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    The Power of Segmentation

    Let’s get one thing straight right now. All customers are not the same!

    You may have just one product that you are selling, you may have several, but those products will have to be sold in different ways to different people with different wants and needs.

    As Ryan Levesque so rightly points out, segmentation can send your business into the stratosphere. ClickFunnels takes this so seriously that they allow you to a segment in at least two different ways.

    Firstly, ClickFunnels enables you to segment your clients, customers, prospects, etc right inside your funnel letting you tailor your pitch to each individual person. This makes the experience more personal to them and lets you hit all of their pain points. 



    Secondly, once you’ve acquired new subscribers or customers, ClickFunnels allows you to segment them even further through Actionetics and Smart Lists by using tags. We will cover this in a future article, but for now, revel in the magnificence of surveys and personalized sales funnels!
    Now, we all know about driving traffic to our opt in page, getting a subscriber, sending them through our funnel, trying to sell to them, and then trying to up-sell them. It can be a drag and is not as easy as it sounds! 
    What if there was a way to set up multiple sales pages or opt in pages, one for each individual type of person that visits your landing page? I mean, you could talk to them individually! Sounds great, right?
    This can actually be done quickly and easily through the power of the Survey Element in ClickFunnels. It’s quite simple once you get the hang of it. Imagine this scenario with your funnel. You are driving traffic to your landing page and you know that your ads or blog posts generally attract 3 or 4 main types of people. But your landing page can only have one message which you’re thus trying to make work for every potential client that comes through your funnel. That’s difficult, right?

    The best way to get the right message to each of your potential clients is by asking them who they are and what they want. With the Survey Element, we can build out a new page that bridges the gap between the cold traffic coming in and your landing page, or rather, landing pages! More on that in a minute!

    “How does ClickFunnels allow me to do this on my page,” I hear you ask!

    Behold the wonder of the Survey Element!

    The first thing to do is build out separate funnels for each of the different types of people you intend on selling to. You may only have two different pitches and that’s fine. Whatever the number of types coming through your survey, they each need their own individual opt in page and VSL so they feel they’re being spoken to personally. This allows you to be more attractive to people and close more deals.
    Once this is built for each type of person, you can make a start on the Survey Page that will greet all the traffic coming in. This page will direct the person to the correct sales letter for them.  Your page is populated by nothing more than the Survey Element with a title question and several answers covering the different types of people landing on your page. See the example below.

    Based on their answer, they are directed to some other questions relevant to their particular type. After providing us with this important information about our potential client they are directed to the best sales page for the. A sales page that resonates with them on a whole new level! One that speaks to them personally!

    Let’s Get Started!

    First, we pick the Survey Element from the sidebar and drop it onto the page. Then we click ‘Edit Survey Options’ and the fun begins!

    Click on the first Question and fill in whatever question you want to ask. Next, fill in all the potential answers you want the prospect to choose from. See the example below.

    Once you have entered all the answers, you are now ready to input the next level of questions. 

    Start by adding a Question Group in the top right-hand corner. Then add the next question in that group (complete with the answers you want them to pick from). Remember, this question is for the people that picked the first answer in the initial question. See example below.

    You will repeat this by asking the remaining questions for each of the answers to the previous question.

    Pro Tip: You can quickly and easily fill out the next few questions by copying the first one in this question group. Then all you have to do is change the wording for each question. See below.

    Now you can add your next Question Group and ask your next questions (if you have any) and repeat the process.

    Once you’ve entered all the questions you want to ask it’s time to link it all up and make it work seamlessly!

    We need to ensure that each answer given by the client directs them to the next correct part of the Survey. To do this, we click on the first Question again, click on the drop-down box, and select the next question it should take them to. See below.

    Basically, go into each question and pick the desired ‘Answer Direct’ from the drop-down box.

    Once this is done you will have your ‘Dynamic Answers’ squares lit up green as you can see below. If any of these boxes are not green then you have not set all of your Answer Directs.


    Once you have set all relevant Dynamic Answers then we are ready to send these clients to individual funnels and mark them with the Facebook pixel! 

    Oh, yes, there’s so much more power to be used yet!


    Outcomes are actions that the Survey will take once the client reaches the end of the questions. 

    If we do not set any Outcomes, the default next step for the client will be straight on to the next step in the funnel (which may not exist). So we must add a New Outcome and set the condition for the Action.
    In the instance below, I have set it so that when a specific question is answered with a specific answer the Client will be routed to a funnel with an appropriate product waiting for them.

    Now you can set all the relevant URLs you need so that the correct product is lined up with the client best suited to it.

    This will increase your conversions like never before!




    Triggers are a very special feature that allows us to have actions taken instantly when a client answers a question. This can produce a really cool result! 
    Triggers can fire a Facebook pixel whenever a specific answer has been given to a specific question. This will create a Facebook event and name to allow us to create a custom audience! This is amazing and will help with your retargeting and Facebook Ad costs!
    You can set your Google Tag here too.

    This is such a cool feature and so often overlooked! Below you can see I have set this up in much the same way as I did for the previous Outcomes.

    Segmentation is such a valuable way of selling to your clients that it should never be overlooked. ClickFunnels has made it so easy for us to harness its awesome power that it would be a crime not to use it!

    Richard Conduit

    Richard Conduit has been building funnels for clients for years and is just about to launch a new breed of help for all the users of Clickfunnels.

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