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    The One Tool You Need To Be A Social Selling Machine

    It’s 2018 now so you already know that more and more industries are selling their products and services online. There are millions of experts out there that have great systems in place to help you scale your business and grow to a six or even seven figure business.


    If you spend any time at all on social media then I am sure you have seen an ad for these types of coaching services. But at its core, what is social selling really all about and how do you even start? Well most will tell you to jump on Facebook and start by testing out an ad. Until this year, blowing a bunch of money on confusing ad platforms probably was the best way to get started. Not anymore though!


    What is Social Selling?






    Social Selling is the process of using social media websites to connect with prospective clients and establish selling opportunities. Right now, LinkedIn is the primary platform for sales men and women around the world to run targeted searches for their potential clients. In order to effectively sell your product on social media you need to know who your ideal customer is and then get your product or service in front of as many people that fit the profile.

    So how do you actually find those people? Well in the good ol’ days you really only had the option of running an ad on Facebook or Google Adwords. Then LinkedIn strolled in with it’s boolean search features and made targeting your ideal customer possible. The best part, they made it possible for free. So now everyone on LinkedIn is getting targeted and sent “InMail” so that sales can be made over social media at an even quicker rate.


    LinkedIn has posted on their site that social sellers outsell colleagues who don’t use social media by 78%. It was also quoted that 64% of teams using social selling attained their quota, as compared to 49% of teams that hadn’t incorporated social media into their sales processes. Long story short, if you are still making cold calls then do yourself (and everyone you are calling) a favor and test the social selling waters instead.


    Every New Era Brings New Tools


    So now that you are onboard with social selling and you have seen the error of your ways, what is the best way to get started? Should you jump on LinkedIn and start adding everyone who matches your customer avatar? Should you go drop a thousand dollars on a Facebook ad? How just posting on every social profile you have that you want to make some money and you have a cool thing people can buy?






    Just take a deep breath and sign up for This tool is going to allow you to run advanced searches on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so that you can find, connect, and message your ideal customers with the perfect pitch in a noninvasive way. What makes things even better is that you can actually get a set of tested and proven messaging scripts when you sign-up.


    You are probably thinking to yourself right now “why am I searching for prospects on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when you just told me that everyone is using LinkedIn?” Well, listen to that question. Everyone is already using LinkedIn for social prospecting. Did you know that there are studies showing message open rates at 98% on Facebook. LinkedIn is all about the business profile. Facebook is still personal and people are still open to conversations there. But don’t just take my word for it, test it out. Send out 10 messages on each platform and see which one gets a better response rate. I am willing to bet that nine times out of ten, Facebook will win.


    But it doesn’t have to stop there. Not only does SoProSearch let you search for your prospects profile, it let’s you search post, events, and photos. Imagine having a hot lead that you want to find out more about. Or you have a tool that solves a very specific problem. Search for those keywords in a post and find everyone who is struggling with that problem. The possibilities are only limited by number of products or services you are selling.


    So stop being old school and start social selling with SoProSearch in your toolbelt!

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    Bio: John Strokes Technology

    John Strokes

    Life is full of obsessions, you just have to channel those obsessions to be successful. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Growing up I heard stories about how grandpa had made his millions by starting his own company and selling it. Entrepreneurship was ingrained at a pretty early age. It just always made sense to me. Find a pain point that people have and solve it. I spent the better part of a decade working for a billion dollar corporation until I finally took the risk that paid off. That is how my freelancing career grew into a full-blown agency and that is also how SoProSearch was founded. There is so much friction on a daily basis. You just have to listen and be willing to take calculated risks every day. John Stokes CEO - WheelHouse Marketing - Co-Founder - SoProSearch -

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