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    To Blog or Not To Blog?

    “To blog or not to blog?” was never a question. My mentor told me “blog now!” and I had no other choice. Starting my own blog was quite a scary exercise. “What if somebody reads it?” – I remember asking. My mentor could not stop laughing for several minutes. “I hope somebody reads it, yes! This is the purpose of a blog!” Today I want to share with you the core function of a blog, a function which is completely ignored when considering blogging as a marketing strategy. This core function makes the very question about whether or not to blog quite obsolete and statements like “Blogging is dead!”- empty in it’s naïveté.

    Blogging is commonly seen as a labor intensive and low ROI marketing strategy. Thelabor intensive part and the low ROI part are the “low hanging fruit” metrics used by colleagues to proclaim blogging as dying, if not already dead. It is a fact that classic blog monetization develops rather slowly. It takes a blog several years to 1) build trust among readers, 2) to get seasoned status on blogging platform for rankings to kick in, 3) to build up your readers community and most importantly 4) to find your true voice and place. No wonder that few are willing to do the work.

    That’s if we think that definition of a blog is: marketing strategy withobjective to create brand awareness and generate sales. Let me ask you this question: How long does it take to find your own true voice and place in the market? Because no matter whether we have a blog or not – finding our true voice and place is a must, unless we want to live someone else’s life and achieve someone else’s goals.

    It is a naïve assumption that a list of 100 possible niches you’ve downloaded yesterday will help you to decide today what niche you are in, who you are, what is your uniqueness, and what is your genius. I know first hand – it takes kind of four to six years to distill your absolute genius from the mainstream fashion noise, somebody else’s goals and your own intricate mess of fears. That’s if you log it. If you do not journal about what you do, your progress, your values – the time of finding your genius may never come.

    Why? Because our daily pressure and noise are enormous. And we are really conditioned to forget everything we have not written down systematically. This brings us to the mostly ignored core function of a blog being an instrument to distill your absolute genius from the mainstream fashion noise, somebody else’s goals and your own intricate mess of fears.

    Every marketer, every fashion designer, every artist starts with copying someone else. Some do it consciously, others unconsciously. It takes some time for every professional to develop his or her own unique voice, style and to understand his or her true genius. Years ago a very good friend of mine started his art studies to become a painter. He is well known by now, but back then we were just students. I was fond of his creations and have bought one of his early paintings: five figures walking the Earth on uber-thin arms nested in giant hands. I loved this painting and still do.

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    My friend’s art teacher was furious. “Stop copying others! Listen deep within! Develop your own style!” You don’t need to be a Master of Arts to spot resemblance between the thin arms on my friend’s painting and slender elephant legs on “The Temptation of Saint Anthony” by Salvador Dali. It took my friend several years to find his own voice. Between now and then he created hundreds if not thousands of pictures. He’s been honing his craft all these years, experimenting with different techniques until one day his own style emerged, clean, clear, unique…

    The same way my friend can trace his progress through his paintings, a blog makes sure we do not forget our beginnings, our struggles, and successes. A blog helps us recognize our behavior patterns. Without our own little history book we spend ages cultivating and walking our own private vicious circles, making the same mistakes over and over again and calling systematic lack of success “delayed gratification”. Your blog holds you accountable towards people to whom your transformation really matters: your audience.

    And it gets even better. At the end of the second year of blogging about finding your true voice – you’ll find out full of excitement that most of your marketing content is written. What does it mean? It means that two years down the road very naturally and sincerely you have written enough great and unique content to fill the most sincere and truly powerful Indoctrination Series, Engagement Series, and Seinfeld Series.

    On the top of that you may have enough content to design a game environment around your value ladder, build an online course and launch a podcast. Blogging appears to be one of the most powerful and authentic content generation strategies. While you are out there working: launching and selling your own fashion product, drop-shipping products, building and selling a course, or running any other revenue generating activity – your blog circles the orbit as a true mothership of your personal brand, the one and only online real estate where you and your audience are always welcome, where you and your audience can get to know you on a very personal level, where your personal path is being written.

    My personal mission and ways to accomplish it, every single piece of content, our value ladder, our game environment, and even all physical products we have developed so far – found their origin in my blog. To blog or not to blog? To blog! Two years from now you will be happy that you’ve written your first blog post tomorrow as opposed to never.

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