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    The Tortoise Won The Race

    There’s a big difference in a veteran marketer and a beginner. No, it’s not the size of account. All great veteran marketers share one trait. Chill.

    Beginning marketers have grasped a notion that speed is what makes you a better marketer. As it turns out, not so much. As the saying goes, haste creates waste.

    I’ve helped marketers from all genres, niches and all economic levels. Beginning marketers rush to get the product out into the marketplace while veteran marketers will carefully, methodically analyze the situation, then act.

    “Be quick to analyze, slow to implement” is the mantra I tell all marketers. I will spend hours with my clients just to crunch a dozens of metrics. Most of the time, we uncover little golden nuggets. Just because digital marketing is fast-paced, it doesn’t mean we should hastily dump our half-baked products or funnels into the market. There is no expiration date on the Internet.

    However long it took to build your sales process, take at least 20% of that time to make sure it passes all the tests. Once a beginning marketer student of mine created a webinar that performed well, but people were leaving in huge numbers during the first 15 minutes. After 2 hours of looking at the numbers and reviewing the webinar over and over, we found the problem. A simple, 20-minute edit to the webby resulted in a 350% decrease in drop-outs.



    Look at it this way. We all get paid last, usually when the customer buys something. If we rush to get out there, we risk making mistakes that have unintended consequences. These mistakes usually hit our bottom line. Sloppy construction results in poor execution.

    A savvy marketer will look at every aspect of their offer, reverse-engineer their funnel and dissect their email follow-up sequence, ad nauseam. In other words, they solve all the pain before launch, so there will be less pain at the back-end. They cry during the construction phase so they don’t cry during the most critical phase… sales.

    So, the best advice I can give you is to: “Be quick to analyze, slow to implement.” It’s the secret of all successful marketers. And, not following this advice is the reason why some marketers don’t become gigantic. Sure, they’re successful, but they remain stuck at a certain sales level that they just cannot overcome.

    Creating sales in the digital world is simple (notice I didn’t say easy.) Create with purpose. Test, then test again. Easy peasy. Hope this helps.  :)


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