held with me.

    And I realized something profound, there’s a lot more that we can do. Not just in the U.S., not just in the North America, or in America, but in the world as a whole. Being able to support and help people create an environment that is actually, collaborative, that is supportive. Nobody has the same opinion.We have 2 very opposing parties that are arguing about accomplishing the same goal.

    On our trip, we went to Sacramento and we went to the Democratic Party Meeting and we went to the Republican Party Meeting. Both parties were discussing about how to basically relieve one of the assemblyman from duty. It was funny seeing two sides of the same coin arguing to accomplish the same goal instead of working together. One of the biggest problems that I see, one of the reasons why, not only in our country, but employment, hunger, crime, a lot of it has to do with the fact that our country, our community are torn apart with 2 opposing parties, 2 opposing mindsets. They are fighting to accomplish the same thing. They just want to achieve it in different ways. We can create an environment where business is first, where entrepreneurism is first, where capitalism is first, where America is first, and we don’t worry about the politics and the laws, and all of the bullshit that comes up.

    Then we’ll be able to not only be a profitable country, we’ll be able to create massive change and we’ll have a really powerful economic environment. We can eliminate unemployment, we can create government spending programs that are directed by the public, so that we can actually make change.

    I saw a post on Facebook during the last tax season, “The reason I didn’t pay whatever percent of my money to taxes, is because I didn’t believe in where my money was going.” There are hundreds of people, millions of people who do this. They won’t pay all the taxes, and then they get fined. And then it’s controlled by a very limited number of people who frankly aren’t interested in the betterment of the society. They’re generally interested in the betterment of their bank account.

    If every American had the opportunity to decide, and own how much they gave to the marketplace, military spending, education, each of the different organization and policies that were implemented in our government, then we will be able to create some powerful change. Because as a whole, Americans will be united in the belief and in the mindset that we together are making America better. Not one person, or another, not two people trying to get the same thing done, and fighting about how it should be done.

    But allowing Americans to make the decision, allowing the Americans to have the freedom, to have the choice, to have the opportunity to own their own destiny. That will not only make our country truly the best country in the world because people will see our growth, development, not just in technology, but mentally and emotionally too. We’ll have the most intelligent people on planet earth, the most loving people on planet earth, and we can create some massive change.

    FM: If you can leave the readers with one thing, business or personal, that they can implement today to make their life better what would it be?
    Hire an executive assistant in your business, a personal assistant for your personal life, and a housekeeper to keep your house clean, do your laundry and wash your dishes. They don’t have to be full time, but often you can hire all 3 of these for about $2k to $3k/mo to get everything you need done. It will save you 50+ hours a week that you can focus on revenue generating activities, spend time with your family, and relax when you need to. By hiring these people you’re setting yourself up to make a lot more money and have the freedom to enjoy your life too.

    Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado is the Editor In Chief of the San Diego based publication Funnel Magazine focused on the online marketing industry. This industry specific magazine focuses on strategic marketing and sales, lead generation, metrics, social media, and most importantly funnels. Through Funnel Magazine we work with experts in the industry like Russell Brunson, Caleb Maddix, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, and many more.

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