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    The Secret To Leadership Mastery

    I’ve spent over 15 years in leadership working for some of the most renowned brands on earth making the people at the very top very rich. Over time I realised I could also make a difference by helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. This became my passion. So that’s what brings us here! I’m going to share my formula with you that took my own leadership mastery to the top 1% for a Forbes top 50 listed performer in a $25.9 US trillion industry. Why? Because I believe that entrepreneurs are essentially good people who want to make a difference in the world, for their own families, communities and charities. 

    I also know from experience that this formula works. They are the very same steps I applied that won three awards in; Customer Experience, Sales and Team, and Top 1% Leadership mastery. That means happy paying customers, proven results, abundance in sales, highly engaged, productive and happy teams and establishing a leadership voice that is capable of achieving these. That’s why I’m sharing it with you now, so you can make a difference to change lives; your own, your family’s, communities and those less fortunate. 

    Firstly a little more on why this formula can work when applying these 7 steps: It was 3:37pm, I was sitting in a conference room, held the Hunter Valley in Australia. That day ten awards for outstanding performance across the southern hemisphere were about to be revealed. I was awarded three out of those ten awards. I’ll be honest with you… I was a little dumbstruck. I froze in my chair wondering how did I get here and what just happened? I realised that my formula had paid off and I had figured out something quite special.
    I am sharing this with you not to gloat, in fact I haven't shared this story till now. I am sharing this because I want you to know your real worth and potential. You can achieve a very profitable business as an entrepreneur or business owner and change people’s lives at the same time. I was that child that stood in the playground with no friends. I was far too shy and scared to make any. I remember waiting outside the classroom door over lunch periods awaiting for the school bell to ring so I could just go back inside.

    I later influenced thousands of people through my leadership and connection with them. Some of these were wonderful relationships that I still share to this day. I was not an academic during my early school years. I never really had confidence or success at school until I had a teacher who saw the potential in me. She saw what I couldn’t at the time. It was at that moment that the coach inside me was born. I wanted to change people’s lives just as she changed mine.

    A true leader sees the potential in you. All anyone needs is someone to believe in them. They need someone to say “I see you.” I believe in you and that you can do this! A mentor can see everything you can’t see yet because they were once in your shoes. They know the steps to take to get to where they are today. They teach you the steps to grow into your success. They inspire you to have laser sharp focus and push through every set back. That paint the picture of that trophy waiting for you with your name on it.

    My formula will reveal to you the very steps that can help you build a brand that can change people’s lives whilst giving you an income and meaningful purpose. It can becomes one that is a powerhouse in influencing people in change their lives, increasing their results eg. income, and making their dreams come true all whilst your own are fulfilled. That’s the catch right there, as they win, you win ;) That’s where leadership mastery comes into play. An entrepreneur who masters their leadership skills can create a legacy that lives well beyond themselves.

    You see, a leader’s success is entirely based upon the success of their clients and team. In my own leadership brand I teach my teams that our clients are our family. They are on our team too. If you are an entrepreneur who works solo then keep in mind that your clients are your team. Their success is your success. This secret formula is very relevant to you and I’m going to show you how. To date, we’ve helped thousands of clients with a purpose to change lives.
    So here is where I introduce you to my formula that works!

    THE SECRET TO LEADERSHIP MASTERY - This formula consists of 7 principles:
    Scarcity leadership mode is like driving a great car with a hole in your gas tank! You’ll never experience the full calibre of the success you can bring to yourself and others if you’re in scarcity leadership mode.

    Here’s how to identify if you are STUCK in scarcity leadership mode:

    • You’re giving some value but it’s not your best upfront.
    • You’re stuck in a TAKE mindset rather than GIVE.
    • You’re worrying about how much money you make over focusing on how much value you create.
    • You may be using forceful sales techniques to try to close deals rather than building relationships.
    • You have inconsistent flow of income - it feels like a rollercoaster at times!
    • Your content is honestly boring and does not inspire action!
    • You’re too busy watching others and comparing yourself.
    • You don’t have a mastermind group of like minded people.
    • You’re putting others’ successes down to feel better about your own struggles.
    • You’re struggling to envision a better life for yourself and loved ones.
    • You see not hope and feel like giving up.

    If you want to step out of scarcity leadership mode and MOVE to leadership mastery, then apply this formula with consistency over and over again without fail!

    It takes both mindset and actions to get the results you are after. A great leader teaches you how to do this with your own clients and your own team. That’s where the MAGIC HAPPENS! I am sharing this with you because I believe that if a shy, and not so academic child can grow into a leader who mastered in the top 1%, then you can do this! You CAN achieve exactly what you set your mind to for your business!

    If you want to master leading people to results then you need to immerse yourself in their teachings and their influence. Some people refer to this as being a coach or mentor. There is a difference to wearing both these hats. A coach is an experienced individual who develops specific skills with a step by step approach to achieving a desired result. A mentor is a highly experienced expert who can MOULD you to become a success based on your own individual business and personal development needs. A mentor has a deep interest and cares about your long term development and success.
    Surround yourself with innovative and groundbreaking leaders; the ones that make you question and push through your current mindset. These are the leaders that inspire your entrepreneurial growth. They help you take the right steps to apply the mindset and actions to reach your goals in your business. Emulate their characteristics and take onboard their guidance. They are a huge part for your future success. Read their books and take action chapter by chapter. Read a chapter then action those steps. Be consistent in your approach to get great results.

    When you define an unshakeable reason to WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing, the HOW will take care of itself. When it comes to taking adamant action in your business; if you find yourself continuously hesitating or questioning these, then you may have not yet defined WHY. Think of it this way - If you see a small child about to fall into a pool would you hesitate and think about whether you should save the child from hurting themselves? At that moment your belief to take action is unshakeable so you take it without haste.

    In fact, if you hesitated and didn’t help that child you would be considered quite selfish. The power you have right now to make a difference to your clients’ lives is already within you. It is very powerful. You just have to have that conviction and unshakeable belief that the VALUE YOU GIVE will make a difference to their lives. In fact, if you know how to achieve the results they desire and you hold that back from them… then that can also be considered as selfish.

    The greatest way to have unshakeable belief and confidence in your services/products is to connect it to a WHY that is greater than yourself. That action alone takes the focus off yourself and you can move past yourself. For example how many times have you had these thoughts?

    • How bad will I look on a FB Live, or on a webinar video?
    • Will anyone even watch it?
    • What copy could I possibly write to bring value on my funnel or social platforms?
    • Who would want to follow my content anyhow?
    • (Insert your insecure thoughts here).

    The list goes on right? Well what if your purpose is for a cause that is greater than yourself?Would you worry about any of the above concerns or would they now seem insignificant? Taking the focus away from ‘I’ and focusing on something greater than yourself creates an unshakeable belief system.
    As a leader, it is your responsibility to bring the best out of your clients and team. It’s a privilege to have such a rewarding responsibility, one were people invite you into their businesses, their lives, their hopes and dreams with belief that you can show them the way to achieving something special. That means you can’t hold back in giving your best to them upfront. As you hold back you hold yourself back from opportunities.

    Let me put it this way, If you were going to enter into a cooking competition would you use your best recipe to impress the judges or a mediocre one? Would you charge the judges to sample your cooking? The same applies to giving your best work upfront to your prospects for free. By doing this you are giving a first bite and taste to the value you can give them. Or look at it this way, imagine that you’re going on a date with an incredibly attractive person who you might hit it off with… would you wear your frumpy tracksuit and hide under it or wear your best outfit? The same goes for presenting your best value upfront for your prospects!

    Your customers and team are your valuable intellectual property. You can innovate and create solutions from the answers they give you. All you need to do is ask the questions. If you are building a system or step by step approach eg. coaching your clients from stage A to stage B, ask them the following questions and build your solution as best you can meeting their needs:

    • What’s causing them the greatest pain?
    • What have they already tried and failed at?
    • What steps are they actually putting in place consistently?
    • How can you make it easier and simpler for them?
    • What is their dream result?
    • What would really knock their socks off if you were to provide it?
    • How do they want it; in what shape or form?
    • How much are they willing to invest in making their dreams result?

    You can’t please everybody when you create your course, product or service but you can look at which of those needs you can meet and design the best outcome. You will find that you’ll get greater results if you connect to people’s needs. If you can take away their pain by offering an honest solution they will achieve the results.

    They win, you win!

    If you build the bridge people will follow! Here are key steps to building the bridge:
    -    You must share value to your clients consistently through every form of your communication. It needs to be a consistent message and a large portion needs to be free. This builds trust.
    -    The more your clients hear and see the value you offer upfront over and over again, the more they will take notice and start to see you as an authority figure in your industry.
    -    People also connect to you if their values are similar to yours. So communicating your brand values or vision will attract the clients who think the same way.

    Your job is to be innovative, or at least creative in how you express these. So make it  exciting, fun, engaging so it grabs their attention! Don’t be shy, bring out your personality here. Your communication style and added value doesn’t have to be complex or sophisticated. Being REAL is the best way to go. People connect to real people as they have real pains and emotions.


    It can be the simplest actions… the theme here is consistency and re-communicating the same messages in different ways.

    Top 1% leaders get a sense of achievement and reward by seeing their clients and team succeed. They share these success stories publicly. They feel happiness and pride in their clients and team’s wins! Celebrating your clients’ successes has more impact than celebrating your own repeatedly. It starts to create an infectious culture when you do this repeatedly and consistently. Try it!

    At first it may feel strange but if you continue to do it, people will catch on and look out for these. It gives your future clients a clear view of the possibility of their success using your service. It also acts as social proof which builds trust for your future clients. I hope reading this article inspires you in creating a greater impact with your audience and making the world a better place.

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    Bio: Meryem Arpaci Leadership

    Meryem Arpaci

    Meryem has a 15 year+ history in leadership, sales, people culture, team development, and customer experience. She is the winner of awards including Putting Customers First, Team And Business Of The Year, and the Top 1% leadership award for a Forbes top 50 listed performer in a $25.9 US trillion industry. She has also written an award-winning customer experience program used in the southern hemisphere for a Forbes top 50 listed performer. Meryem teaches leaders to apply X10 culture and strategies in allowing business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs to rethink the way they look at their businesses and gear to X10 growth. It’s her passion and focuses to help entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve greater success using these principals when applied to their leadership style, ability to ethically influence and inspire people, to their funnels and strategic actions geared for growth. All of these teachings are from real life examples and experiences Meryem has personally applied to coaching leaders, her own teams and thousands of clients. Focusing on a simple, authentic and non-complicated approach, and not limited to: - Teaching Leadership expertise to level up your business X10 - How to create a fun, engaging, passion-projecting, influential leadership voice - How to identify your team and customers as your valued intellectual capital - your true resources! - Creating authentic relationships and going back to basics with the customer experience and team to X10. - Aiming for word of mouth strategy over sales strategy to X10. - Ethically multiplying the quality and quantity of intimate customer relationships creating raving fans culture. - Creating an infectious culture for your business that spreads creating X10 growth. - Ethically utilizing and empowering human assets to create growth and inspire innovation as a strategic source - with proven step by step results. - Teaching a fun, engaging, passion-projecting, influential leadership voice. - Creating personal and professional fulfillment with purposeful leadership. - Creating the leaders of the future.

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