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    The Right Ad, the Right Landing Page, the Right Moment… Equals More Sales

    Depending on the source, only about 8 to 10% of all the businesses on Facebook advertise on the social media platform.

    Why so few?

    A few factors that come to mind:

    1. Some businesses just don’t have the budget.
    2. Some don’t understand its power.
    3. Some don’t understand how to advertise because it seems complicated.
    4. And lastly, some tried it but didn’t get the results they expected or worse no results at all.

    Facebook ads can be intimidating and complicated. It is a science and if you understand this science you can build very successful experiments that can deliver predictable results.

    It all starts with having a Facebook advertising goal.

    You’ll also need to consider:

    • Where do you want the traffic to go?
    • What images work?
    • What is the best headline to use?
    • Where do you want your ads to appear?
    • What is a realistic advertising budget?
    • Who should you target?

    … and that’s just for starters.

    In this article, I want to share a few key takeaways that will help you make quicker decisions and build more effective Facebook ad landing pages.

    When you break it down, the big task of running a killer Facebook campaign has three manageable parts.



    1. Build the Right Ad(s)

    Every effective ad campaign starts with a great product and offer, so we are assuming your product is great. But if not, how can you make it great?

    1. Who’s your target audience? Identifying a very clear and concise buyer’s profile is the first step. You want to make sure your message is seen by the right people.

    2. Test ads, not ad. You are not trying to build the perfect ad in the beginning but instead, you are testing multiple ads and language. You want to see what your audience responds to.

    3. Think beyond stock photos. It all starts with a great image or short video. This is what people see first when scrolling through their Facebook feed.

    Try one of these approaches for your images:

    • Use a real photo of you (or your business) at work. “Keep your images real and natural and see the difference it will make to your conversion rate. Remember, people share real-life photos on Facebook all the time. Using one may win your ad a second look.
    • Use a text overlay. Studies show that images with text overlay outperform just stock images. Just remember your text can’t cover more than 20% of your ad image to meet Facebook’s guidelines.

    4. Think about the message match. You want to create a direct easy path from Facebook to your landing page. Be certain to use the same language on your ad and your landing page. It doesn’t have to be word for word. But your ad offer should match the offer on your landing page.

    2. Build the Right Landing Page

    The landing page is the second step of your visitor’s journey. You don’t want to drive your ad traffic to a website page but rather to a specific page that have a single purpose such as opting into your list or scheduling a call. Just remember it’s all about building a relationship during the process.

    Pay extra attention to the following when creating your landing page:

    1. A Headline That Matches Your Audience. Remember you are not trying to make a sale with this headline. Your objective is to spark interest to create a click to your offer. A good headline is like a magic mirror that only works for your target audience. Once your visitors think, “Oh, yeah, this applies to me,” your headline has done its job.

    2. Just Enough Context for Action. Now we want the visitor to feel good about opting in. They are asking themselves ‘What’s in it for me?’ and can I trust this person’s offer? To build trust with the visitor consider these types of proof:

    • Testimonials from past customers
    • Customer reviews
    • Case studies
    • A concrete result a client has achieved with your solution

    All that is left on your landing page is a colorful button with a direct call to action.

    3. Trust Elements. When you’re building a landing page for Facebook, you want to build trust with the visitor and also with Facebook. Facebook has strict ad policies and you want to make sure you are within their guidelines.



    Consider including the following trust elements in any landing page for paid traffic:

    • Your business name and logo
    • Your contact info (a phone number or address is fine—and it doesn’t have to be prominent. Include it in your footer.)
    • A link to privacy or legal policy to indicate how you’ll handle any information submitted

    If you’re planning to build your landing page and funnel yourself, I would suggest using a platform like ClickFunnels. It will save you a lot of time and money.

    3. Display Your Ad to the Right Audience at the Right Time

    Facebook allows you to target different demographics with some astounding precision. Some of the more common demographics to target is location, audience age, gender, hobbies, favorite TV shows, etc. Demographics are as important as buyers’ signals.


    Facebook advertising takes time to perfect. So testing is critical for all your ad campaigns. If you start with the three major elements in this article—the right audience, the right ad message, and the right landing page you’ll on your way to start optimizing your online advertising.

    Are you running any Facebook campaigns right now? Share a landing page you’re using with Facebook Ads in the comments below.


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    Bio: David Kraus Funnels

    David Kraus

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