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    Bio: Pedro Campos Traffic | 5 min read

    The One Surprising Factor Driving Your Marketing Campaigns Down The Toilet




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    Sometimes I hear people saying…

    … “oh, Facebooks Ads don't work, Youtube Ads don't work, I`ve tried in the past!”

    Really? Are the platforms that don't work or is it you that`s not making the platforms work?”

    The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make when trying to launch marketing campaigns is not understanding the different levels of audience awareness.

    They think everybody is their potential customer and are treating prospects the same way.

    Well, the problem is they`re not the same.

    “You`re not the marketing genius, you`re customer is.”

    If you`re doing any kind of contextual advertising (i.e. Facebook Ads), you should know that not all traffic is equal and not everybody is in the same frame of mind.

    People show up online at different stages of the customer journey.

    Some might be ready to buy because they're familiar with your brand, others may not even know who the hell you are.



    What The Genius Says

    Eugene Swartz, the marketing genius in his classic book, "Breakthrough Advertising" clearly explains that at a certain point in the marketplace there 5 types of audiences you can reach.

    In simple terms, they are:

    • People that are unaware of a problem;
    • People that are aware of a problem;
    • People that are aware of a solution to a problem;
    • People that are aware of your solution, they know you can solve their problem;
    • And finally, people who know your business, they trust you, these are the evangelists of your brand.

    The challenge is when you try to show up with your solution in front of people that are unaware of a problem, there's a disconnect.

    This is why so many marketing campaigns fail, especially on Facebook where people are not even looking to buy anything. It's called interruption marketing.

    Nobody wakes up one day, logs into Facebook and says "I think I'm gonna buy something today!"

    They`re there to connect with friends and be entertained.

    “All traffic is not created equal.”

    Educate First Sell Later

    These folks need to be educated, number one, on the problem they might be having and number two, on how you can solve that problem.

    This could be accomplished with a blog post or an education based video.

    Let's say your selling organic supplements, you can drive traffic to a blog post with "The 6 hidden benefits of organic supplements", for example.

    By doing this, you`re educating cold audiences, making them aware of a problem or desire they might have and actually positioning your offer as the logical next step.

    Later, you can even retarget the people that saw the blog post but didn't purchase, with your offer. This will produce far greater results than trying to sell people straight out of the gate with some generic messaging.

    Remember, people love to buy but they hate to be sold.

    “The right message at the right time to the right people will convert.”

    What you don't want to do is target people who don't even know who you are, are unaware of a problem and send them straight to a sale page, especially if you have a high ticket product.

    The Power Of Cold Traffic

    So, the question you should ask yourself is…

    “How can I lead my prospect to the end result without him feeling like he's being sold to?”

    Here's my take on this:

    Understand where they’re at in the customer journey and position your message entering the conversation that's already going on in their minds.

    You can also use the retargeting strategy with video. It works really well. You can create custom audiences based on how many seconds people have watched and remarket to those folks later with your offer.

    “People love to buy but they hate to be sold.”

    Targeting cold traffic is one of the best strategies to advertise, it has proven over and over again to build multi-million dollar brands in record time but you have to know how to play the game.

    Throwing ads out there with “vanilla type” messages targeting everybody under the sun is not going to build you a business... that's the reality.

    Putting Your Marketing Together

    You`ve got to be specific and keep in mind that your audience is segmented into different levels of awareness and different levels of intent.

    “If you don't have a predictable way to acquire a customer, you don't have a business, you have an expensive hobby.”

    That's why Facebook or YouTube Ads don't work… because you`re not positioning the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

    Your success when it comes to marketing depends on understanding your audience`s awareness level and acting accordingly.

    Do this and I promise you that it will be a game changer for your business.


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    Bio: Pedro Campos Traffic

    Pedro Campos

    Pedro is a former army soldier originally born in Portugal with the entrepreneurial bug and a passion for online advertising. He`s the author of "All Leads Convert" and founder of PedroConverts, a global Facebook marketing agency that specializes in helping impact-driven coaches grow and scale faster.

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