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    The Importance of Sign-Up Forms in Online Marketing

    Forms are the first step for customers to engage directly with your brand. Online forms are the easiest way to collect user information. Nowadays, all the websites use forms in one way or the other to capture the details of the visitors to get in touch with them to sell their product or service or to save the lead information.

    Form design and set-up are incredibly important because it can make the difference between generating a new sales lead or causing a visitor to bounce.

    Online forms are an important aspect of a website that can help a website owner to generate and capture lead details. A right form that shows up at the right time in a relevant context can increase prospect engagement rates and open a dialogue with them.

    On the other hand, prospects who visit your website can sometimes get annoyed if the online form asks them to fill in personal information which they don’t want to share.

    In simple terms, Online forms can make or break a business deal.

    There are many types of online forms that you can use for your website. It all depends on what kind of information you want to gather from your website visitors.



    1. Newsletter Sign Up Form: When a user signs up for your newsletter, he/she is interested in consuming your content on a regular basis. This opens a channel for marketing communication.
    2. Event Registration: In case, your company is organizing an event, you can put in the event registration form on your website. It will help you to gather details of your attendees like Name, Contact numbers, email id, etc.
    3. Online Order and Payment: Whether you’re selling a product or service, prospects should be given the option to purchase at their convenience. It’s a clever idea to include an online order and payment form on your website for immediate sales conversions.
    4. Customer Feedback Form: This is a very important form. This can help you get feedback about your product or services. In case of positive feedback, you don’t need to worry, but in case of negative feedback, you get a chance to make an improvement on the product or service and convey the same to the customers. This helps you to build trust with your customers.

    Leadcube Media, a social media marketing agency in London has created a smart form-builder tool, called LeadGen which helps businesses to build customized and conversion optimized forms that help them to generate leads.

    It is a very interactive and progressive form builder which includes questionnaires and lead gen forms for your business that can be easily embedded into your website. Progressive forms allow presenting questions in a horizontal format, one by one. This helps with conversions and is a smart alternative to long vertical forms in which people are too lazy to fill in. This helps the business to win leads and filter the clients into separate categories. With the inclusion of A/B Testing, LeadGen tool leverages your conversion rates to higher levels.

    The Leadgen tool allows you to have a complete overview of your prospects. The dashboard view allows you to keep track of your generated leads and conversions. It has got a very lean and minimal design which makes it easy to navigate to different sections.

    You can enable or disable email notifications to track generated leads in the LeadGen tool. This allows you to respond to prospects in a timely manner.

    LeadGen tool also allows you to build amazing landing pages and make your data processing and capturing GDPR compliant. It also comes with a landing page builder which lets the user design conversion-focus landing page. This builder is designed from the perspective of an online marketer and brings data and design focus optimally together.

    In simple words, LeadGen is a must-have tool for businesses which allows them to build amazing landing pages and win leads with conversion-focus sign-up forms.


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