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    The Journey to Being a Kick-ass Live Events Seller

    My boss was ringing me on the phone, just as my wife and I were about to go sign the lease on our first home together.

    “I’m being laid off…” she said through tears.

    Horrible, how could they do that to her? I thought to myself.

    “…and you are too, today’s your last day,” she cried some more.

    Well damn.

    Have you ever been kicked in the junk by life? Thinking you were doing all the right things, making all the right moves? Or maybe you at least figured you were playing it safe with getting the corporate 9-to-5 gig.



    It turns out…you’re not safe there either.

    I managed to pivot that crappy luck and timing, we still got the house, and NOW I play it very safe by being in control my own business and managing things myself.

    I have found my niche selling out live events for venues and promoters looking to fill houses and get raving fans in the seats for their shows. Enough luck that I have had a number of $10,000 months and brought in more than a quarter of a million dollars in revenue for just THREE clients in the span of about two months.

    And you can do this too, thanks to Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels. I recently spoke live at Dan Henry’s AdCon and got to share some ideas and concepts with the crowd there.

    I have three key tips to share with you and a couple ninja tactics you should implement for a client if you happen to go this route with your own digital marketing agency.

    TIP #1: Who to Offer Your Marketing Services to

    There are base, midrange, and high-value clients that you can offer your services to and if you can put buts in the seats they will happily pay you. Depending on your experience though, you may want to try your luck with the base level client first.

    The Base clientele is bars/restaurants/small performance venues & comedy clubs. 300 seat capacity or less that put on shows, hire musicians or have comedians come in and they charge their patrons $15-$30 a ticket. You can easily pick up a $500/month client plus ad spend and deliver results to these businesses. Targeted marketing on Facebook enables you to put these shows in front of the people that will definitely want to see them due to their likes and interests and habits while using Facebook. ClickFunnels will make it possible for you to capture their lead information, off them an easy bait (discounted ticket, two-for-one-ticket, free appetizer, free glass of wine) and create an asset for that venue that can be used to remarker to the new customer for years to come.

    This is great because they have NO idea how to do this for themselves in most cases, and it should be nearly impossible for them to say no to your rate and a $300 to $500 and spend every month.

    A mid-range client is a larger venue of 500 or more seats. Think about a local theater, performing arts center, or even a convention center with smaller rooms that host trade shows and things of that nature. This client you can charge $1,500 consulting fees, plus a minimum of $500 ad spend per weekend that a show or event is running. Many theaters are stuck in the past of doing radio ads or local mailers to advertise their shows, things that have no way to track the return on their spend of $5,000-$10,000 in printing, postage, and design.

    Lastly, you have Speaker-based Events and Distributor Events. These people also do things mostly in the traditional realm in terms of their marketing, but you’re going to need some successes under your belt to convince them you’re the right person for the job. So that’s why I say start with the base venues and get a couple of wins and more importantly testimonials from these clients before you go trying to run with the big dogs.

    Speakers will pay you multiple thousands in consulting fees to manage an ad campaign for them if you can prove that you will put butts in the seats, as those events usually have attendees ranging from 50 to 100 to 500 depending on the venue. Tickets often range anywhere from $300-$2000. If you can even get a room half sold for them they’re making a killing…and so can you.

    TIP #2: Research, Research, Research

    You need to KNOW the audience for ANY client you work with so this will take research on your part. You can easily break open the ol’ Google and find out more about a particular entertainer, show they were involved in, style of music, or speaker, and its fan base. That’s the first step, try to get some of the lingoes down, figure out what’s exciting about the subject that may be a selling point to a potential buyer or audience member.

    But don’t stop there…because if you REALLY want to sell tickets you REALLY need to know this audience. So you need to do some research, you must let them tell you what they want to see and hear about this subject. You can either poll your own friends and family who may be familiar with the content you are promoting, or you can create a poll and then run a Facebook ad campaign targeting the people you think may be interested in the content to get their responses.

    In the poll, you can ask them things like “What would make you go see [insert show/artist/comedian]?” If you’re trying to sell out a concert event for a particular artist, poll your audience about their songs “What are the top three songs you love from [the artist]” or “What songs can you just not get out of your head when you hear [your artist]”. Then when you get the answers, see where the bulk of the audience is responding and make sure you include those IN your ad copy if they’re going to hear those songs.

    TIP #3: Text to Win

    So to wrap up, and to circle back… instead of a tip per se, I am going to give a tactic. This tactic alone helped drive $5,000 in sales to my Animaniacs Live! An event that we sold out two performances of back in April.

    The tactic is simply a text-to-win style ad, targeted at the audience you have determined to be prime buyers for your event, and you structure the ad like this:

    “Love the Animaniacs?

    TEXT 1992 to 445445 for your chance to WIN passes to Animaniacs LIVE! at the La Mirada Symphony on April 15th!




    Or click the link to sign up for your chance to win

    TAG an Animaniac fan in your life & be sure to share the shot to win tix!”

    Boom. Simple. This campaign amounted to 500+ phone numbers that the theater could then market to in the future for other shows, and helped drive $5,000 in sales to the event in about 45 days of promotion.

    I will just leave you with a few words about the business itself. You need to FOCUS your energy on ONE niche if you want to get some success under your belt.

    That’s what I have done, and my business has gone bonkers since I made that choice. Shout out to Dan Henry for his excellent training on Facebook Ads, and Russell Brunson for creating ClickFunnels so that we can all ultimately win.

    Good luck, and look me up at The Business Beast if you want to connect further or have more questions.



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    James Cluster

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