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    The Powerful Strategies of the 3Ps

    If you're looking to generate more leads and more sales, then this is the most important information that you’re going to read in 2019. Today you will be presented the three powerful strategies that I personally use to prospect without being pushy.

    Discover how to immediately position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert in your industry so that when your customers think of your niche, you are at the top of their mind.

    Have you ever noticed how there are certain brands and businesses that everyone wants to buy from?

    There’s a ton of build up when they launch a new product, they consistently have a waiting list, and they can charge double and triple what their competitors do and people still want to buy from them.

    And… shockingly, the reason they are wildly more successful is NOT that they have a better product or service than their competitors.

    It’s all about their Expert Positioning instead of Prospecting.

    You see most salespeople go out there and want to prospect. “Let me get the leads man.”

    “Let me smile and dial.” I'm telling you after you dial five hundred calls you're not smiling anymore.

    The Powerful Strategies of the 3 P’s



    The First P is Publishing

    In my late thirties, I learned that prospecting sucks. I don't want to cold call people, I want people to come to me. So I asked myself questions, what do I need to do? How do I get noticed?

    My entire business carrier I had handed out printed business cards. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. The famous business card. The one that when you meet with people you give and collect. So I thought you know what, I’m going to be different and stop handing out business cards. Instead, I'm going to give out a book because everyone throws away business cards but no one is going to throw away a book.

    So I decided to publish a book, one that I could be proud to give out. Well, easier said than done. It took me six months of hard work. I’m not a professional writer. I had to persuade friends to do the editing, proofreading, grammar and spell checking. But I did it. In fact, I also went into the recording studio with a script and created a professional audio recording. These days you can easily record right from your computer. Let me say it wasn’t the greatest book by far but it was mine. So now I was armed with something better than a business card.

    I remember sitting on a plane next to a gentleman and we were talking. We were just conversating about what we did for a living and things like that. I was telling a little bit about what I do and he said well you know David that sounds really good. Do you have a business card? I said you know what I don't have a business card however and I reached into my briefcase and pulled it out. I have a book. And you should have seen his reaction. His jaw dropped to the ground. Wow! This is cool. Before the plane landed he wrote me a check for ten thousand dollars to help him build his business. Now let me ask you this. Would this have happened if I gave him a business card? I don't think so. It's because I wrote a book; I was an authority.

    Authority, what a powerful word. What positions you as an authority in our society? Think about that word, authority. The first part of the word is author. That's right. When you are an author you are perceived as an authority in what you're doing in your industry. And here's the great thing anybody can publish a book. You don’t need to be a New York Times bestselling author to be perceived as an authority.

    Anybody nowadays can self-publish a book for very little money. And when you have a book you are seen in our society authority on that subject. What do people think when they know you wrote a book about something? He wrote a book; he or she must be an expert. You must know what you’re talking about simply by having a book.



    Why Write a Book? For Positioning

    When you have a book and give people a copy of that book, you should see their reaction. Don't you think it's much more powerful to give a person a book instead of a flimsy paper business card especially since most business cards are thrown away anyway? People will cherish the book. This book has staying power. They can put it on a bookshelf with their other books. They can flip through it. I cannot tell you how many times I hear from people say that they read the book six months or a year ago and now they want to do business.

    You see the book is the bait. It's out there fishing with a net for you. Not all people are ready to do business right now but when they are, guess who they call? I want to have my net full of bait out in the ocean. I don't want to fish with just a spear. Here's what I want. I want a big massive fishing boat with a net; no I want 10 of these fishing boats with nets out there in the ocean. That's what I want. So the first P is Publishing.

    Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.

    Louis L’Amour

    The Second P. Public Speaking

    One thing I've learned is by being the person in front, the one on stage, the person holding the clicker, it immediately positions you as the authority and the expert in what you do.

    Wow, the room just got quiet. Crickets chirping. I know public speaking can be scary but like anything, it’s a skill and it’s a skill that you can master.

    If I go to a business or networking function, I could try to be like everybody else. Go around and shake hands and try to meet as many people as possible. What do you do? Then you have to pretend you're interested in what they do. And what’s worse they are pretending to be interested in what you do. Everyone is walking around exchanging business cards and nothing happens. But if you are the speaker, the person in the front of the room, things are different.

    As the speaker or presenter, you have been positioned properly. And by the end of your talk, you don't need to go meet with anyone. If you have a hundred people in the room, 100 people walk away knowing who you are. And after your speech, people who want to do business walk up to you and ask you to do business with them. Public speaking is an extremely powerful way to position yourself. You don't need to prospect, people, they come to you.

    You know what else happens. People want to start interviewing you for their newsletter, magazine, article, blog, podcast and the list goes on.

    The Third P Publicity

    There are associations, small newsletters, websites, blogs, podcasts in your vertical that want to interview you or let you contribute. You just need to be the expert in your particular niche and let the world know. You just need to be known as an authority in your niche then business will come to you.

    When people call you now you can interview and qualify them instead of the other way around. This allows you to begin demanding higher prices for your service and get it.

    Now you may be saying but David does this mean: I have to write a book? I have to find and book speaking events? I have to become an expert at publicity?

    My answer to this is with a question; do you want peace and prosperity in your career and life?

    What would your life be like if you never had to prospect for another client ever again?

    Now for the good news. You don’t have to be a great writer or a writer at all to publish your book, your story. You don’t have to be a great booking agent to get venues and stages to speak at, big or small. And you don’t have to be a publicist to receive interview offers on the radio, news, blogs, and podcasts.

    I do position because I want to stay in a place where I never ever have to prospect again. I don't have to prospect for leads. I can cherry pick who I want to work with because I have this constant stream of leads. What’s even cooler is I can scale those incoming leads any time I want.

    Leads are the lifeblood of any and every business so creating a lead generation system that creates a constant stream of leads is where you need to start.

    Dan Kennedy

    My biggest problem now is keeping up with the demand. So since I have a lot of demand and very little supply because my time is limited guess what. I get to can the terms and work with who I want when I want. Now that's Power.

    So these are the three P's Publishing, Public Speaking, and Publicity. If you never want a proxy bet again with your future of gaining new clients, then you need a plan and execute the 3. Ps. You need to get the money you deserve coming in on autopilot so you never ever have to prospect again. Fishing with a net instead of a spear. The 3 P’s will get you to a place where you never ever have to prospect again.

    And that's the key to Positioning…


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    Bio: David Kraus Metrics

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